Because I Am a Dork

I went to The Majestic to see Harry Potter yesterday. I also tried out their Ovation Club which is a cool smaller theater with recliners, servers and is only for patrons 21 and up. While it is a few dollars more than the normal ticket price I will say for special occasions, this is a great way to go. And I deemed it special since it was the last Harry Potter film.

Out of all the movies, this is my favorite, hands down. I was always excited to see each film, giddy when it was over but always felt like they missed key aspects from the books. Once I got the DVD in my hands, the film would grow on me the more I watched it and I would forget about those first things I thought were missing (although I am still a bit disappointed that the garden gnomes were never shown, I really wanted to see them).

But this time I took in the film, laughing, cheering, clapping and sobbing throughout the whole film. I left wanting to see it again and again. The action was great, there were memorable lines to laugh at and in the end, all is well.

I want to thank JKR for writing such wonderful books, for making the hobby of reading once again a popular thing. She told a story about right versus wrong, loyalty and friendships, that love is the most important thing to have in your life. And to think that when the books first started coming out people were concerned about witchcraft. . . that was the setting of the story but there were so many morals weaved into the books that mattered more than the magic.

I will be looking forward to Pottermore, the website that JKR is putting out for us dorks, to go live. I hear she had so much back story, history, etc that she created when she wrote the books and that it will be held here. Will I buy the e-versions of the books? Probably not but only because I have such wonderful memories of reading the books that I will want to relive it that way.

I hope that JKR comes out with new stories to tell and that maybe Harry and Company will make another appearance. But right now, I will settle for the dorkiness that resides in me and count down until the DVD comes out because I want to see it again and again.


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