Target is standing and I managed to make it through my little shopping jaunt with little discomfort. I wandered around trying to remember what I needed and managed to get through there without going overboard.

I did end up with slight damage to my eardrums though. While mama was busy looking at hair care products I was treated to the screeching sounds of a toddler roaming the aisles while his big brother followed him around laughing. After getting about two aisles away from mama, she finally shouted for them to come back to her.

I was actually shocked that she even did that since she didn’t seem concerned about them. Then I heard her say to the older one to just give whatever item the little one was screeching about to him. I guess this is the new parenting mantra. . .

But it was nice to be out and about minus the boot. I still move slowly but getting in and out of the car is far easier now. Plus I don’t seem to lose my balance as easily going up and down the steps.

So I have now set a goal for myself that I will not injure any body part the rest of the year. I am ready to get back into normal shoes and soon, hopefully walk with more grace than I have the last month.

Of course, it was kind of nice having a great reason as to why I should not go roam Target. I love that place but I think it has designs on my budget. Meaning it wants to drain me dry of any pocket change I might have. . . I kept it under $50 and it was for things needed.


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