Enchanted Lights

My love for Christmas has ebbed and flowed through the years; when I was working retail I hated it. Between the long hours, crabby customers and the mess in the toy isles, it wasn’t hard to dislike it.

Since those days I have gotten quite found of the season again. I can hit the mall if I want to or watch Christmas movies until the cows come home. I have hosted a dinner party for several years, decking out my place until it looked like St Nick himself threw up over everything.

This year I was finally able to take in Rock City’s Enchanted Lights. The place is cheesy but spending time surrounded by twinkle lights makes me very happy. Chandler and I went this evening to take it all in, be silly and for me, take pictures even though the settings on my point and shoot aren’t the best.

But here are just a few that I will share with you. . .


Gingerbread House
Chandler and me

If I have some time tomorrow I just might try to edit the other pictures to share. Happy Holidays!



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