Tuesday Randomness

Bullet point style please. . .

  • I woke up as the weather guy was finally giving out some good news, a bit cooler and the possibility of rain in the forecast
  • Since I could actually breathe when I walked outside, I drove into work with the sunroof open, so nice
  • The itching from bug bite hell was not pleasant today, I shall be wearing dresses for the foreseeable future
  • I am halfway through The Heroin Diaries, again. . .
  • I stopped at Barnes and Noble to pick up some inspiration in the form of a magazine for writers, let’s hope this helps my writing
  • I also stopped to drool at the Sprint HTC Evo, I really want it, badly. . .
  • As I was getting back into my car I heard a rip. . .yes, my pants split, sadly I think I heard this sound this morning as I was getting into my car but didn’t think anything of it. I hope I gave some people a good show!

And so another Tuesday is in the books, hopefully the week flies by because I could use a couple of hours by the pool this weekend. And I really need to work on NOT splitting anymore pants.



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