Crap! My Eyes Are on Track for Aging. . .

I joke about getting older, becoming the crazy old cat lady but I still can’t accept nor believe that I am getting wait to close to 40. I joke about getting fatter, tripping over myself and still giggle when someone either farts or makes fart jokes. See, I can’t be old.

But then I just had to go to the eye doctor. The one doctor’s appointment that never costs me an arm and a leg AND I only have to visit with every two years. I feel like I have a close relationship with my OBGYN and dentist. At least that is what it looks like between the visits and the money spent. But I can always count on my visit to the eye doctor to produce a new script for my glasses and a new pair of frames.

After the poor customer service at the office where I had originally scheduled my appointment today but they somehow wiped from their schedule (oh and “we can’t possibly work you in, you will just have to reschedule…) I made a few phone calls. On the fourth call I got a nice lady who said they could take me. After getting a bit turned around in Hixson (seriously, I give up trying to find anything around here and I grew up here) I made it to my appointment.

The doctor was very kind, funny and made me laugh while he was shooting air into my eyes. Then the part that I always dread. Reading the letters and then saying which option is better. I am always so nervous about this because I worry I will get the answer wrong. And logically I know that there is no right or wrong answer but still. After the test was over he told me the results.

My right eye has corrected itself a bit. My astigmatisms are still there in both eyes (one of the main reasons why I stopped wearing contacts, when they are as big as your eyeball, just forget about it) but yay (!) my right eye actually got better. Wow, super proud of that, how bout them apples?! Oh wait, what? I am on track for either “readers” or bifocals???? Neat factoid, apparently those who are considered nearsighted see their eyes correct themselves somewhat before deciding to get all wonky again. Around the age of 40-42, you will end up needing a little extra help. For those that are farsighted, same goes for you except your eyes will start to go downhill between the ages of 38-40.

I actually had to make him repeat this tidbit because there is no way that I could need bifocals for quite some time. That is for older people, people getting close to retiring. I am in no way, shape or form anywhere close to retiring.

And then he dilated my eyes. . . I think the best part was driving over a dam and then 153 on my way home with my glasses, sunglasses and the little insert to make your glasses a bit darker on, I was a sight to behold. But I stayed in between the lines and did not hurt anyone.

Now if you will excuse me I need to go take my Metamucil, put my Ben Gay and take an antacid. . .please, me old. . . I so don’t think so.

Tuesday Randomness

A four day work week is upon us (well at least for me)! So here is my random thoughts on my “Wednesday,” enjoy!

  • I left work Monday afternoon and somehow managed to forget where I parked my car in the garage. Apparently my brain took a vacation a bit ahead of time.
  • I am trying to let my hair “work” for me by embracing the curliness of it, umm yeah, haven’t I mentioned how my hair likes to have multiple personalities?
  • I added an app to my phone that allows me to have Snoopy wallpaper, the one I picked though is kind of telling. . . It’s Snoopy as the Red Barron walking across the yard and he kicked a heart up into the air (guess I am not interested in dating yet)
  • I wore my new $16 dress to work on Monday, love it! I now completely understand why the Queen wheres these comfy dresses during the summer and what I want to know is, why did it take me this long to embrace it?!
  • One of the few reasons why I love summer? My makeup routine is simple. . . powder, bronzer, mascara and lipstick. But my poor face is still feeling oily. I never had oily skin before.
  • Adult acne, I could care less that others can’t see them (near my hairline) but I KNOW they are there and I wish they would depart, ASAP
  • I am loving the Daily Chuck photos at; simply put, Chuck rocks my world
  • I wonder what it would take to get Cheer Boy to give up his cute little dog to me for the month of July? I mean really, can’t you give a girl a break and let her have that little princess for just a bit?
  • This coming weekend is all about the babies! I cannot wait, thank goodness my phone takes great pictures. My point and shoot has decided to take a dirt nap.
  • I am in desperate need of some more Philosophy Amazing Grace shower gel, lotion and perfume. I.Must.Be.Good while in Sephora.
  • And here is a picture of my little man, snuggling in for a nice nap with me over the weekend. . .
This is my view of Wookie, yep, he snuggles into the crook of my left arm and falls fast to sleep.

Falling Off the Wagon

It’s really not as dire as that, I mean, really, my issues are silly compared to some of the worst case scenarios out there!

My eating habits and exercise habits have taken a nose dive. I would like to blame the hot weather, long days at work (staring at numbers all day can sometimes make your brain take a snooze), my crappy sleep habits have come back into play and just random stress that everyone deals with daily but I think it comes down to being lazy.

Each morning before I head out to work I make a bowl of Grape Nuts to go with me. By the time I get there the milk has softened the barley goodness and it fills me to the brim. Since I have never been a big breakfast eater (at least early in the morning) this has been a great habit and I often find myself forgetting to eat lunch or taking it late in the day.

But once I get home I either forget to eat dinner or end up eating a bowl of pasta instead of preparing a more balanced dinner. I also find that the heat zaps me of energy and then I “forget” that even though it is hot outside I have a little gym at my complex that I can use.

Those pounds have packed back on and I start to beat myself up. I need to find the motivation that was there some five years ago that made me walk almost every night. Besides getting healthy; I could then get into some of my other clothes, not feel icky and the added stretchmarks would just be a reminder of what I have done to my body.

My sleep has taken a hit in terms of those days that I used to make a point to hop into bed by 10ish have turned into midnight. Why? I can blame my addiction to Netflix, the internet, books and the complete disregard for time management that I used to so good at doing.

I somehow do manage to get up early and get to the office somewhere between 7:30 and 7:45; although Fridays seem to be the morning that the lack of sleep kicks my rear and I am racing in at 8 on the nose. Which I can’t stand only because I really love to get a jump start when the office is really, really quiet.

But that is life, it knocks you up side the head and reminds you that there are ten million things to do, read and watch. While having tons of distractions while living in Nashville I somehow always managed to have my routine and not vary from it often. In fact, my buddy Greg used that as ammunition to get me out of the apartment a few times. He knew I was just sitting watching tv and surfing the net and called me on it.

And I have to say, I laugh about it now. Why or when perhaps, did I get to be such a routine, you don’t go out on a school night kind of girl? I didn’t care about it in college, especially since Thursday night was always party night at my college. In the early years of my work career I would go out with the girls; when I went out with Bird and her family this past Thursday, I began to get antsy towards the end of dinner. It certainly wasn’t the company causing it; it was that my “lazy” routine for the evening was being tossed aside.

I was speaking with my red wine loving friend Friday night and I was telling her about this issue. There were plenty of times that she or others mentioned going out after work or hitting up this networking event or even a jewelry party being hosted by someone but did I go? Not often, I would come up with all kinds of excuses not to go, to head home and hang with the cat (who by the way is an awesome distraction to get home to!). Even when dating the boy, I would get antsy while sitting at his place, three minutes from my home, while watching tv. Really?

Have I missed out on a whole lot of life? Maybe. While I do love to travel, that home has always been a constant for me since college. Even moving within the complex, I found comfort doing what I wanted, when I wanted and of course bedtime at 10!

But after a weekend of cooking, spending time with the most amazing cat ever and doing my thing, I am going to wipe the slate clean. Tomorrow I am going to work on making sure I have a good dinner, that I get to the exercise room and that I start wrapping up my evening early enough so I am not looking at the clock at midnight stressing about not getting to sleep.

I am also going to start getting my stuff organized. While the apartment has not gotten to the stage that Stacey and her husband saw it shortly before I moved last year (it was bad, sorry about that guys) I do need to declutter, put things up or throw them out. I started at the wee hours of the morning today because I couldn’t sleep. I started with the kitchen. Bleach, bleach everywhere. I did a deep cleaning of my coffee maker, cleaned one cabinet out, emptied the dishwasher and reloaded it and wipe the counters clean. Today I even unloaded the dishwasher (a miracle) and cooked some veggies to have with dinner.

Tomorrow, I think I will deal with the guest bedroom. And that should give me another bag or two to take to Goodwill. I also have a craptastic bed on the floor that needs to be trashed as well as a sad looking put together chest that should find it’s way to the dumpster at some point. More than likely those two items will sit for a few months but getting everything else organized will make me feel better.

So I am getting ready to climb back onto the wagon and hang on for dear life. I am also going to see if I can find some suckers (umm, friends. . . ) who might just want to help me drag things out as I get my collection going. . . anyone, anyone? Oh well, it was worth a shot!

Parents and Facebook

My parents are on Facebook, I am friends with them and sometimes I laugh at what comes out of their mouths with regards to this social media.

How is it that you have so many friends on your Facebook???? Well parents, I have those I went to high school with, those I went to church with, college (check), Greek organizations at college (check), people I have worked with (check) and friends I have made since college (check). It kind of adds up quickly. I may not talk to all of them but it is great to keep up to date with what is going on in their lives. Also, I can see all of their kids as they grow. A nice, efficient way to keep up with everyone.

How can I get rid of what is on my wall? Umm dad, this doesn’t take up space on your computer, it is all stored on the interwebs. (and this question has come up a little too often)

Did you see so and so’s new pictures of X? Not yet mom. Yes I know so and so is getting married. I did see her new pictures of the little one. Or yes mom, Bubba has a picture that is 100 years old from the wedding we went to in Kansas…

My mom has outfriended dad and I think that is great because she is now catching up with people she knew from years ago. Or a great way to keep up with her bestie that she has known since they were little girls. Of course mom also friends some of my friends and an ex. I think a few years ago it might have driven me crazy but now, well, she knows pretty much what I am up to and because I talk about some of my friends to her (keeping her posted on kids, houses, etc) it allows her to put faces with all of the names. Nashville was a huge part of my life that my parents were not a part of (apparently the traffic turns them off) so for her to see pictures, hear us comment on life, etc. puts her in the loop in terms of my life.

Of course then I feel like a total bad friend because my mom seems to comment more on my friends updates and pictures than I do. . . sorry friends! I love all your updates, pictures and the like, but apparently I suck at commenting. Keep the kid pics coming though! I am still amazed at how quickly they are all changing. Please make them stay small for a bit longer!

All and all, having the parental unit on Facebook really isn’t all that bad. Of course, had this been around (heck, internet usage at all) when I was in college. Well, let’s just say I am happy that wasn’t the case. I would have a whole lot of ‘splainin to do.

Tuesday Randomness Just a Bit Late

Umm, yeah, I would like to thank that awesome headache that turned into a migraine for delaying a post chock full of random thoughts.

  • If there is one thing that I really dislike about living in SE TN, it would be the pollen. Yes, Nashville had it too but my allergies can no longer tolerate pine trees. I am surrounded by them here. And I wonder if there is such an allergy to kudzu? Also, being female kind of sucks sometimes, those hormones like to speak up from time to time, in the form of said pain in the head.
  • I met Bird this evening with her twins. One, sadly, is my kindred spirit. I apologize in advance for the trouble she will cause in later years.
  • I was Bird’s personal shopper this evening; I helped her pick out several dresses as options to a wedding this weekend. I introduced her to my friend, matte jersey. A fabric that understands the value of forgiveness.
  • Dinner with almost eight year olds (that just can’t be right) is a trip. Our trip to PF Changs was a first for them. I hoping that they will take up the use of chop sticks often.
  • Did you know that kids love to go to the bathroom? I didn’t truly get this until the girls came along. They like to check them out on a regular basis! At least now Bird can get through most of her dinner before the need arises!
  • The rain has given me a respite with the heat, well, kind of sort of. I will take it though
  • I talked to my most favorite man in Nashville today, Mr G was out and about and taking my twin to lunch, the best news is I will be having lunch with him and my twin next Friday! Look out Pie Wagon!
  • I talked to Bubba today, oh my, what a trip he is! After I mentioned that I was single, he said in all seriousness, “Single, again? Time is a ticking.” Thanks Bubba. . . but he did finally say I was a spring chicken compared to him. I get it. . . I need to date. . .I just don’t like all that rejection stuff that happens
  • My new cell phone is so sweet. I can text like nobody’s business! Yeah! Now I just have to stop playing Angry Birds all of the time. Stupid birds.
  • Tomorrow is Friday, which means that I must make this weekend about picking things up, getting rid of more stuff I don’t use and tackling the litter box. Stace, this one is for you, I want to pare down the excess and declutter.

Extreme Weather: The Southern Edition

Apparently as you get older, the extreme ends of the weather start to bother you. This heat is over the top and while I do enjoy the pool, this is not the weather to enjoy it in. I was lulled into a sense of calm a few summers ago when this kind of extreme heat didn’t surface until late July and started to taper off by mid to late August. At least that was what happened in Nashville. . .

I no longer run out at lunch to pick up a soda or lunch, I stay in my cool cubicle with a sandwich and pray I have enough change for a soda if I have already had my morning one. The evenings are no longer meant to take a walk and sweat a little. I now close all of the shades to make it dark, crank up the air and watch Netflix.

Last week we had a cold front come through with a few storms, it was nice stepping out onto my deck until I realized that my body was so used to extreme heat that I ended up shivering and walking right back into the apartment.

Can’t we have a few days of temps in the 80s? Please. My hair (even with the new cut) frizzles and dares me to comment. I may end up with a pixie cut if the heat continues to attack.

And a good neighbor report, no the ones above me still play soccer or toss the furniture daily, I haven’t gotten that lucky! Another neighbor saw me gather the yard sale junk the other week, asked if I was moving and then sent his boys down to help me carry it all to my car. How sweet is that!? The best part, the younger son thanked me for letting him help carry my stuff down. Umm, I want to give gold stars to these parents! It has been ages since I have seen a kid willing to and gracious to help someone out.

Now if you will excuse me, I must go jump into a cold bath filled with ice cubes.

Happy Father’s Day

Another well thought and planned post with pictures gone awry but the pictures are memorized in my brain.

I am a daddy’s girl. For what drives my mom crazy, the hours upon hours of watching football, silly movies and bathroom noises, I am my father’s daughter. I remember her telling a story once about when I was little, dad was working and she was relieved because there would be no football on that day. Apparently, even when I was little I knew that Saturdays and Sundays belonged to football. Mom never got a break.

Dad is the oldest of five kids, when he went to get a job, his father told him which one, when it came time to buy himself a car, his father told him which one. In many ways, the military reared son decided that his daughter didn’t have to do what he wanted but what she wanted.

I was, well, still am…spoiled. I was also the receiver of many lectures. The best being the first time I took a plane to my destination of choice. My dad hates to fly and after a few flights that he could not get out of for work he made a decision to not step on another airplane again.

I was 20, preparing to fly into Dulles for a week with my then boyfriend. I was excited to see the boyfriend, go into DC and just explore. Dad drove me to the airport and went to the gate with me while we waited for boarding. Yes, a long time ago, you could see your friends and family off at the gate.

We walked over to the big windows, watching the planes, when dad asked, “Are you sure you want to do this? I mean, it is a long way down you know.” With a resounding yes from me and probably a shrug and an eye roll from him; we waited until I was called to board.

This conversation ended up repeating itself for several years when I would call and talk to him as I was waiting to board my plane. I think it is one of the funnier moments in our father/daughter life because while I am a lot like him, I also like to rub in things were we are not alike. NYC, flying, DC, flying. . .

That conversation was discontinued after 9/11 but for me, it is one that reminds me that while he may not like something, he has no problems letting his little girl go off and enjoy them.

While I may not completely appreciate the nose that I have inherited from him, I do have to thank him for the creativity, ability to be my own person and more than likely never find a man good enough for me. And this all goes back to the lectures, “don’t ever rely upon anyone except yourself,” “you are your own person, we have accept that and respect that,” and “don’t make the same mistakes I made financially.” Well, two out of three can’t be that bad can they?

And then there is Popa, Grandfather and Pop. . . apparently I hit the jackpot with all three of these great men. I have been told that they all used to slip quarters into my carrier from the time I was a baby. I kind of remember Pop, he was dad’s grandfather. A kind man who I remember from the pictures of all of us together. Even in old age, he had a full head of hair.

Grandfather and his pipes. I will still stop and take all the air in when I smell one. It was a wonderful smell. He also had his ring finger and pinky amputated for Parkinson’s I believe; he kept the three remaining fingers in tip top strength. Mom used to love the shoulder rubs he gave with that hand, others cringed when he reached out with that hand.
Popa, well, this is a man who didn’t have much schooling but taught himself by reading and writing. In fact, there are still things sitting around with his name or initials on it. He loved animals and would feed anything that came by the house. HE doted on me probably far more than he did the rest of the grandkids but that was probably due to the fact that he was then retired and the last grandkid to come around before me was ten years old. I got lucky to have such a fun and loving man as a grandfather.

The men in my life shaped me into the person I am today. Sadly my mom now gets to deal with double the nuttiness in terms of dad and me. But they all taught me different things in life and I take those lessons forward with me.

So here are to all the fathers on your special day. May you each enjoy it and for my dad, I hope you enjoyed the chicken fried rice.

Tuesday Randomness

Bullet point style please. . .

  • I woke up as the weather guy was finally giving out some good news, a bit cooler and the possibility of rain in the forecast
  • Since I could actually breathe when I walked outside, I drove into work with the sunroof open, so nice
  • The itching from bug bite hell was not pleasant today, I shall be wearing dresses for the foreseeable future
  • I am halfway through The Heroin Diaries, again. . .
  • I stopped at Barnes and Noble to pick up some inspiration in the form of a magazine for writers, let’s hope this helps my writing
  • I also stopped to drool at the Sprint HTC Evo, I really want it, badly. . .
  • As I was getting back into my car I heard a rip. . .yes, my pants split, sadly I think I heard this sound this morning as I was getting into my car but didn’t think anything of it. I hope I gave some people a good show!

And so another Tuesday is in the books, hopefully the week flies by because I could use a couple of hours by the pool this weekend. And I really need to work on NOT splitting anymore pants.


Wanted: Stilts with Thick Soles. . .

Apartment living is, umm, interesting to say the very least. I have had my share of wacky neighbors since I have lived in apartments after college. Opera Man is still a classic. Think Jersey Shore reject living in Nashville, driving his tinted to the max gold sedan blasting opera. You could smell him before he got within 100 yards of you and who can forget the time he drunkingly made out with some chick at his door for all to see???

But now I have woman who lives above me who is either throwing furniture for fun or invited a large traveling circus to live with her for the summer. In December, Chandler and I had decided she must be constructing a dog house from all the banging around we heard. I never called the office to complain although now I am regretting it.

Seems her guests are back, actually they swooped in late into the night the Friday before Memorial Day. They have been here ever since. I am treated to nightly vibrations as the team of toddlers and adults alike run, jump and probably throw the couch around upstairs.

Do I offer them tea once they finally reach their goal of coming through the ceiling? Or should I throw shoes at the ceiling until they realize that someone lives below them? Or should I run up there and ask if I can join in on the fun?

I am also gifted with spare change on my deck, Monopoly money and today I was lucky enough to find a checker. Oh and for fun, I also get all the food crumbs from the past two weeks. It is just unfortunate that I have yet to go out and buy a broom. . .

My dad offered the suggestion of getting a pair of stilts, put some shoes on them and run back and forth, banging them on the ceiling. At this point I am ready to give that a try since calls to the office have been filed in the trash.

I have had many a guest over at my place through the years yet somehow managed to ensure that my neighbors didn’t have to deal with the noise or mess. Had one of my friends thrown a beer can in the bushes or the parking lot, I would have smacked them and told them to pick it up.

So friends, what is a girl to do? Because if Wookie is unnerved by this (and nothing ever really bothers him) it has to be bad. They have driven me to put “buy a broom” on my list for Target. This is not a good sign. . .

Tuesday Randomness

Might as well continue on with this little ramblings section. . .

  • mom goes in for her final cataract surgery in the morning. Dad will be on driving duty for two days
  • Wookie has made it his life’s work to cuddle me as much as possible since I am still sick. Yuck, I think he might be taking this a bit overboard but he is my little man and we have been together for years
  • My pulled pork BBQ keeps getting tastier as the days go by, so yummy. I cannot wait to get up to Nashville and be with my friends and we sit down together to enjoy. I am thinking that Black Sangria I made years ago is going to have a comeback real soon.
  • In shocking news, I am drinking water. I looked at my glass today and realized it was 26 oz. Yesterday I managed a glass and a half, today two glasses! So I am getting there.
  • I could go for a dinner and movie kind of date. . . any takers?
  • The massive welts on my legs from the mosquitoes are driving me insane. Can’t wait until these go down. A cheap and great method to thwart them is rubbing a dryer sheet on you before you go out. It does work.
  • I have a ton of pictures I need to scan and yet I have not gotten any closer to do this.
  • Tomorrow is hump day! Yeah! Can’t wait cause that means the weekend is coming.

Now I am going to bed. Have a great evening and leave me some comment love on the blog. It really does make me smile!