A Little Encouragement is All You Need

I did it! I made it to 1.2 miles today thanks to a text from K explaining she couldn’t make it tonight but that I could do this! I ended up doing what seemed like a really long run (not walk kiddos, a RUN!) using my Wii Active. I ran and ran and ran, dripping sweat, turning bright red but I did it. I created another workout that incorporated lots of running, a cooling down walk and those ever stupid kick ups.

Once done I threw myself on my couch, Googled how many laps equal a mile on Wii Active and actually found the answer. I love me some Google! Technically I did over 1.2 miles. . .and my legs are killing me as well as my tush.

But having that little bit of encouragement allowed me to ignore the excuses of not exercising. And the best part is I will sleep like a baby tonight. Tomorrow will be a mixed bag of sorts with boxing, dancing and some tennis thrown in. I have had this silly game for, umm, a couple of years now and finally got tired of the flab and taking advantage of my Wii.

And just to add to the little love fest I have going with my Wii, I tried Netflix a few years ago and even tried it again when they started streaming movies online but gave it up since I had a million movie channels and quite frankly didn’t want to watch everything on my computer. Last month I got an offer to try it again (the first I have ever seen for former customers) and decided to try it since I have the Wii.

I have watched all kinds of movies from my younger days and am thoroughly enjoying it. Somehow I goofed up and updated my address the day after I signed up, then went out of town, got back and realized I had never received my DVD. After about a week of not calling Netflix I called today. Besides the rep being so very kind about the goof on my part, he sent another disc out today and extended my free trial by ten days. Now that is customer service people! I am so used to Comcast and their horrible service that I was preparing to have to replace the lost disc as well as lose out on ordering DVDs.

And now I need to figure out how to move without gasping to the shower so I can collapse in my bed shortly. Fat rolls beware! I am coming after you and yes I will win the war!

Oh To Be a Fly On The Wall

For all of you would spend that time laughing at probably the saddest version of boxing ever! In the world of exercising I am very much ADD (much like my cleaning skills, oh wait! Squirrel!).

Since I am really working (I mean really working here) on getting some form of exercise daily, I put together a little workout on Wii Active that includes a ton of boxing, some dancing, a little bit of tennis and a run/walk. I bounce as I hit the targets and then get all worked up when I am “hitting” the bag.

Wookie has opted to sit on the couch to watch this little workout and probably thinking to himself that this woman has lost her marbles. I have, no big deal. But somewhere in my DNA the coordination skill was deleted. I get tangled up in the remote and nun chuck, I bounce closer and closer to the television (would this be covered under my renter’s insurance or my medical insurance?) and have come close to landing on my new to me coffee table.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, my mad movement skills leave much to be desired. The dancing portion takes this to an all new level. I work at hitting all the steps and then either start laughing when I do the lawnmower or come close to giving myself a black eye doing the lasso. I am sexy you guys!

On the days I don’t embarrass myself in front of the cat (who will be writing his own memoirs soon) I huff, puff, drip sweat and look as if I have been running a marathon while just trying to complete one mile (yes, only a mile) on the treadmill. I also try to keep up conversing with my friend K who makes the whole thing look effortless and keeps a sweet smile on her face! But it is nice to have a workout buddy and it makes that mile seem a little bit more bearable.

Next goal, get the incline up a bit more and see if I can manage to stay on it for one and a half miles! See, this is what happens when you spend all of your time on the couch while shoving food down your throat. I think about that each time I start to box.

Oh and I wouldn’t cross me people! I have mad boxing skills or I may just help you out by knocking myself out. See, I am nice like that. . .

Missing in Action

My wonderful vacation to Nashville was full of love, laughter, hope, babies and food. I was also greeted with horrible news of the destruction of Japan and the fear that they must be living under right now is overwhelming. How is it possible to grieve for these people when there is just so much joy in my own little bubble?

It makes you rethink your life, your goals and ultimately what you want to accomplish. For me, I am working on a book, that if it gets picked up and does well; well that would be a cherry on the top of it.

Trying to put the words together is hard, especially when you just don’t know which path the story should take. While loving someone with all your heart can be a challenge, the rewards are greater. But when you are in the midst of a bumpy path, one or both in the relationship can shut down. Of course that is never a good sign.

I got some much needed perspective from my friends and have been able to take each day as they come at me. The reality that something can be great only to roll over in a big ole mess can hurt.

There are many lessons that I have learned during my adult life, some that bear repeating from time to time since I do have a hard head. I have been stuck in terms of writing for a couple of weeks now and hate that because this is who I am. I am a writer.

There are parts of my life I just don’t want to give up or goals that I would like to attain. At the moment, I am using exercise as my main goal. I have been on the treadmill with K, tonight I did my only little routine of boxing and running and hopefully we will be hit the machines again tomorrow. This plus my iPod gives me focus and allows me to relax my brain will getting a good sweat out.

I haven’t a clue as to where I am going at the moment and I am okay with that. I have gotten back into my nightly routine and am relishing the weekend full of tv, books and writing.

I am also going to focus more attention on the blog and provide some great thoughts and many moments of laughter.

I will leave you with one, I took late and early feed with Mr. E Saturday night/Sunday morning. This kid is cool and I could just hold him forever but I don’t his mama and daddy would be that agreeable with my thought. I left Nashville, remembered I have to go by Target to pick up a couple of things when I noticed I hadn’t changed my shirt. Me, no kids in sight, waltzed on in to Target with a shirt decorated with spitup. I was quite a sight to see. And it took me walking in, looking down to finally realize the extra decorations on my shirt. Oh well, Mr. E is my little buddy, so if he feels the need, he can have at it.

And now bedtime. . . I promise to be better about posting. I have some time set aside this weekend to write.

I Am Going Cross Eyed

Yep, I knew eventually that this would happen. . .my job entails spreadsheets, lots of them, everyday. And there is one major one that I put together last year for a client and thankfully only had to update twice and then we said we would update it later when requested.

Every month I wait, hoping with all hope that this month is not the month they ask for it. I did well with this little mantra until last week. Of course, once I created this monster of a spreadsheet the “hard” work was done. It became only a matter up updating the numbers.

But, oh my, that spreadsheet is huge, with lots of formulas, percentages, averages, sums, you name it, it is in there. When printed out, it takes four ledger sheets of paper then I have to tape it together so it makes sense. Yesterday I did the brunt of the work, updating the months, the numbers and printing it out. Today was spent staring at it, checking the numbers and then rechecking the numbers. Tomorrow my boss will be looking at it.

All I can say is, please let it be right!!!! I may spend every day playing with numbers but this monster needs to be put to bed. When I can close my eyes eight hours after last seeing it and see the whole thing. . . well it isn’t pretty.

But the fabulous news is I am off of work starting tomorrow after work until next Monday!!!!!!!!! I will be making the trek up to Nashville to visit with friends and help co-host a baby shower. Of course I have loads of stuff to do in order to get out of town but still! I get to see my old coworkers, have a fabulous lunch at The Pie Wagon with my twin and my favorite person, Mr G plus I get to spend time with Stace and her family, oh man, oh man, I am excited! Plus, I get to hang with my stinky boyfriend, Mr Shadow.

Now if I could just wave a wand to finish my baking. . .and the willpower not to lick the bowl. But first I need to walk into a wall or something to uncross my eyes. Excel is bad for your health.

Springing Forward is Not a Good Look for Me

This might be one of the only times that I will say I wish I had been at work all weekend. . . I have been gifted hand me down furniture for years now by my parents. And each time I get a little closer to my style.

A couple of years ago they got new living room furniture and while it was more in line to my liking, mom liked it well enough to buy it. See, I am more of a dark chocolate furniture fan and mom is more of a light colored fan. So it was a bit of a surprise to see the nice, dark furniture hanging out in their house.

And like it has happened a few times before, she started to change her mind about the end tables and the coffee table. Having grown up without coffee tables, I have never seen a need for one, preferring the over sized, very expensive ottoman that Wookie has taken as his bed during the day. In fact, I made sure when I bought my grown up furniture a few years ago that I would have that nice ottoman added to my purchase.

The longer I spent with Stacey and her hubby, the more I wanted to do DIY projects and opted to paint my natural wood colored end tables to finally get everything to my liking. So getting the call back in January about the possibility that I would inherit the somewhat new tables from the parental unit left me in a bit of a state. I wanted it, especially the really nice entertainment stand but getting to my place and lugging it up stairs was not on my list of things to do.

So yesterday, after going back and forth on do I want the stuff or not, my parents and uncle delivered it as well as three massive totes full of dolls. The days of storing my stuff all over the county are dwindling and I didn’t remember having all of those dolls! I mean I knew I had a lot but umm, I was a very lucky kid to say the least.

The Cabbage Patch Kids and all of the Barbies (ones that I had never taken out of their boxes) arrived yesterday and I took a trip down memory lane, while sneezing. The totes could be used to put bodies in, that is how big they are and they were covered in dust from being in my parents garage for years.

Once I finally caught my breath and my help had finished helping me cart everything upstairs I got to putting the new to me furniture in their new spots. The funny thing is the one piece that took the longest to get set was the entertainment stand. I have too many cords and too many gadgets for my tv, it took almost an hour to get it all organized and how I wanted it. The rest was a cake walk compared to that mess.

I took a break, napped and finally woke up around seven and knew that the night was going to a long, ugly one. I can nap with the best of them but three hours of a nap that late in the day is not the best of ideas. I decided to go ahead and take pictures of all the dolls because I knew that keeping everyone of them (with no heir to pass them down to) would be a disaster. I had also spoken to a coworker who said she might be interested in some of them, so after taking pictures and putting them back in their totes, I swore that I would try to get rid of most of them while hanging on to a few that really mean something to me.

And then I waited to fall asleep. . .and I kept waiting. Finally at two when the clock literally jumped straight to three I made myself go to sleep. And it was a restless sleep, one filled with weird dreams and a cat that decided walking on me would be a good thing.

And today? I am exhausted. I didn’t sleep in, I took a nap but that ended in weird dreams as well, so I gave up. I worked on digging through boxes on my deck and promptly slammed a box on my hand.

So my new plan of attack this evening is to hit the hay early and hope that this whole springing forward thing doesn’t bit me in the butt tomorrow morning.

And by the way. . . if anyone wants to buy Barbies of CPK dolls, let me know. . . Right now they are winning the war on turf space and even the cat isn’t that thrilled about that new development. Oh and I would like to request an IV of Starbucks in the morning please.

And I Should Have Taken the Boat. . .

Kiddos, while I can get behind some rain action (makes the stuff I am allergic to go away!) this morning was a drive to work from Hades. The moment I stepped outside to head down to my car I cringed. The umbrella was one again in my car, my hair was somewhat in control and I had at least momentarily gotten a bit warm. Within about two seconds I smacked my head for once again not bringing the umbrella in, my hair jumped to attention and went crazy and the cold chills encased my body.

Rainy days like these are made for staying on the couch and napping. Not getting up and heading into work. I called my parents because I know they are still sleeping (call if payback for all the years they got me up for school. . . ) to announce that I should have taken a boat into work today instead of my car. Dad was all confused and asked if there was flooding.

At that moment I really wanted to start laughing because in his sleep induced haze my joke was not really clicking for him. So then I had to assure him that no, I didn’t see any flooding near me but I would be careful. Poor dad, between not being able to hear all that well and his half awake self, he was convinced that I was in a river floating off to parts not known.

I did get to see one interesting thing on the way to downtown. . . somehow an SUV and an ambulance had a tussle. The SUV won since the ambulance was perched (front driver side’s tire) on a guard rail at the Ridge Cut. I am still scratching my head about that one because there is a huge drop off to the west bound side and how it landed perfectly is still a question.

And no, there is no flooding down here, the river is high but I haven’t heard of any damage done, which is a good thing since we got a couple of tornadoes here last week.

Which reminds me! I got tickled when the reports came out about the confirmed tornadoes a few days after the event. Some people wonder why it takes so long to confirm, apparently I no longer question this since it was a common occurrence in Nashville. Yep, it sometimes takes a day or several and since the ones we had here were minor they have to do testing, etc. on the damage.

I still want my tornado siren relocated to where I am living. . . I miss that horrible sound.

I Am Lovin’. . .

P!ink’s song, F@@@in Perfect at the moment. Music has always been one of my escapists routes when I was bored, lonely, sad, happy, you name it, I have found a song that just speaks to me at different phases of my life.

As someone who likes to write (not songs, so not capable of that rhyming thing), music can transport my thoughts to another time. Like senior year of high school, Under the Bridge (at least I think that is the title). That stupid song haunted me, made me think of what I had messed up in my life and losing someone that I thought at the time I was in love with, and yet that song, even now can take me back to those feelings, those memories.

I am not sure when humor became my coping mechanism, but as I was talking to Stace a few weeks ago about my crazy life, I mentioned that I tend to make everything funny, no matter how bad the situation may have been or even embarrassing. I laugh at myself and how sometimes I just don’t learn the lesson with one go around, it normally takes a few times for me to get “it.”

But this new song speaks to me and I hope to others about those silly little voices in our heads. This maybe more of a female thing, but I think as a gender, we tend to beat ourselves up over everything. Our hair, our outfits, our bodies, our lives as a whole. I know that some people don’t get this or probably think I should book a room at the closet mental facility but those voices can do real harm.

If I gave myself a dollar for each negative thought that I hear myself saying (mostly in my head, sometimes I have been known to give myself a good talking to at the mirror), I would probably have enough money to pay off my student loans, buy a house and even take a very nice vacation to somewhere tropical. And I really should start fining myself when I do this but gas has gone up so that won’t be happening anytime soon.

I know I don’t need to be perfect but it is frustrating that I can be so hard on myself. It also doesn’t help when that holiday weight attacked me very hard this year and I always feel icky when I get dressed. I should have started exercising, I should have pushed the chocolate away from me, I should have skipped seconds and thirds. . .

Yeah, it can get ugly when we (general we) stop to think about our choices and realize that sometimes we are our own worst enemies. To me, it doesn’t matter if my boyfriend doesn’t mind the fat rolls, I know my cat doesn’t mind either. It comes down to me feeling gluttonous and greedy.

In an effort to live up to the words of this particular song, I have started (again) to workout. This time I am doing it through Wii Active and have found that these little 20 minute routines keep me focused and I can’t use the excuse of the weather or any other excuse I can find not to exercise.

For me, my mental health and those crazy little voices, tend to quiet down once I am feeling better in my own skin. And I have several outfits that I would love to wear but at the moment can’t get on, so using that as a goal makes me want to work at this. It all goes back to how I look, while I know that there is beauty in everyone, it is more important what you might think when you take a look in the mirror.

Those extra chins and back fat make me uneasy and mad. I am so mad at myself for shoving food down my throat, without a care in the world. I am hoping that I can keep it up this time because this is one thing that allows me to tear myself apart, ten fold.

And I would love to get back to circa 2006 when I was quite skinny but I also know that I really don’t have the focus for that. Right now I would just like to get back into my size ten pants. . .oh and the madras dress that I had to rock as a long top last summer. My ass made it impossible (and possibly illegal) for me to wear it as a dress.