A New Obsession

I am late to the party when it comes to watching Jaws, I will wait for you to pick up your jaw. Better now? I remember seeing parts of Close Encounters of the Third Kind but I have tried to block it out because all I remember is being with dad while he watched it. But Jaws? I have one parent afraid of the water and the other who loves the beach, so neither watched it, at least as for as I know.

I think Encore is the movie channel that has the whole series on On Demand, so one night I opted to watch this film because I was really the last person (besides my parents) to have seen it. I loved it! It doesn’t make me not want to go into the water so bonus for me. Of course, I prefer poolside as opposed to beach, so maybe that is why it doesn’t bother me that much.

I DVRd a special about the movie from the History Channel (and OMG! I started watching American Pickers today and got hooked on that too) and thoroughly enjoyed it. I knew that Bruce the shark had caused all kinds of problems but the whole thing could have been a flop and Steven Spielberg would have been a one note wonder in terms of directing had this gone the other way.

This goes back to my love for movies when special effects weren’t inundated within a film. I like my Star Wars original trio the way they are, so what if I can see the wires they used for the flying scenes. I am intelligent enough to suspend reality for the length of the movie. I liked that Jim Henson and crew created Yoda as a puppet, it added to the films. I don’t need CGI clogging up the film, special effects that allow you to think for about two seconds and realize that the actor is talking to a stick, not interacting with the puppet and the puppet handler.

I have watched the sequel to Jaws and yes, it was a bit campy for my tastes but I am growing in my appreciation for a good story telling as opposed to blowing everything up because they have a computer that can do that.

Squid? They used squid for the final, blowing up scene? Gross but it made it all seem real, even though it was that poor mechanical Bruce who got it in the end.

I guess I have always liked older movies, I mean, I did pay ten bucks to see The Wizard of Oz in the theater last year. And it was magical.

I do admit to loving the Harry Potter movies, although the books are by far better, but if you asked me how many movies I actually go to see in the theater, well, it is normally two to three a year. I have stopped going, even when there is one that catches my eye. I don’t know if I can attribute it to the economy, the expense of actually going to see one or if there aren’t that many that actually make me want to go and see them.

But I will be heading to the theater November 19th and yes, I am a dork. That is something I will freely admit to. At least I don’t take it to the extreme and see the midnight release. I have some control and well, I would be asleep before the first credit came on.

Just Me and My Boot

Well dear friends, after spending the better part of two days on an island I like to call my bed I got out today! And while I love my island, with my new mattress that allows me sink in comfortably yet doesn’t have a part that is actually sunk in (my old one did that), it was time to actually take my new, sexy boot and graceful moves out in public.

Mom was kind enough to come take me out for lunch and a Target run. Of course, I could have done all of this myself but when you have a boot, you kind of want your parents to fawn over it and make a big fuss. That urge lasts all of about five minutes when you realize it’s just a stupid boot, not a million dollars hanging around your leg.

Lunch was filled with screaming prepubescent boys filling up on burgers, fries and sodas while the parents ignored them. At one point I thought about whipping the boot off and hurling it out some of the boys because they were loud, messy and rude. Mom quickly shot me the look that screams I will take your 36 year old ass to the bathroom and beat it if you do this. I opted to just shoot dirty looks to the kids and parents instead.

A clarification must be added, my parents never beat me senseless as a child. Mom’s looks were enough to dissolve me into a puddle of tears. I am sure if that didn’t work though, a spanking would have happened. And I of course, would be fine with that since some kids just need to be spanked. . .

Okay, where was I? Oh yes, lunch. It was a good lunch and I was feeling kind of spunky then because I have my boot! I can walk anywhere now! Much improved since my island days of hopping from the bathroom to the bed and then to the kitchen. My poor neighbors below me. . .

I am normally a fast paced walker. I often get told to slow down when I am with others even though their legs are probably twice as long as my short little stumps. But mom was power walking past me as if I had cement shoes on. Once lunch was finished she ever so nicely suggested I wait while she brought the car to me. And once we got to Target? She dropped me off at the entrance.

I grabbed a shopping cart and set myself on a course of browsing through their clothes. I love their clothes yet 99% of the time I find myself opting not to buy their, instead I hit Ann Taylor Loft. So basically, this was a trip for me to get out of the house and aimlessly wander through the aisles. Although I did drool at some pink Converse tennis shoes and quite possibly the Mario video game in Electronics.

The store was impossibly hot, not a cool breeze to be found. We wandered from one end of the store to the other. Towards the middle of our little trip I knew that this walking was for the birds. I also knew that my sexy boot was not really the accessory to have when trying to get through the store. And I must admit that while my flip flop matched my outfit, I was beginning to feel twinges of pain in my hip (the good one mind you) and back. I opted not to say anything to mom since we had already had the debate over the shoe to wear with the boot.

After a couple of rounds through the food section we made it to the checkout. I was sweaty, tired and achy. Not a good combo if you ask me. When I noticed where the car was I simply said, I will walk with you. Because I started to think of standing there, waiting for mom, was going to be more painful than just walking to the car. I am going to assume that being overweight and out of shape with a torn muscle and bad back had a lot to do with this misery.

I did have one more stop I wanted to make and that was to Starbucks. My love affair with Starbucks is well known, I have spent countless dollars there but after finding the Via product for cold drinks, well. . . I can now enjoy an iced mocha for a week for the cost of one! All is right in my world, to say the very least. When I switch back to hot drinks, I just might have to go to the hot Via and make a mocha that way.

Home sweet home! Until I realized I would have to walk up those dreaded stairs, I miss my first level apartment in Nashville, life was so simple then. . .Once I got into my apartment I spent the next hour (it felt like that) undoing the velcro on the boot and promptly laid down on the couch with ice for my leg. And then I took a two hour nap.

I hate to admit this but I don’t think I will be hitting the mall anytime soon. This walking thing is a pain. And the fact that I might just have to wear a shoe that does not go with my outfit? I think I just might collapse and die. That is just all kinds of wrong.

As the Queen conferred with me tonight, just because I have this boot doesn’t mean I don’t have to match my outfit. I have a feeling this is going to be a long few weeks. All because I was walking across the street. . .

Torn Muscle Added To My Injuries

I am now the proud wearer of a walking boot! After learning that my doctor set an appointment for me for the end of next month I opted to take things into my own hands. Luckily there is a sports medicine place here that takes walk-ins.

I mustered up the strength this morning and hobbled to my car to see what could be done for the latest injury. And to make this even more funny, I never broke anything while I was growing up. Stitches? Check. Sprained ankle? Check. Jammed middle fingers? Check!

But my injuries growing up never really slowed me down. I was always getting bruises and cuts but that is child’s play compared to some of my childhood peers. Today, I can proudly add lower back injury from hula hooping and a torn calf muscle to my list of hurts.

While this boot is making my life a bit easier the silly thing is huge. And if I didn’t walk funny before, I most certainly do now. All I have to say is tearing a muscle is nasty business. This isn’t something that I would wish on an enemy. Not even the Taliban.

So I walk funny and I am most definitely slower than before the injury but at least I can add that PT to my other PT and maybe, just maybe I will be able to completely healed by October. Until then, I am thinking of putting a sign on my back that says, caution, clumsy girl trying to walk.

Another Graceful Move by Moi!

After going to PT this past week I opted to find my exercise ball in an attempt to work out over the weekend. I found it and used some of the time to do my exercises. I was proud of my advancement and while I found my left calf muscle a little tight I didn’t worry.

After not really exercising in quite some time I knew that my muscles would respond with a resounding “Oh hell no!” as I continued. But I knew in time everything would fall into place and I would be back onto the road of recovery.

Monday’s PT therapy was hard but I pushed through it because it is what I need to do. My calf muscle responded by creating a sexy limp that screams “My owner is out of shape and this is how I will deal with it!” Tuesday evening as I was sitting in bed, I massaged that poor muscle and tried with all my might to get rid of the knots that were present.

Yesterday morning I was still walking with a slight limp but much better than before. I was thrilled that while I was still a bit achy in my lower back, a good PT session would reinforce what I was trying to do.

And this is where my grace comes into the picture. I was walking to the garage to leave from work to attend the session when I picked up the pace just a bit. That pace ended up with a deafening pop from my calf muscle. As in, all of the sudden I thought I would collapse right there in the middle of the street. I hobbled to the sidewalk, to the elevator and once I got into my car I thought I was going to die.

The pain was unnecessary but unrelenting. I tried to stretch my leg out while driving but sharp pains followed. I limped into PT and when the girls saw me, they immediately knew that whatever happened was not a good thing.

From their point of view, the pop I heard was the big muscle in the calf, something that starts with a g and I couldn’t pronounce it if you asked me to. There was a bit of swelling but the good news was, I could move my foot (with some pain but I could move it) and I hadn’t started bruising immediately.

They opted not to do any PT, only urged me to see my doctor. So I hobbled over there and was less than thrilled with her thoughts. I was sent on my way with two scripts and a “we’ll call you” type of discussion.

I iced it most of the night, thought that I could manage to make it to work today but my calf had other plans for me. I have minimal bruising but it is swollen and this morning it decided that weight on it was not an option.

All because I opted to pick up the pace going across the street to my car. I really need to start wrapping myself in bubble wrap. So tomorrow I will try again to walk on it. I have been gently stretching it, slowly putting weight on it and if I had crutches, I would be a happy camper right about now.

I don’t think it is a major tear but it is enough to warrant shooting pains, grimaces and tears from me. Maybe I can enroll in a class for Walking for Dummies. You know, how to walk without inflicting pain in one’s self.

In the famous words of Charlie Brown, GOOD GRIEF!

Comments From Strangers

I really need to get with the program and start making to do lists for my weekends; since my anal retentive side would go crazy if items were not crossed off. But here I am with nary an item accomplished this weekend. But I did manage to get some really great naps in, so I accomplished something right?

The weather has been a little decent but while my Nashville friends endured another onslaught of rain, we got little. Really? All I am asking for is a bit of rain to cool this place down and possibly get rid of the bugs who are antsy to find water.

I had a funny moment at Publix yesterday afternoon. I love that place but this location is a bit off for me. Everyone is kind, polite and willing to go the extra mile (a requirement for Publix employees apparently and I like that) but as I was checking out, young bag boy asks if I need help to my car. No problem, I like having someone else drag it out to my car anyway. As we are heading to my car he asks me if I am a Steelers fan. Gee, what gave that away? Could it be the Steelers shirt I am wearing? The smart alec in me wanted to say no, why do you ask? This shirt? The only shirt I own that is clean and I was forced to wear it. . . But I just smiled and said, yes I am. Then he starts in on Rothlisberger and his suspension.

Let me say this, I have been a huge fan of his since he started with the Steelers. I am disappointed in his behavior and if I had the opportunity, I would gladly ball him out for it and then some. And yes, I have his jersey, given to me for my birthday almost two years ago by my BFF and her husband. I will still wear it but also will probably invest in a Ward or Polumolu jersey as well.

I get small talk but there are some things that do not need to be discussed while carting groceries out. It would be like being asked about your political or religious affiliation.  Those are a bit deeper than your average grocery store conversations.

Of course, just a few weeks ago, I had the cashier looking at my ID and he kept looking at me and then to my ID. I wanted to yell what but opted to just smile, waiting for him to relinquish the card. He finally says to me, “You must have gotten this picture taken first thing in the morning.” Not, oh I see your address is list as Nashville, you new here? Or something similar. Just pointing out the obvious that I look rough by the end of the work day. Why yes, my hair is kind of crazy by the time I have been out and about. This happens when the humidity is nasty.

And I thought that my lack of dates had to do with other items but apparently my hair and choice of pro team really kicks up the dust in these parts. Another reason why it was wonderful to shop in Nashville. People didn’t have time to chit chat, provide commentary and didn’t really care.

So to the future run-ins with the employees of Publix, yes, I look a bit rough, sorry about that and yes, I cheer for the Steelers. BTW, I also cheer for Ole Miss. If there is anything else you would like to know, just ask. I am starting to get used to all the questions and chit chats while getting my groceries.

Physical Therapy

So I have started on the PT train and let’s just say, those ladies my be nice at the beginning but with each session they like to start turning the screws tighter. And all because I was being competitive at hula hooping for field day at work. . .

Before heading to PT

Well, technically, this is a picture of me at my old office but still. I am smiling, life is decent and well, I wasn’t too worried about PT. My first day of it was a breeze. Meaning, it was all evaluation with some e-stims and heat. Nice. . .

Second Day of PT

Again, an older picture BUT this is how I felt after my second day of PT. They made me do some bridge exercises to build my core up. Which is great since that is what I need plus, my muscles that have been turning into fat recently are getting a workout.

So how do I feel after my third day of PT???? Well…

Not happy, not at all.

Yeah, they made me do a plank. Yoga terms people. And let me just say, there is a reason why I tried yoga one time and never went back. I am a weakling!

But the good news in all of this is that I am building my core back up and if I can keep it up, I will have less chances of hurting my lower back. And I am slowly making my way from stuffing my face full of food to watching what I eat and will be working towards getting all of this weight (depression weight is what I call it, what can I say, the last year hasn’t been the greatest) off of me.

My desire is not to get back to that super skinny being I was just a few short years ago. At this point, I just want to get the back fat off, the thighs under control and my clothes to look like they aren’t about to bust off of me.

It is a long road ahead but I will do this. I have to. The DNA given to me by my family isn’t the greatest and I need to beat the battle of the bulge before anything gets a hold of me. Plus, I can still hear Granny telling me I need to lose weight. I know Granny and I am going to try my hardest.

And the best part is, I am doing it for me. Which means that I might actually accomplish something.

Now I am off to beat my computer senseless because the web cam does not work and I wanted to take silly pictures of me!

I Can Almost See Fall

With football season fast approaching the weather has seemed to have gotten my missive, CHILL OUT! Of course, give it five minutes and I am sure that the temperature will spike back up to 100*. But for now, I can almost see fall, just around the corner, peeking it’s head out to wave at me. If it is taunting me I will hunt it down and make sure it understands that I melt in this heat.

I got one of the best emails yesterday, time to start prepping for fantasy football. So the draft will be in a couple of weeks and I of course am desperate enough to go after some of my least liked players but only because I want to win this year. Gosh darnnit, I deserve it!!!

And with that exciting news and the temp/humidity behaving itself the past couple of days, I begin to start day dreaming of crisp fall days, the brilliant colors on the leaves and the ability to wear layers without sweating inside or outside the office.

This is almost better than actually having a date on a Saturday night. Give me some men in their uniforms tackling each other, my teams beating the crap out of their opponents and of course the shot of taking it all in my league and I am a happy girl.

And I got some good news yesterday as well. It looks like I will be taking my daddy to a Titans game next week. We will be in the suite of course because he won’t go unless that is the only option. Now pray that we don’t end up screaming at each other on the drive to Nashville or back. He tends to freak when I am driving (mom does the same) and well, when I am home, I drive the way I was taught. . .

Now to start researching for my team. I promise to be the best coach ever but guys, you better perform. I would hate for you all to have to deal with me when I am in a bad mood.

A Slow Week

It has been one of those weeks. The ones where I do my best to get to bed early, get to the office early and avoid doing laundry. So my weekend is being spent running errands, doing laundry and those much needed naps.

I also had a moment this week where I realized that a “friend” defriended me from Facebook. Now, it isn’t that big of a deal but I had to laugh once I finally realized that I was down a friend on there. Sometimes the memories of those people you knew way back when was all just a facade. The reality is while someone goes on and on during a drunk moment about how nice they are that maybe they protest too much.

So Stacey and I got a good giggle out of it because really, we are all grown adults but if it is necessary to take that step, then by all means. I had realized fairly quickly that this friend was someone I really didn’t want to be around. I have issues but I am pretty honest about them and I laugh about them.

We also talked about when a friend is dating someone and the relationship ends. All of the sudden, the ex is defriending all of your friends. Why? I am still friends with some of ex’s friends there. It really isn’t that big of a deal.

But I guess FB has taken on a whole other level, one that makes people over share, post vague updates to get responses and scream about their baby daddy (thank goodness my newsfeed doesn’t look like that, try Lamebook for some funny posts).

I may share on here that I had female issues last year and certainly between friends, we chat about all kinds of TMI items but FB? My parents and their friends are on there! I will save the comedy bits about my uterus and share them in a different place. Thank you very much!

I also love the updates I have read on a thread of a message board that I visit. I know that you don’t care if I am ovulating, going to the OB/GYN or had a massive poop today. I can be tacky but at least I know where it is appropriate.

I get a giggle out of FB, love reconnecting with people from my past and seeing them with their families but I guess I have never really gotten to the point of deleting someone from my list because of something silly. But then again, I may be full of quirks but I have yet to really use them as my crutch in life. I am who I am.

Now back to my laundry. The cat refuses to help me with it so I am on my own.

A Growing Miracle

I think it was last week (but time seems to be jumbling up around here!) that Stacey and her hubby went for the big scan. Now, with a hum drum pregnancy, this is the ultrasound that allows the parents to be to learn the sex, if they want to. . .since they had an amnio last month to determine that this baby is healthy, they already knew that this little one is a boy.

So their trip to the doctor’s office for the big scan was a chance to get another peek at this cutie as well as make sure that his growth is on track. Well, I am happy to report that Junior (his nickname that his mama and daddy call him) is doing great! He moved around, he waved a hello, he tried to suck on his thumb and I like to think he was getting his grove on for them.

The emails back and forth with Stacey are always so wonderful, I can tell that she is truly excited for this little one to get here ( at the appropriate time of course). But I am still asking you, my dear blog readers, to continue praying for these wonderful friends of mine. I covet them more than anything I would ever want in this world.

Stace is feeling good but like she said to me, this is just another milestone to cross off and about 800 million more to go. Then Junior will arrive and a whole other set of worries will come rushing in. This is the part of motherhood that worries me, should I ever be blessed with little ones. The worries start the day you find out and I don’t think ever end.

But I am so thrilled for them. To get additional good news and to meet the latest family member in January. Of course, he may start asking them why this weird, cat lady is always around but hey, Auntie Amy will always be there for you Junior. And maybe someday I can give you some “cousins” to play with or torture, your choice.

I Am Ready for Fall

While my to do list is incredibly long and makes me want to cry when looking at it or even think about it, I am starting to drift off to my happy place. The place happens to be of crisp fall mornings and evenings. The smell of football in the air. And the dreams of no longer having to freeze my cat out of the apartment.

But alas, it is still hotter than Hades here and quite frankly, I just want to scream at how horrible this summer has been. I can’t even blame the city I am in since it is just as bad as home.

I went to brunch with the ladies yesterday and wisely decided to wear a summer dress in the hopes that I wouldn’t sweat to death. Unfortunately, we took a walk to Walnut Street Bridge and back to the pub we were going to have brunch at. Instead of being hit by a cool breeze as we walked into the place, it was more like stale air. And the window AC unit did nothing for the place. It was more like I was sticking to my dress, my legs and my chair. Very unpleasant.

Even now, if I tried to sit on my deck, I would end up melting and the sun has been down for quite some time. Please let it rain a good portion of this week. And while we are at it, let the temps fall into the 70s and stay. I can’t take this much longer.

So bring on the mums, colorful leaves and crisp, cool air. I am ready for layers, football and soup. Or someone please suggest a place I can move to that doesn’t have hot, humid summers. But also has snow because I love that even more than I love fall.