Liam Update

Here is the latest on little Liam, please keep him in your prayers. I will be visiting this beautiful little man this weekend and I will take some pictures to share as well.

I’ll be updating his page tonight but essentially today was a pretty good day. We spoke with another endocrinologist who reassured us Liam’s hormones are normal. There was some concern regarding his pituitary gland. They are ordering one more test to check his cortisol level but she did not anticipate seeing an issue there.

We also met with another geneticist. Nothing new to report really. They are still waiting on the full MRI results. Preliminary results show abnormal brain function. The extent of which we don’t really know yet. The micro array may be back tomorrow but it is more likely sometime over the weekend or on Monday. So still no answers for us and no meeting tomorrow.

The geneticist did say all of his doctors are very worried about Liam. He mentioned Muscular Dystrophy but there are many different types. It is just one possibility because of the rigidity of his muscles and lack of movement. He twitches a little but no big movements of either his upper or lower extremities. I managed to hear all of this without breaking down into tears. I prayed for His strength today and I know He answered.


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