Instead of the normal, sometimes lame titles, I opted to go with the date instead. Why? Well, how often do you get to write 9/9/09?

Last night as I was pondering my quite dull life, I had a thought (shocking isn’t it?). Why not go on a little road trip to somewhere, anywhere? So if I can figure out money, logisitics and well, my issue of traveling alone, I think I will hit up a place sometime this fall for food, fun and relaxation.

As I was flipping through Bon Appetit, still thinking about my possible road trip I found an article on Oxford, the food, town and everything else in between. Between that, all the other stuff that keeps popping up that reminds me of boy and my sanity slowly cracking, I really want to ask God that since things with the boy are over, why do all these signs keep popping up????

See, I like to think of my time praying to God as more of a conversation, which typically ends up with me tapping my foot, getting sarcastic and huffing off at times. I like to think that my pouty behaviour is probably why I am without a partner and children; instead of the glaring obvious that men don’t see me as the gal they want to committ to, FOREVER. Trust, that is a different post and all of it makes me giggle sometimes but other times I just get so sad to think that some of the things I really want are not going to happen. Wow, tangent, sorry! Anyway, I like to see it like this, when I got sassy with my parents, missed curfew or some disregarded some other rule, my parents took things away as punishment.

Now I understand that God doesn’t punish, that he is a loving God but sometimes I do think that my actions in the past are the reasons that I feel like I am being punished now.

So, we have all of these signs that just keep bombarding me, smacking me in the face and causing me to have meltdowns here and there. Then we have my weight stuck after losing almost 25lbs, so I need to figure out how to jump start that! Agh!!!!!!!!! Sometimes I can really feel for Charlie Brown and the football drama. I feel like that most times when it comes to relationships and weight.


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