A Miracle is Needed

I go back and forth on the topic of faith, God and trusting him. I do, really I do but there are times where tapping my foot, giving that “you better explain this” look and looking as if someone slapped me is a better way of explaining my faith.

But today, this is something that even I don’t think I will do any type of justice to, one of my best friends, Stacey is pregnant with her first child, due at the beginning of December. She and her husband tried for two years before getting and keeping a pregnancy. When people wish you a healthy and happy nine months, you don’t really think about it; you just say thank you.

Unfortunately, Stacey has had (at least in my book) one of the crappiest pregnancies around. If there is bad news to be had, somehow, it is delivered to her. She has had some great highs but what is surely a double-edged sword, medical technology has given them beautiful pictures of their son while pointing out devastating information.

This past week they visited Vanderbilt for a meeting with several doctors about Liam (isn’t that just the cutest name ever?).  Stacey has retained high amniotic fluids and gorgeous, sweet, little Liam has a few measurements that are not quite right. I am going to bullet point all of this since it will be easier for me to explain that way. . .

  • Liam’s bone growth is measuring on the small side
  • His chin is small, could be set too far back which could cause issues with breathing and/or swallowing
  • His chest circumference is measuring small and his chest is bell shaped–the concern with this ranges from not enough room for the lungs to develop to no lung tissue at all. Ultrasounds cannot verify if a baby has lung tissue.
  • After delivery, Liam will be worked on, depending on the situation and will be taken to NICU.
  • Stacey’s blodd pressure is a bit high and there are small traces of protein in her urine. At this time, it is a matter of keeping her hydrated, relaxed and monitoring it so she doesn’t have pre-eclampsia

Stacey and her husband have been given the worst case scenerio and been told to hope for the best. The team at Vandy (which Stacey cannot say enough great things about, thank goodness we have that hospital here) has been very upfront with what is the worst case sceneario but that until Liam is born, no one will really know for sure.

So, I am asking for all kinds of prayers, miracles, etc. for Liam and his parents. Please keep them in your thoughts daily. As I have more information, I will share it here with you. We need a miracle because I have observed their struggle to conceive, heard all the stories and been there to watch, listen and cry with Stacey as they have been given news at each doctor’s visit. Keep the team at Vanderbilt in your prayers as well, give them the guidance, the words and the ability while working with this family.



What you see is what you get; I am a Nashville girl who is single, again. I use the blog to get my inner, tortured, wanna be writer angst out. One day I just may write a book. I have been stumbling through life for 43 years now, I love to cook, read and figure out more embarrassing ways I can either harm myself (thank you hula hoop of 2010 and the case of the thrown back) or just prove how inept I am at household chores and dieting. The people you read about on here are real but most have had their names changed to protect the innocent and not so innocent. And I really should make a list of them so I can remember! Enjoy, read, mock, laugh and comment, it really isn't difficult. Plus, I would prefer reading comments from real people as opposed to the weird spam comments I keep getting. Plus, I will always find the hardest path to follow and take that one, why would anyone want to take the easy way?!

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