Tuesday Randomness

  • The heat is killing me, I am ready for fall, football and down the road, some wintery weather. Give me snow and I am happy, give me a heatwave and even my hair will share just how unhappy I am.
  • I have been having an interesting discussion with a coworker, he likes to use the astrological signs of people to base their personalities off of; if I went by that, that means that all the guys I have dated were completely wrong for me. . . wait, I think a light bulb just went off. . .
  • I love me some Netflix but was sad about the email I got today with regards to the change of plans, doesn’t hurt the budget but still
  • After an online chat with Sprint yesterday I managed to get the activation waived on my new phone but all my text messages disappeared sometime Sunday night/Monday morning
  • Did I mention it was hot?
  • HARRY POTTER! Oh man, I am so excited but I haven’t decided which showing I am going to yet. All I know is I DO NOT want to see it in 3D
  • Does anyone else see postings on their FB that are completely vague and the question is never answered?
  • Speaking of FB, I am loving the hoax about them charging if you don’t repost the post announcing that will be charging for membership soon
  • To both sides of the aisles in DC, how about coming to an agreement soon instead of posturing for the upcoming Presidential elections. I can see your motives clearly (even to my Dems, I am talking to you too)
  • Wookie has decided that he must have can food daily now, thanks little man. I made it 11 1/2 years without having to give it to you daily now I do it so you will stop yelling at me (maybe this is why I don’t have children. . .)
  • I joined Google+, see I am cool (not)
  • Is it fall yet? I really can’t stand this heat.

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