A Growing Miracle

I think it was last week (but time seems to be jumbling up around here!) that Stacey and her hubby went for the big scan. Now, with a hum drum pregnancy, this is the ultrasound that allows the parents to be to learn the sex, if they want to. . .since they had an amnio last month to determine that this baby is healthy, they already knew that this little one is a boy.

So their trip to the doctor’s office for the big scan was a chance to get another peek at this cutie as well as make sure that his growth is on track. Well, I am happy to report that Junior (his nickname that his mama and daddy call him) is doing great! He moved around, he waved a hello, he tried to suck on his thumb and I like to think he was getting his grove on for them.

The emails back and forth with Stacey are always so wonderful, I can tell that she is truly excited for this little one to get here ( at the appropriate time of course). But I am still asking you, my dear blog readers, to continue praying for these wonderful friends of mine. I covet them more than anything I would ever want in this world.

Stace is feeling good but like she said to me, this is just another milestone to cross off and about 800 million more to go. Then Junior will arrive and a whole other set of worries will come rushing in. This is the part of motherhood that worries me, should I ever be blessed with little ones. The worries start the day you find out and I don’t think ever end.

But I am so thrilled for them. To get additional good news and to meet the latest family member in January. Of course, he may start asking them why this weird, cat lady is always around but hey, Auntie Amy will always be there for you Junior. And maybe someday I can give you some “cousins” to play with or torture, your choice.


2 thoughts on “A Growing Miracle

    1. Amy says:

      You are more than welcome! I like the good news and I can’t wait to rub your belly when I up there next. Tell Junior his aunt loves him and cannot wait to meet him! And I cannot believe you are almost to the halfway point! Love you!

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