Oh the Back Pains!

Yes kiddos, the back pain is back! I have to thank Chandler for part of it though. . . we were playing his “game” of let’s tickle Amy and I slid on the bathroom floor. That was last week and after some much needed rest it started to feel better.

Then I got crazy and took down all the Christmas stuff and that is never good for my back. But again, no biggie and it needed to be done. The other part though? It is my own fault. I go through “phases” of keeping my clothes off the floor and hung up while other times I am little miss messy pants.

My suitcase has been sitting at the foot of my bed since, oh Thanksgiving. . . and clothes (clean mind you) have been piling up on the suitcase. I would just shuffle through the clothes to find what I was going to wear for the day and promise myself that I would deal with the mess later. So a month and a half later I have finally dealt with it. Clothes are up, suitcase put away and I even found my USB and power cord for my printer!!!!!

But oh man, getting old for me means that my lower back is the first to tell me I need to stop. At this point I will gladly smile and just say, yep I am messy! My control freak Type A personality has nothing to do with my organizational skills at home. Even in my cubicle in Nashville I was a disaster.

And the poor trash guy will have to deal with multiple bags again. . . sorry about that!

But the apartment is fairly clean now and Chandler will be in shock tomorrow when he sees it. Of course going out of town in the near future could make this all a moot point. At least the suitcase won’t be used this time so I might just have a chance at keeping it clean around here. .  .

at least for a couple of weeks.


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