Prayer Warriors~We Need You

I stopped by Stacey and Jason’s to return the very clean and shaved Mr. Shadow this evening. It broke my heart to leave him at the groomers but he was thrilled to see me this evening. I made a lasagna while at their house so they don’t have to worry with food right now.

But the look on Jason’s face was not good. In the time I have been friends with them, I have never seen this look before. The outlook as of right now for Liam is not good. While the doctors don’t have a diagnosis yet, they feel like he might not make it.

Stacey came down to the family room and as I was hugging her, she broke down. This made me cry. I have been trying to stay so strong for them and letting my tears flow only when I was at my house. How do you bury your own child? How do you say goodbye? I cannot even fathom the thoughts that are going through their minds right now.

I beg of you, each and everyone of you to please pray for Liam. Pray for a miracle, pray that he proves the doctors wrong. Pray for Stacey and Jason as they go through all of this. Please, please, please pray. I need a miracle for this wonderful family. They deserve to have this beautiful child in their lives.

Thank you to each and everyone of you for stopping by and reading updates, pray that God will be there throughout this and just knowing that you are praying for him makes me smile.


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