Disclosure: I am left of center, want to help everyone kind of girl but this is a message to EVERY LAST MEMBER OF CONGRESS AND THE PRESIDENT

Fix it, put all of your differences aside and fix this debt mess. Forget about political stances, the latest poll results and the upcoming elections, fix the mess that our country is in right now.

Fix it, for those struggling to pay their bills, having to decide whether to keep their electricity on versus feeding themselves and their kids. For those on a fixed income, even if it is retirement because each and every one of you in DC haven’t a clue what it is like to live on a set amount of money every month.

Fix it and forget about the pundits who are lying in wait, ready to dissect each word that comes out of your mouth. I wanted to be a spin doctor, working in politics but at this point I am glad that I am not. You all embarrass me, as an American, that while our great nation goes down the tubes, each of you view this as your stepping stone in the political arena. This isn’t a game, you have our lives in your hands. Our lively hoods depend on your decision making skills. And just so you don’t forget, you are in DC because we, those hard working, pay taxes, deal with the crap you pull, voted you into office.

Fix it now. How about instead of withholding pay or reducing pay to our military doing a job that most of you could not do, you go without. Go without that cushy paycheck for one month. Live on my salary for one month, pay your bills, pay for gas, pay for food and then see what is left. Could you live on that? Could you go without your expensive housing, your entertainment and vacations? Because I can promise you that you won’t be able to pay the bills and then do all the fun stuff with what I earn, and I make a decent living.

Fix it and the mess you have made of education and healthcare. Did you know that I wanted to be a teacher? I wanted to be there for those kids, to share with them my knowledge and love of books. I had to give up my dream because I could not go further into debt for the education that was needed to teach and pay it off and live. I went into debt for my college education because I wasn’t smart enough to earn scholarships nor did my parents have a small bundle laying around to send me. Did you know that it still bothers my father that they couldn’t pay for tuition, room, board and books?

Fix it before this nation crumbles and we are no longer a nation that is there for others. Stop pontificating about what the other side is doing and how they aren’t helping you. You all sound like petulant children who should have been sent to bed without dinner. This isn’t about how you will look to your party, this isn’t about what the polls will say about you next week, this is about Americans who are struggling, a nation that needs to get its shit together.

Fix it, just like families all over the nation are doing. Tightening up the budget, going without, dealing with bills and saving for a rainy day.

Fix the budget, fix our credit rating and fix our reputation with the whole world.

And for the record Mr President, I did not vote for you, I wrote in my choice. . . She happens to be the Secretary of State now. I stuck with what I believed to be right and trust me, I can do it again. And I will.

Fix it members of congress, because right now I would vote you all off the island, not give any of you a rose nor call or text in my vote for any of you because you refuse to FIX IT. And you can all say you are but actions speak a whole lot louder than words.

To All My GenX Sisters, Can We Really Have It All?

I was reading an article about this in The Daily Mail this morning and it hit home, maybe a bit too hard for my liking. As I have said before, I got lucky in terms of having the father I have. He encouraged me to go after what I wanted to do in life. He didn’t see any issues due to my gender.

To have it all, in terms of the article, I should have a top notch career, a loving, supportive spouse and kids. And I wouldn’t argue with that if I didn’t see my life as a bit of a mess. A mess that I look at, swear I am going to declutter and move forward to attain each and every goal.

The only problem is the older you get, some of those dreams kind of disappear or look as it they are unattainable. So let me break this down for you in terms of what I know about me. I want some feedback from all of you though.

  • Career~well, I fell into my career after learning that my love for my college education would not keep a roof over my head. I also wanted to stay in Nashville because of Bubba. But throughout my career I have worked hard, took advice, learned as much as I could and then I would spin it so I could use all those wonderful skills I learned in college. I am scraping by financially and nowhere near what I thought I would be in terms of my career. My passion is writing, my other passion is being surrounded by kids, teaching them and seeing the world through their eyes.
  • Love~well, I can say that I have plenty of friends who love me to the moon and back. We have been there through our highs and lows; willing to help out when needed. But the one, the one I thought I would have found by now is not in sight. There is one that could possibly be the one but I think by the time it hits him, I will have decided I don’t care anymore. I am set in my ways and I am a strong, independent woman. If I make a mess, I want to figure out how to pick it all back up. In truth, I don’t need a man in my life to make me feel whole, I would like a man in my life that compliments my quirks with his and can respect what I have to say.
  • Children~I want them but not without a husband. This is truly the only traditional thing on my list and in part, it has more to do with my parents than anything else. I think I have caused enough trouble to grey their hair, I think having a child in wedlock would be a nice gesture to them. Plus, I need backup when it comes to kids now, I get tired or frustrated, someone had better step up and help out.

We can make all the plans in the world but I think the big guy upstairs has his plans put together and it seems silly to try and fight him on that. He wins, just pass some notes from time to time so I can figure it out. Please.

Why is it still a man’s world? Is it because as females we like to nurture, take care of others and sometimes see our career as something that can be worked around. From the article, it states that several women in my age range have given up their high profile jobs in order to still have a career, maybe less demanding, and find balance with their spouse and children.

Balancing is tough and I have watched men simply shirk off some of the home life in order to build the career. Maybe they don’t have those heartstrings being tugged on all of time. I don’t have any answers, only that at this point in my life I know I want something more.

I dream of moving back to Nashville or going to DC or NYC and making a life there but how? It takes a lot of money, money I do not have. I also still dream of taking off across the Atlantic to spend way too much time in London, Paris and the like. All so I could take it all in and write about it.

Do I just want a long term boyfriend, no kids and the ability to travel wherever? Or do I want to get married, compromise on my career front and have babies that I can raise and hope I don’t make any mistakes with them. Instill fiscal responsibility that I didn’t inherit.

The older I get the more distorted that picture gets of what I want my life to look like. One day I hope I have published a book, to be known as a writer and have blog my title inked into my wrist. A daily reminder that I could write, make people laugh, cry and think. For me, the written word means so much, I love being able to take those thoughts in my head and turn them into something I am so proud of; knowing that if one person takes away a nugget of wisdom, it was all worth it.

For now I will focus on my career, love my friends, their kids and my family. I still believe in fairy tells I just don’t know how to go about finding that glass slipper.

Tuesday Randomness

Well, we made it through another Monday!

  • It is still hotter than poo in a cow field around here, I miss the cold.
  • Mom informed me that dad was walking through the house making rooster noises, umm I sometimes do the same thing
  • I splurged yesterday and bought two of the cutest Snoopy pet dishes ever, since Wook is now getting can food daily I thought he deserved some extra cute dishes
  • My apartment is still tidy, I blame it on the heat
  • I was walking around on my tippy toes this evening and realized that the extra weight is now making it kind of painful to do this
  • This football lockout is starting to get on my nerves, don’t they realize that I will feel lost without watching football on Sundays???
  • I just love the British folk, even when someone is horrible (Murdoch anyone?) they all seem quite stiff and formal about their anger
  • I watched Joy Behar’s show on CNN last week, she had one of Casey Anthony’s attorneys on and asked if she would let her babysit her kids. I think that little tap dance from Anthony’s attorney is even better than Richard Gere’s in Chicago
  • I am speed reading through Catching Fire at the moment, thanks Stace for sharing because I don’t think I would have picked up this trilogy on my own, LOVING IT!
  • Have they announced when the last Harry Potter will be on DVD, oh, I guess I am jumping the gun. . .
  • I am still a little incensed about Netflix changing their plans, come on Netflix, have a little heart for those who can’t afford to go out all the time, we need entertainment too!
  • And it is still hotter than poo!

Because I Am a Dork

I went to The Majestic to see Harry Potter yesterday. I also tried out their Ovation Club which is a cool smaller theater with recliners, servers and is only for patrons 21 and up. While it is a few dollars more than the normal ticket price I will say for special occasions, this is a great way to go. And I deemed it special since it was the last Harry Potter film.

Out of all the movies, this is my favorite, hands down. I was always excited to see each film, giddy when it was over but always felt like they missed key aspects from the books. Once I got the DVD in my hands, the film would grow on me the more I watched it and I would forget about those first things I thought were missing (although I am still a bit disappointed that the garden gnomes were never shown, I really wanted to see them).

But this time I took in the film, laughing, cheering, clapping and sobbing throughout the whole film. I left wanting to see it again and again. The action was great, there were memorable lines to laugh at and in the end, all is well.

I want to thank JKR for writing such wonderful books, for making the hobby of reading once again a popular thing. She told a story about right versus wrong, loyalty and friendships, that love is the most important thing to have in your life. And to think that when the books first started coming out people were concerned about witchcraft. . . that was the setting of the story but there were so many morals weaved into the books that mattered more than the magic.

I will be looking forward to Pottermore, the website that JKR is putting out for us dorks, to go live. I hear she had so much back story, history, etc that she created when she wrote the books and that it will be held here. Will I buy the e-versions of the books? Probably not but only because I have such wonderful memories of reading the books that I will want to relive it that way.

I hope that JKR comes out with new stories to tell and that maybe Harry and Company will make another appearance. But right now, I will settle for the dorkiness that resides in me and count down until the DVD comes out because I want to see it again and again.

Feeling Special

Well, I feel like that a lot, like when I had to explain to people that I was simply walking across the street when I tore my calf muscle or threw out my back hula hooping.

This past weekend while out with mom and dad, mom mentions that QVC’s Special Value for the day was Philosophy’s Amazing Grace collection. I had mentioned on FB and to my mom just a few weeks ago how I was running out of my shower gel and perfume and come on mom, don’t you want to get it for me?! As any good mom would say, well maybe later.

Of course, I now handle that answer much better than I did as I child. I believe full on fits and thoughts of my life were over were played out. In fact, mom made a comment years ago after I got on the pill that had she known that my ‘tude would improve on them she would have taken me as a teen. But then again I was probably acting out more because of the pain I was in during that oh, so very special time of the month than anything else.

Now where was I? Oh yes, my love of Philosophy, which only started last year when I moved. Some wonderful coworkers gave me a gift basket with all kinds of goodies in it and the shower gel was included. I love the soft smell of it. And for some reason I always feel extra girly when I use it or the perfume. I am weird.

So while dad was sitting somewhere in the mall, I took her into Sephora to once again show her all the wonders of Philosophy. We were barely in the door when she looked at me and told me we couldn’t stay long. Smells give her a headache and I am thankful I didn’t inherit that from her! We walked to the back corner and perused everything. Only this time instead of just saying, umm okay, she asked about the other collections, the sizes and comparing them to Today’s Special Value.

We left empty handed but I figured that she would be marking this down as a Christmas gift. Woman does her shopping early and I believe that is why I always end up with such an embarrassingly, way over the top haul each year. (Note, I really appreciate it and you don’t have to really cut down. . . LOL)

Once back at the apartment I figured if she did order it, it would be for Christmas. I did get a bit excited as I headed out after work yesterday, kind of hoping there would be something on my doorstep but no go. But today I was catching up with my parents before I left work and mom said to call her when I got home. Umm, do you need something? Because you know, I like to deal with the cat, eat and crash on the couch to decompress a bit. . . mom made fun of me when I told her that. And then she gave her trademark “Whatever” which was passed down to her from Granny.

So I again thought, “Could it be? A package waiting for me!” And YES! A box from QVC and on the outside of it said PHILOSOPHY. Oh my! Snoopy Dance! I barely got in the door, tripping over the cat and trying not to squeal while opening the box.

This is what I got. . .

Amazing Grace! Oh me, oh my! Shower gel, lotion AND perfume! What's a girl to do?

Yep, besides being spoiled rotten by my parents, my mom sometimes surprises me with things I mention that I love. Or in moments when I can’t even rub two nickels together will pick up the tab at EarthFare. One of these days I am going to manage my money a whole lot better and make more money so I can spoil both of them. I may even drag my mother to a spa so she understands my love of a good pedi.

So even when I feel like poo or am waiting to figure out my next step, mom surprises me with the small things in life. And to think all those angst ridden teen years I thought she (and dad) were out to make my life miserable. Aww yes, a time I do not wish to ever go back to, ever, ever again.

Now I shall go rub more lotion on and smell my arm. I told you I was weird.

Tuesday Randomness

  • The heat is killing me, I am ready for fall, football and down the road, some wintery weather. Give me snow and I am happy, give me a heatwave and even my hair will share just how unhappy I am.
  • I have been having an interesting discussion with a coworker, he likes to use the astrological signs of people to base their personalities off of; if I went by that, that means that all the guys I have dated were completely wrong for me. . . wait, I think a light bulb just went off. . .
  • I love me some Netflix but was sad about the email I got today with regards to the change of plans, doesn’t hurt the budget but still
  • After an online chat with Sprint yesterday I managed to get the activation waived on my new phone but all my text messages disappeared sometime Sunday night/Monday morning
  • Did I mention it was hot?
  • HARRY POTTER! Oh man, I am so excited but I haven’t decided which showing I am going to yet. All I know is I DO NOT want to see it in 3D
  • Does anyone else see postings on their FB that are completely vague and the question is never answered?
  • Speaking of FB, I am loving the hoax about them charging if you don’t repost the post announcing that will be charging for membership soon
  • To both sides of the aisles in DC, how about coming to an agreement soon instead of posturing for the upcoming Presidential elections. I can see your motives clearly (even to my Dems, I am talking to you too)
  • Wookie has decided that he must have can food daily now, thanks little man. I made it 11 1/2 years without having to give it to you daily now I do it so you will stop yelling at me (maybe this is why I don’t have children. . .)
  • I joined Google+, see I am cool (not)
  • Is it fall yet? I really can’t stand this heat.

Breaking News. . .I Actually Cleaned My Apartment

Settle down, I don’t have a fever or anything. It was more like my parents were coming for lunch yesterday and I had invited my uncle to come as well. In an effort not to “embarrass” my parents, my dad strongly suggested I clean my place up.

I cleaned the litter box (well, that gets done often anyway), cleaned the toilet in the guest bathroom, cleaned all of the kitchen counters off, vacuumed, dusted and took the trash out. I was worn out from all that cleaning and while I was doing all of that I also cooked a Julia recipe and managed to get all my clothes put away.

The Queen had sent me a text yesterday morning asking how my morning was and when I told her what I was doing she sent back, “WTF?” Yes, this is normally the reaction I get when I tell friends I am cleaning. Cooking, no one ever blinks. Napping? Not even an “Are you okay?” but cleaning brings out the smelling salts and questions of concern.

Sadly my uncle had a last minute project he had to get done so the cleaning was all for naught. Sigh. Of course dad kept telling me I should do this more often and that way I could have friends over. Puullleeeaaassseee, messy apartment doesn’t stop me from having people over. Just ask Stace. Poor girl has seen it look like I have been robbed.

But I fed the parental unit, cleaned everything back up and longed for a nap. Unfortunately Wookie opted to show his issues once again to his grandparents. I promise he doesn’t act like this when others are around. I don’t know if he is just upset about the other cats he smells or what.

After a quick trip to the mall and pet store I got back home and went to the pool. Sadly the water is more like warm bath water as opposed to a refreshing break from the hot temps. After Wook and I watched a movie I called it a night but woke up at the crack of dawn this morning.

To make up for that I took a few naps today and now, instead of cooking all the wonderful veggies they brought to me yesterday, I am opting for leftovers and an early bedtime. Cleaning is for the birds.

Appreciating What You Have

When I hit Nashville Friday the thought hit me kind of hard, kind of like the smack upside the head that parents will sometimes give to a kid. As I was talking to the Queen about my morning drive in I started blabbering on about appreciating the present.

There was a lot about Nashville that I loved, that has not been replicated in the city I reside in presently. The biggest of course, friends. Those friends didn’t just appear the moment I moved there, it was over the course of time that I gathered them up and enjoyed them. Then there is Radnor Lake.

For those who either live in Nashville or will happen to visit the city at some point, it is a must to go there. It took me years to find the place and until I finally found it I swore that people were making it up. In the middle of the city, full of crazy drivers, crime and anything else you would like to tag as big city living, is a magical place full of trails, animals and very friendly people.

Normally, we don’t say hi or acknowledge people but once you hit the entrance of Radnor, something changes. Everyone says hi, good morning or cute dog (thanks Shadow for hanging with me Saturday, even though you were quite tired after our little walk!). The place is basically shaded throughout my little walking path, which makes even really hot days bearable.

I always knew I was lucky to have the friends that I have, the parks that I explored but I missed out on some great events only because it took away from my routine. It is one of those bad habits that I have and try as I may, still find myself falling into it.

I found a really cool place near the VW plant that is a nature center/walking path but have yet to try it. I always enjoyed the river walk leading into downtown but with minimal shading, that has convinced me to skip that route. And while I have been good about not going out to eat often, I really do miss my weekend morning brunch. That was something I always did in Nashville, with a friend or not, I went as a way to get out and enjoy my neighborhood.

Maybe it is normal not to appreciate what you have until it is gone but that thought frustrates me. I should want to get out more, enjoy some of the things that Chattanooga has to offer. I have managed to go to Rock City a couple of times and while you might scratch your head at that one, I have to say, I love me some Rock City. It’s the gnomes.

I even have a river and a whitewater center jut down the road to go and explore. So I am going to have to challenge myself. To find an equivalent of what I loved in Nashville here in Chattanooga. I may just have to bug Bird about hitting up some hiking trails. . .

Tuesday Randomness

Last time on Stumbling Through Life, Amy was dealing with a blow from her eye doctor in terms of aging. Will Amy need bifocals? Will she become the dreaded crazy cat lady? Will any of this ever make sense? Confused, you won’t be on this entry of STL. . .

  • That was a very bad take-off of one of my favorite shows growing up, Soap. Mom, I have some bad news, I am starting to mimic the characters just like dad. . . you have been warned.
  • I made a quick trip up to Nashville for the weekend to visit with friends, eat and kiss on a couple of really cute babies.
  • Lunch with my twin and Mr G was a blast, as usual. Pie Wagon is the place to go for meat and threes. This time I opted for just the veggies and proudly cleaned my plate for them to delight in.
  • My nemesis, Earl, was in fine form that afternoon in the office. Seems he didn’t care for my decorating skills the last time I was there. I was silly stringed as payback.
  • After hugging necks and catching up with everyone it was time for the office to close. My twin and I hit up Crow’s Nest, another wonderful place to go and hang out. Besides all the wonderful happy hour deals they have, the food is great and it is altogether a bar that will make most people in your group happy. There is something for everyone there.
  • Did you know that a baby burp can be very loud and stinky? I kind of knew but E proved it nicely. I also got in the way when he would spit up. Oh well, I can throw it in the wash.
  • Stace, J and I had takeout from August Moon–people, run, do not walk, to this place in Green Hills.   The food is yummy and they have added a buffet at a reasonable price. I will stick to my favorite though.
  • I hit Radnor Lake the next morning with my stinky boyfriend, Shadow. We had a great time, took several breaks but he did need a big rest once we got to the car. I was so worried about him but by the time he had a good rest and a car ride home he was a bit energetic.
  • Then is was off to meet Son’s little girl, E. Oh my goodness, those cheeks! I could nibble on them for days. Stace’s E seemed interested as well.
  • I got a nap in, just a little one. Played with E, hung out with friends and cooked dinner.
  • Sunday morning I helped spread hay over the new area of dirt. It was a great workout and I was soaked with sweat but the itching kind of kicked up a notch. Nothing like working in the yard when you are allergic to most things in the yard!
  • A quick visit to Candy and catching up with her. Man time flies so fast!
  • And then a trip to THE mall, Green Hills. I met up with Jen, whom I haven’t seen since high school. I could gab about her forever but will say this, she is one of the sweetest people I know and it was a wonderful time, especially when hanging in Williams Sonoma!
  • The drive back could have been on auto pilot, I was at least smart enough to head back on a Sunday evening.
  • I have now made up to Wook for being gone.
  • I was inspired to cook, cook, cook on Monday which means I will have food coming out of my ears until the end of next week.
  • I could really go for a week’s vacation of doing nothing at all. Of course my preference would be to go somewhere fab and kick back but then I would also love to hit up DC, just not in this heat.
  • I just finished reading’s Kelly’s latest blog and she was talking about her upcoming 20 year reunion. Mine is next year and I really don’t know what to think about it. Doesn’t seem like it has been that long.
  • And now I will go hit the bed. Or at least try.