100 Things About Me

Yep, I have stolen shamelessly from Stephanie Klein but I thought it was cool and challenged myself to do this.
1. I am 5′1″ unless you talk to Stacey’s husband and he tells you that I didn’t quite get there according to his measuring tape
2. I have a half brother and sister but don’t talk to either of them for a variety of reasons
3. If I had to choose between my cat and a man, I would so choose my cat
4. I still want to make it as a writer but haven’t done crap to make that a reality
5. I am quite shy but once I get to know people I can’t shut up
6. I love my mom but she can drive me a little crazy
7. I still idolize my Popa (my grandfather) who passed away in 2003
8. I hate mayo. . .with a passion
9. I have an addiction to shopping
10. I hate men that cheat but have somehow forgiven and am good friends with the ex that cheated on me the most
11. I am extremely insecure when it comes to men, my intellect and my looks
12. I used to be the biggest flirt and a close friend said he doubted I would get married because I could never pick just one
13. I can scarf down a box of Girl Scout Tagalongs in no time
14. I went on Wellbutrin after G broke my heart and became obsessed with losing weight (in the hopes of getting him back)
15. I only took Wellbutrin for six months and went off it cold turkey (oops)
16. When I had my major panic attack in 2007 I was convinced that I was going to die alone
17. The following are things that help me if I start to have a panic attack: cold air, playing Bubble Burst on my cell phone, drinking water, watching Nick at Night (since most of my attacks have come at night), shaking/tapping my foot/leg and if nothing else works, popping half of a Clonopin
18. I am the third generation (father’s side) to have panic attacks
19. I am so not afraid to talk about it and share my experiences from it
20. I can’t stand that my coworkers buy fake Coach purses at work
21. I need a man that can handle me and all of my quirks
22. I love the fact that I have friends that are guys–they are great friends
23. I like my hair longer due to the fact that my mother cut it all off when I was little (apparently I was a difficult child in terms of getting ready in the morning)
24. I finally went poo poo in the potty late Christmas Eve before I turned three and only because my parents said Santa wouldn’t visit if I didn’t poo poo in the potty. I did it four times that evening
25. I didn’t give up my paci until the Christmas before I turned four–see the same explanation above
26. I am stubborn
27. I started lurking on WC because a friend was getting married and needed ideas. I got sucked in and ended up following everyone over to CC
28. I never got into the drug scene, even though I hung out with the river rats back home
29. I was into grunge back in the day and dressed the part
30. No matter where I go, there are always mean girls to be found
31. I put on concerts in my apartment (been doing this since 1977)
32. I have one hell of a foul mouth (thank you E)
33. I spend more time by myself (since becoming single, again) than should be allowed
34. I am a slob, much to the annoyance of my mother
35. I can binge like there is no tomorrow but forget about purging, that is icky
36. I need to lose 25 lbs because of number 35
37. I like dorky, preppy guys
38. I bought a necklace and bracelet from Tiffany’s to make me feel better after G
39. I can get quite snobby when I go home to vist
40. For some reason, the people I grew up with are all migrating to Nashville, make this phenomenon stop
41. I have had a professor and a VP in a company that I used to work for hit on me constantly but never felt sexually harassed
42. If I ever get married, that wedding will be planned out in under five minutes
43. I cannot stand arrogant men and most of them are short, go figure
44. I want to move to NYC so bad I can taste it but won’t because it would break my dad’s heart
45. I gave up on my dream of being in public relations because of a boy (that would be ex M)
46. It pisses me off when my married friends try to lay the guilt on me for spending money on myself or spending the weekend lazing by the pool
47. While I want children, the prospect scares me because what if I suck as a mom
48. Working for my aunt had to have been the worse possible thing to happen to me
49. I have destroyed my credit score not once but twice because I am stupid
50. I have a gun permit because I knew it would make my daddy happy
51. I burp in front of people and laugh about it
52. I have the humor of an adolescent boy
53. I love football, especially the Georgia Bulldogs and the Pittsburgh Steelers
54. I have demoed two kitchens so far, one all the way down to the studs. I have a hammer and I love to rip things apart, since then I have also done a partial demo/remodel at the boy’s place. . .at least he can say one good thing about me. . .
55. I love Jack Daniels and prefer it over wine and beer
56. I can’t hold my beer, therefore I don’t drink it, plus it doesn’t taste good to me
57. I am in love with British boys and can’t wait for the day I can actually afford to visit London
58. My favorite thing to do when the Harry Potter books were coming out was to hit the bookstore for the midnight release, head home and read until I couldn’t keep my eyes open
59. I am the lone Democrat in my family
60. I have not broken any bones but I have had stitches in my lip and thumb
61. I am a cynic at heart but try to see the positive in everything (conumdrum much?)
62. I am a political junkie and wanted to be a political spin doctor at one point
63. James Carville is my hero
64. On that note, I would love to have dinner with Bill Clinton and just talk about his life experiences
65. I could watch Friends and Sex and the City over and over again
66. I like chick flicks more than drama
67. If given a choice, I would prefer to go to the movies alone, I get lost in the storyline when I am sitting in the theater alone
68. My dad is a native New Yorker but swears he is from Texas, I am a native Tennessean but will be more than happy to claim NYC since my dad denounces the city
69. I dream of splurging and getting a pair of black patent leather Manolo Blahnik Mary Janes
70. I have been known to dress up as a Catholic school girl for Halloween, among other times–if I lose enough weight by Halloween this year, I am so going to wear it again
71. My mom let me see When Harry Met Sally when I was quite young, all I had to do was buy the ticket and if they sold it to me I could go in (one of my favorite movies)
72. I need to buy cable jumpers and a tire pressure gage–in the last two months, they would have come in handy
73. I love to cook and entertain
74. I have tried Match.com and eHarmony; the first is a meat market, the second, well I am still seeing a guy I met from there so we will see–not a fan of either now. . .guess I will grow old, die alone and be eaten by wild dogs (Bridget Jones)
75. I hate dating with a passion, apparently it gets tougher as you get older
76. I read The Diary of Bridget Jones back in ‘99 after someone suggested I read it, loved it and normally read it annually,
77. My 30th birthday was wonderful, I actually enjoyed hitting my thirties
78. I interned at Gaylord Entertainment Company back in the day and hung out with Little Jimmy Dickens while working on a commercial shoot
79. Vince Vaughn does something for me
80. I have a few friends that would probably kill for peanut butter chocolate balls year round but they are a pain in the ass to make
81. I have never been to LA or the West Coast and don’t really have a desire to
82. If I never have to go back to Jersey (Hammonton to be exact) it will be too soon
83. I would like to visit Chicago but have a feeling that I would still think NYC is better
84. I have a thing for drummers (thanks again to E)
85. I flipped the ratio of boys to girls on its ear one year at church camp
86. I am still in love with the boy and regret ending things with him
87. I freaked out once and stopped talking to a guy (who I had dated off and on for awhile) when he left his toothbrush at my place
88. I like my space and do enjoy being on my own–to a degree, me thinks I have way too much time on my hands nowadays. . .
89. I am a super nice person, I am a giver and rarely demand or even request for something in return
90. I am beginning to think that nice girls finish way behind last. . .
91. I am a klutz
92. I have a curved tailbone from falling on it twice-the x-ray makes it look like it is a little coat hook
93. A boy in second grade taught me how to flip a bird and then told on me, I got paddled
94. If I ever see that boy again I am going to flip him off with all of my might
95. MySpace is the devil and yes I have an account but don’t really do a whole lot on there
96. The Real World ‘92 was at its best, why people think it is good form to show how slutty and drunk they are today I will never understand
97. I still get gifts and/or cards from my parents on all the holidays, typically they are Peanut cards
98. I love Snoopy and all things Peanuts as well as old school Muppets
99. I did not apply myself when I was in college, I was too busy having fun
100. When I am in the shower I tend to think of my deepest, darkest fears

2 thoughts on “100 Things About Me

    1. Honey, I can still hear your voice while we were waiting for the subway in NYC that first night. You were not the least bit thrilled at that moment to be down there waiting for that train! Good times! Oh how I miss assembly and all those meetings we went to. . .

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