Oh To Be a Fly On The Wall

For all of you would spend that time laughing at probably the saddest version of boxing ever! In the world of exercising I am very much ADD (much like my cleaning skills, oh wait! Squirrel!).

Since I am really working (I mean really working here) on getting some form of exercise daily, I put together a little workout on Wii Active that includes a ton of boxing, some dancing, a little bit of tennis and a run/walk. I bounce as I hit the targets and then get all worked up when I am “hitting” the bag.

Wookie has opted to sit on the couch to watch this little workout and probably thinking to himself that this woman has lost her marbles. I have, no big deal. But somewhere in my DNA the coordination skill was deleted. I get tangled up in the remote and nun chuck, I bounce closer and closer to the television (would this be covered under my renter’s insurance or my medical insurance?) and have come close to landing on my new to me coffee table.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, my mad movement skills leave much to be desired. The dancing portion takes this to an all new level. I work at hitting all the steps and then either start laughing when I do the lawnmower or come close to giving myself a black eye doing the lasso. I am sexy you guys!

On the days I don’t embarrass myself in front of the cat (who will be writing his own memoirs soon) I huff, puff, drip sweat and look as if I have been running a marathon while just trying to complete one mile (yes, only a mile) on the treadmill. I also try to keep up conversing with my friend K who makes the whole thing look effortless and keeps a sweet smile on her face! But it is nice to have a workout buddy and it makes that mile seem a little bit more bearable.

Next goal, get the incline up a bit more and see if I can manage to stay on it for one and a half miles! See, this is what happens when you spend all of your time on the couch while shoving food down your throat. I think about that each time I start to box.

Oh and I wouldn’t cross me people! I have mad boxing skills or I may just help you out by knocking myself out. See, I am nice like that. . .


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