Another Reason Why I Need to Slow Down

I have, for quite some time, been really bad about multitasking. It is a great ability to have (my former boss would try and try only to end up with typos out the wazoo, he has never mastered it) but at times it can also be a determinant.

If I am watching tv, I am either surfing the net, reading a book or a magazine. It takes a lot for me to just stop and actually direct my attention 100% to the show I have on. But this weekend proved that maybe multitasking shouldn’t be done at all times.

I am in the process of rereading all the Harry Potter books (just started Year Seven) and decided I needed to watch the movies again as well. Apparently my brain cannot take reading say, Year Six while watching the first movie. I kept getting all the plots mixed up, forgetting what I was reading or thinking that a scene from a much later movie. Umm, yeah, need to take a step back I think.

So I have watched the first five movies again, taking a break from reading the books since I know that I can read the last book quickly enough with the 12 days I have left until the movie.

But it did get me to stop and think about why I am always doing about ten things at once. I am not sure where this little habit came from but trying to break the habit, at least some of the time is difficult. It has helped in my professional work, I tend to do several tasks at the same time, effectively parring my to do list in a very timely fashion. I will cook and talk on the phone without thinking twice about it and have been known to read and watch football at the same time since, hey, it gets things done. They even have a nifty channel called Red Zone that allows me to watch all the games at once. That is a dream come true! And cheaper than sitting in a bar all day catching all of the games.

But I have been known to be at the boy’s place a few years ago, watching a game, reading and talking to him. Is that quality time spent together? Or is it my way of getting everything done that I want to get done in one swoop? I am going with the latter and I blame my brain on this. I know that having your brain on at full speed 99% of the time is tiring and probably why I love my naps on the weekends. I also know that running this fast is yet another reason why it is so difficult for me to get to sleep at night and the cause of waking up at some point only to realize I should be sleeping instead of thinking about whatever is on my brain.

My former boss and I used to laugh about the ideas we would get, always while we were in the shower (not together people). It seems to me that I allow myself that time to let my mind wander through things. Good, bad, dramatic and the like. Whatever is really heavy on my heart or brain, gets analyzed there and I can come up with an all together new to do list of things that need to be done.

And this my friends, along with getting older, is the main reason why I am always tired. And then I add on the whole, I am just a family of one (plus the cat) so how in the world could I handle a spouse and kids?! After living on my own for so long it makes me question my ability to have a normal, loving relationship. I like to do things my way, I have things I like to do and there are nights when I simply say screw it, napping at 5 in the evening sounds delightful so I am going to do it! I don’t have to worry if there is no milk in the fridge or what’s for dinner. But then I hear my friends talking about their families and well, I long for that.

So I think I will at least try to slow down in order to keep myself from making arrangements to crazy house. Because just as I am writing this I am pondering a number of things and realize that yep, I am doing it again. Cannot focus on one thought at a time. And my friends wonder why I am single? Ha! I could give them a list but I won’t because that ADD thing is something I am trying to hide.


What you see is what you get; I am a Nashville girl who is single, again. I use the blog to get my inner, tortured, wanna be writer angst out. One day I just may write a book. I have been stumbling through life for 43 years now, I love to cook, read and figure out more embarrassing ways I can either harm myself (thank you hula hoop of 2010 and the case of the thrown back) or just prove how inept I am at household chores and dieting. The people you read about on here are real but most have had their names changed to protect the innocent and not so innocent. And I really should make a list of them so I can remember! Enjoy, read, mock, laugh and comment, it really isn't difficult. Plus, I would prefer reading comments from real people as opposed to the weird spam comments I keep getting. Plus, I will always find the hardest path to follow and take that one, why would anyone want to take the easy way?!

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