Is the Art of RSVPing Dead?

About three and a half weeks ago I sent out the shower invitations for my friend’s baby shower. I think as of this writing, I have gotten five. FIVE people, that is less than the number of people who have commented on my blog. Which by the way, comment away, even it is negative, I need some feedback.

This leads to all kinds of problems. The food, favors and other goodies that need to be made in advance. . .well, I am just going to guess on those since no one seems to send their yeas or nays into me. And I hate to do that because what if, just what if I end up with either an abundance of leftovers or the food and drinks disappear and some don’t get to eat?

But this does confirm my argument with my boss. We discussed in great detail (again) about putting the RSVP on our event invitations. My boss wanted to have it on there and I didn’t. My point was that with everything else going on and what I need to do, I don’t have time to follow-up and track the RSVPs. I don’t want the receptionist to deal with it because she has enough incoming calls to deal with and corporate doesn’t allow us to have an extra email address to use just for this type of thing (thank goodness). And to top it off, when you are sending out over 1,000 invitations, well, in my nonprofit days, we did the 20% rule. Twenty percent of those invited will show up.

The shower is coming together although I have yet to start baking. . .talk to me Friday night when I start crying over lack of counter space and the need to have tons of counter space. Frosting cupcakes and playing with fondant means you need counter space. Darn it for moving into a smaller place. At least when I was in my other apartment I could use my table to get my decorating skills going.

Now if I could get everyone else to let me know if they are attending, my life would be good. Well kind of. . .


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