Tuesday Randomness

A four day work week is upon us (well at least for me)! So here is my random thoughts on my “Wednesday,” enjoy!

  • I left work Monday afternoon and somehow managed to forget where I parked my car in the garage. Apparently my brain took a vacation a bit ahead of time.
  • I am trying to let my hair “work” for me by embracing the curliness of it, umm yeah, haven’t I mentioned how my hair likes to have multiple personalities?
  • I added an app to my phone that allows me to have Snoopy wallpaper, the one I picked though is kind of telling. . . It’s Snoopy as the Red Barron walking across the yard and he kicked a heart up into the air (guess I am not interested in dating yet)
  • I wore my new $16 dress to work on Monday, love it! I now completely understand why the Queen wheres these comfy dresses during the summer and what I want to know is, why did it take me this long to embrace it?!
  • One of the few reasons why I love summer? My makeup routine is simple. . . powder, bronzer, mascara and lipstick. But my poor face is still feeling oily. I never had oily skin before.
  • Adult acne, I could care less that others can’t see them (near my hairline) but I KNOW they are there and I wish they would depart, ASAP
  • I am loving the Daily Chuck photos at Dooce.com; simply put, Chuck rocks my world
  • I wonder what it would take to get Cheer Boy to give up his cute little dog to me for the month of July? I mean really, can’t you give a girl a break and let her have that little princess for just a bit?
  • This coming weekend is all about the babies! I cannot wait, thank goodness my phone takes great pictures. My point and shoot has decided to take a dirt nap.
  • I am in desperate need of some more Philosophy Amazing Grace shower gel, lotion and perfume. I.Must.Be.Good while in Sephora.
  • And here is a picture of my little man, snuggling in for a nice nap with me over the weekend. . .
This is my view of Wookie, yep, he snuggles into the crook of my left arm and falls fast to sleep.

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