And I Should Have Taken the Boat. . .

Kiddos, while I can get behind some rain action (makes the stuff I am allergic to go away!) this morning was a drive to work from Hades. The moment I stepped outside to head down to my car I cringed. The umbrella was one again in my car, my hair was somewhat in control and I had at least momentarily gotten a bit warm. Within about two seconds I smacked my head for once again not bringing the umbrella in, my hair jumped to attention and went crazy and the cold chills encased my body.

Rainy days like these are made for staying on the couch and napping. Not getting up and heading into work. I called my parents because I know they are still sleeping (call if payback for all the years they got me up for school. . . ) to announce that I should have taken a boat into work today instead of my car. Dad was all confused and asked if there was flooding.

At that moment I really wanted to start laughing because in his sleep induced haze my joke was not really clicking for him. So then I had to assure him that no, I didn’t see any flooding near me but I would be careful. Poor dad, between not being able to hear all that well and his half awake self, he was convinced that I was in a river floating off to parts not known.

I did get to see one interesting thing on the way to downtown. . . somehow an SUV and an ambulance had a tussle. The SUV won since the ambulance was perched (front driver side’s tire) on a guard rail at the Ridge Cut. I am still scratching my head about that one because there is a huge drop off to the west bound side and how it landed perfectly is still a question.

And no, there is no flooding down here, the river is high but I haven’t heard of any damage done, which is a good thing since we got a couple of tornadoes here last week.

Which reminds me! I got tickled when the reports came out about the confirmed tornadoes a few days after the event. Some people wonder why it takes so long to confirm, apparently I no longer question this since it was a common occurrence in Nashville. Yep, it sometimes takes a day or several and since the ones we had here were minor they have to do testing, etc. on the damage.

I still want my tornado siren relocated to where I am living. . . I miss that horrible sound.


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