The Gift No One Wants

Saturday I was feeling a bit off but figured after such a hectic day before it was just my body saying get some rest. I got back to my place after spending the day with Chandler enjoying the pretty snow and settled in for what I had planned a lazy evening. I got that by enjoying two naps and waking after the second one on the couch around 1am to shuffle to bed.

But it isn’t Christmas unless I get sick. I think I am sick on/around Christmas most years. This year it was 2am, Sunday morning and a trip to the bathroom for the gift of the stomach virus. And it was horrible. I went through several rounds of rotating which end where but the first round was the worst.

And by worst, I mean I am still cleaning my bathroom. . .yep, it was horrible. So horrible in fact that I just found out today that the Sunday night football game was delayed until this evening. What? When did this happen? People, I slept when I wasn’t in the bathroom and apparently have no recollection of anything happening outside of my bedroom. Did anything earth shattering happen while I was out?

Yesterday was better but the dragging feeling is still there and I cannot wait until I am functioning at a 70% level. I attempted work yesterday, that was a fail. I tried again today and I hope that any emails I sent out made sense. Working through a monthly report that normally doesn’t take all that long was time consuming today and my brain hurt. I have been in a fog and it isn’t pleasant.

Chandler got sick too but fortunately I don’t think he had it as bad as me and he was also about three hours behind me before the virus struck him down. And should we find the culprit of this little gift I want to hurt them because this virus is pure evil. But the worst part for me?

I had leftover Provino’s for dinner Saturday night. . .umm, yeah, not going to be eating there for a bit. The memory of it Sunday morning is just too harsh. Instead I will exist on crackers, pasta with no sauce, bread and Sprite Zero.


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