Another Graceful Move by Moi!

After going to PT this past week I opted to find my exercise ball in an attempt to work out over the weekend. I found it and used some of the time to do my exercises. I was proud of my advancement and while I found my left calf muscle a little tight I didn’t worry.

After not really exercising in quite some time I knew that my muscles would respond with a resounding “Oh hell no!” as I continued. But I knew in time everything would fall into place and I would be back onto the road of recovery.

Monday’s PT therapy was hard but I pushed through it because it is what I need to do. My calf muscle responded by creating a sexy limp that screams “My owner is out of shape and this is how I will deal with it!” Tuesday evening as I was sitting in bed, I massaged that poor muscle and tried with all my might to get rid of the knots that were present.

Yesterday morning I was still walking with a slight limp but much better than before. I was thrilled that while I was still a bit achy in my lower back, a good PT session would reinforce what I was trying to do.

And this is where my grace comes into the picture. I was walking to the garage to leave from work to attend the session when I picked up the pace just a bit. That pace ended up with a deafening pop from my calf muscle. As in, all of the sudden I thought I would collapse right there in the middle of the street. I hobbled to the sidewalk, to the elevator and once I got into my car I thought I was going to die.

The pain was unnecessary but unrelenting. I tried to stretch my leg out while driving but sharp pains followed. I limped into PT and when the girls saw me, they immediately knew that whatever happened was not a good thing.

From their point of view, the pop I heard was the big muscle in the calf, something that starts with a g and I couldn’t pronounce it if you asked me to. There was a bit of swelling but the good news was, I could move my foot (with some pain but I could move it) and I hadn’t started bruising immediately.

They opted not to do any PT, only urged me to see my doctor. So I hobbled over there and was less than thrilled with her thoughts. I was sent on my way with two scripts and a “we’ll call you” type of discussion.

I iced it most of the night, thought that I could manage to make it to work today but my calf had other plans for me. I have minimal bruising but it is swollen and this morning it decided that weight on it was not an option.

All because I opted to pick up the pace going across the street to my car. I really need to start wrapping myself in bubble wrap. So tomorrow I will try again to walk on it. I have been gently stretching it, slowly putting weight on it and if I had crutches, I would be a happy camper right about now.

I don’t think it is a major tear but it is enough to warrant shooting pains, grimaces and tears from me. Maybe I can enroll in a class for Walking for Dummies. You know, how to walk without inflicting pain in one’s self.

In the famous words of Charlie Brown, GOOD GRIEF!


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