The Perfect Storm. . .

At least that is what I am going to stick to for the time being. We have been hit several times today with strong wind, rain so hard and heavy you couldn’t see in front of you and hail.

This morning as I was trying to get my first cup of coffee in my system we got an email about possible strong storms. No biggie, at least for me, since I have been kind of desensitized to these storms, thanks to living in Nashville for so long. Several of us gather to chat about it, figure out what we should do and then I found myself grabbing my purse and my diet cherry coke (a girl needs her caffeine) and heading down the steps to the first floor of the office building.

I was calm because living and working in the valley means that most times the storms loose some of their umph when they hit the mountains. But when rain started pouring through the skylights I started to second guess this cool facade. Down to the basement I went along with a somewhat funny (at least to me) update on Facebook.

Duck! In the basement at work.

The best comment back was from Sonia, basically asking what is up with me at work when tornados come through. Well, that seems to be the norm for me. And my preference would be to be in my apartment, hanging in the closet with the cat.

Once we were released from the basement, we got to see that one red light was hanging by a thread while another was missing in action. Actually pieces of it were scattered on the street. Good times.

I finally headed out later that day to head home, thinking I was going to make it before we got hit again. I was wrong. For the first time ever, I ended up driving while pea sized hail came down and the rain was so heavy that I could barely see in front of me. But I managed to get home, intact and my car had no dings. And a cat waiting for me at the door, ready for me to be home.

Of course the next line of storms decided to hit a couple of hours later. I hit the closet with Wookie and then heard an awful crashing sound. I popped out of the closet to see just what in the world was going on. Hail. . . I had actually not seen hail in person, so this was interesting.

After the storm had passed I went down to my car to take a peek. Larger than golf balls, this is the hail that pummeled my car. Thankfully I only have three dings that are noticeable. One took the paint off but I am very fortunate, no cracks in the windows or a tree sitting on my car.

So say a prayer for everyone that is dealing with these storms. They are nasty.

Now I have to go medicate the cat because he is not thrilled with everything going on right now.


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