I Am Going Cross Eyed

Yep, I knew eventually that this would happen. . .my job entails spreadsheets, lots of them, everyday. And there is one major one that I put together last year for a client and thankfully only had to update twice and then we said we would update it later when requested.

Every month I wait, hoping with all hope that this month is not the month they ask for it. I did well with this little mantra until last week. Of course, once I created this monster of a spreadsheet the “hard” work was done. It became only a matter up updating the numbers.

But, oh my, that spreadsheet is huge, with lots of formulas, percentages, averages, sums, you name it, it is in there. When printed out, it takes four ledger sheets of paper then I have to tape it together so it makes sense. Yesterday I did the brunt of the work, updating the months, the numbers and printing it out. Today was spent staring at it, checking the numbers and then rechecking the numbers. Tomorrow my boss will be looking at it.

All I can say is, please let it be right!!!! I may spend every day playing with numbers but this monster needs to be put to bed. When I can close my eyes eight hours after last seeing it and see the whole thing. . . well it isn’t pretty.

But the fabulous news is I am off of work starting tomorrow after work until next Monday!!!!!!!!! I will be making the trek up to Nashville to visit with friends and help co-host a baby shower. Of course I have loads of stuff to do in order to get out of town but still! I get to see my old coworkers, have a fabulous lunch at The Pie Wagon with my twin and my favorite person, Mr G plus I get to spend time with Stace and her family, oh man, oh man, I am excited! Plus, I get to hang with my stinky boyfriend, Mr Shadow.

Now if I could just wave a wand to finish my baking. . .and the willpower not to lick the bowl. But first I need to walk into a wall or something to uncross my eyes. Excel is bad for your health.


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