It amazes me how I always pick the wrong guy. The boy was a perfect match from eHarmony. The only problem was that while the site promoted committed, marriage and happily ever after. . .the boy didn’t want that. He’s back on there now and the lowest of lows, defriended me on Facebook. Seriously?

I feel like such a fool, a loser. Someone who is destined to be the nicest, most supportive girlfriend but at the end of the day, umm, not so fast Amy. The ultimate commitment is not to be found and it breaks my heart. What did I ever do to deserve this? Even with the weight loss, I still feel like fat Amy, unable to find the guy that will love me for me, take care of me and be honest with me.

My stomach is beyond torn up and the thought of putting on a happy face is so difficult. I don’t want to get my heart broken again, I am barely making it day to day. And the cherry on the top? Our second date was at Chappy’s and where am I going tomorrow for a work lunch? Chappy’s.

Yeah, my stomach is really going to be thanking me for that one tomorrow. I just want to disappear in a hole and when I reemerge that everything will be better.

I love the boy and now I am questioning if he ever loved me. Thanks. I appreciate it and feel even worse.


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