Torn Muscle Added To My Injuries

I am now the proud wearer of a walking boot! After learning that my doctor set an appointment for me for the end of next month I opted to take things into my own hands. Luckily there is a sports medicine place here that takes walk-ins.

I mustered up the strength this morning and hobbled to my car to see what could be done for the latest injury. And to make this even more funny, I never broke anything while I was growing up. Stitches? Check. Sprained ankle? Check. Jammed middle fingers? Check!

But my injuries growing up never really slowed me down. I was always getting bruises and cuts but that is child’s play compared to some of my childhood peers. Today, I can proudly add lower back injury from hula hooping and a torn calf muscle to my list of hurts.

While this boot is making my life a bit easier the silly thing is huge. And if I didn’t walk funny before, I most certainly do now. All I have to say is tearing a muscle is nasty business. This isn’t something that I would wish on an enemy. Not even the Taliban.

So I walk funny and I am most definitely slower than before the injury but at least I can add that PT to my other PT and maybe, just maybe I will be able to completely healed by October. Until then, I am thinking of putting a sign on my back that says, caution, clumsy girl trying to walk.


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