Tuesday Randomness

Okay kids, this one is going to be brief. . . I am a tired girl!

  • I got to work today and received a text from Bird letting me know that her mom passed this morning. While I know she is in a better place, full of energy and good health, I feel so bad for Bird. Her mom was a very young 69 and I just cannot imagine losing a parent this early in our lives. Keep her whole family in your prayers.
  • I am beginning to think I am the hamster on the wheel, never getting to where I need to go or that it is Groundhog’s Day. . .seems my reports are multiplying. A good thing until I look at my list and want to pull my hair out, I like to mark things off quickly!
  • I found the oxfords online that I fell in love with at Nordstrom’s and sent the link to mom to let her see them. She thinks they are UGLY! Clearly we are on opposite style sides!
  • I am getting so much better about drinking water! I have lost ten pounds so far but I would prefer to be much further along this journey.
  • Drinking all that water causes me to get up in the middle of the night to pee. . .last night I somehow caught my toe on the frame of my bed, I didn’t realize until I got to work this morning that it had been bleeding. . . oops!
  • Is it Friday yet? Cause I am tired!

Okay with that I will take my gimpy toe and the rest of myself off to bed. Let’s hope that I can mark a ton of things off my list tomorrow cause Amy needs a really productive day!

Books and Movies

I clearly have issues because I am from the school of thought that one should read the book before seeing the movie. It pains Bird when there is a movie getting ready to come out and I mention that I can’t see it until I read the book.

I remember having a discussion about this in one of my high school English classes. I have always been the book nerd, my nose is always stuck in a book, I can’t help it. I have had a love for books since I was little, reading Dr Seuss and Sweet Pickles (Google it, those are great books, out of print though but I still have mine!) always transported me to a land of imagination.

But back to the discussion from years ago. . . we had read a book and then watched the movie. I can’t remember for the life of me which book/movie it was but it happened to be the one time I liked the movie over the book. I believe my issue was with all the GDs in it or some sort of cussing. And yes, I cuss like a sailor but I DO NOT say GD, that is just wrong in my book.

I remember being so let down that I liked the movie over the book. A nerd that dissed the book because of the language and I was so put out over the whole situation. I also remember my teacher smiling kindly at me and telling me it was okay to like the movie better and that it does happen from time to time. Me? I believe I am still distraught over the whole thing.

But today I was reassured that the book nerd within me is still strong. I had put off watching Something Borrowed for quite some time because I just had this horrible feeling that it would be such a letdown. While I enjoyed it for the most part, I have to say, the book is so much better.

My major takeaway from the movie? Kate Hudson has not aged gracefully or whoever did her makeup did a horrible job. Her character is not all that endearing in the book but by the second book you start to understand her and the disgust you feel towards Darcy ebbs away. In the movie? I just thought she was a hag who needed to be slapped a few thousand times. And they did a horrible job with the character of Marcus, note to producers and screen writers, keep the basics of the story from the book in the movie. The movie Marcus was just a one note pain in the ass (see, I do say bad words) who needed to be in line with Darcy getting slapped.

And while I adore John Krasinski in about anything, the character of Ethan is not hanging out with them in NYC, he is in London already. Come on screenwriters, there is a reason why JK Rowling made sure she had script approval when doing the Harry Potter films. I know that logistically, not everything in a book can translate to the movie but still, sometimes cutting things out, changing things altogether messes it up more than it helps. And yes, I am looking at you JK Rowling, there were a few things that did not flow through the franchise well because of cut from the book.

On that note, I now I have to reread (again) the book so I can cleanse my palate from watching the movie. Sometimes I think that my imagination when reading a book is much better than spending the money to go see a movie. Maybe that is why box office sales are down. But I guess Hollywood is too busy remaking every decent movie from 20 years back to actually discover this, own it and actually come up with some well thought out, well made movies.

Let’s Talk About Money. . .

And cringe when we do so. . . I suck at money management. If I wasn’t such a control freak, I would hand it off to my mom to deal with but I am a control freak. While I have  some money hanging around (that would be a big ole thanks to the attempted charge on my card last week).  I want to get to the point where I have money sitting in a savings account, hanging out so when say, a cool trip comes up, I could just say book it! Or those too good to be shoes that I adore but never will buy until I have all kinds of money sitting around that allows me not to think about this bill, or the car or the rent or whatever else.

But such is life. I go back and forth on the second job thing, I also go without a lot of wants. See, at least I got that part figured out! That purse I saw at Kate Spades? That is clearly a WANT. I know that one day the student loans will be gone, the car payment gone but until then, all of these cute little wants that I have are a pipedream. I am completely okay with that though.

My life could be much worse off, so I will shut up now and love the fact that I have a car, a roof over my head and the cat has foot because food for the cat is much more important than my wants. Trust me, he has a voice that has yet to quiet down.

What is the one thing you would love to buy (that is on your list of WANTS?) but you can’t justify it right now. My list is embarrassing and long, so I will just say this, between the books, movies, shoes and clothes I am embarrassed by how much stuff I really want. I don’t need any of it though. So I look at it online or in the store, sigh and move on.

Come on, share please! I promise I won’t tell anyone!

Tuesday Randomness

Another Tuesday has come and almost gone, while I deal with sore muscles, a brain that is already fried and a weekend that looks like it might take forever to get here, I bring you my randomness on a Tuesday evening. . .

  • Having tweaked that poor calf muscle, it is amusing to work out while worrying you will re-injure the stupid thing again
  • Apparently someone wanted to use my check card in Nevada last week, sadly for them even the bank knows I am too poor to pop into that state to purchase something. . . better luck next time!
  • I found out about the attempted fraudulent charge when trying to pay for gas Sunday. . .blocking one’s card without notifying them can scare the crap out of a person.
  • I was a tad disappointed with the Sing-off last night, maybe it was just meant to be enjoyed during the holidays?
  •   I also watched Two and a Half Men last night, that was the first time I had ever watched it, I hate to admit I DVR’ed the show just because of Ashton
  • I will admit that I did catch parts of American Wedding this weekend and now I really want to see American Reunion
  • I am having to systematically change all my passwords since it seems the internet gremlins are playing with them, do you know what a pain that is?
  • Having to get cash from the bank so I have money until my new card gets here is kind of a pain. . . I spend cash, never keep it on me and prefer to use my card. At least the bank is next door. . .
  • I have got to get back on the wagon of drinking water like it is going out of style and still have to figure out a way to knock it back on the weekends. Why is it so hard for me to drink lots of water???
  • I am frustrated with Pottermore, not only can I not get into Book Two, I can brew a potion or cast a spell to save my life
  • Yes, I am truly a dork for the above statement
  • I am looking forward to a weekend of nothing, I might actually clean my apartment
  • But don’t hold me to it because napping and exercising can always get in the way of those plans
  • My little buddy E has to be one of the cutest baby boys out there, now if I can convince his parents and Miss E’s parents for an arranged marriage for the two of them
  • I need everyone to send up prayers and good thoughts for my friend Bird’s mom, I haven’t a clue of what it is like to deal with a parent whose health is declining
  • My skinny jeans are now taunting me daily, maybe I do need to look into those wraps everyone keeps talking about. . .
  • Wook is now giving me the stink eye, that means I probably should go to bed

Highs and Lows, All in One Weekend

Another whirlwind of a weekend spent in Nashville and I am still wondering where it went. . .

I am loving the new Nordstrom’s in Nashville, not the price tags of course and I still don’t understand spending $1,500 on a jacket but hey, someone will buy it. I loved seeing all the high end designer frocks but had to wonder who actually wears some of the stuff. My favorite part was the shoe department. I can now say that I have fondled the shoes that one day I will own (and pass down to the next generation). I finally saw my Manolo black patent leather Mary Jane heels. So pretty, so sweet and oh my, so expensive! I also fondled the shoes that Carrie from Sex and the City registered for when marrying herself. Ladies, those are really pretty shoes!

I also got to see several new stores and took in a much needed browsing of pretty things in Kate Spade. I was never a Spade fan but this weekend pushed me over there, a lovely purse in brown and black (no need to ever worry about your purse matching your outfit again!) as well as a Katherine Hepburnesqe pink dress with pockets that I know would just be perfect with those black Manolos. I think it is now time for me to get a second, third and fourth job just so I can have a closet full of all of these pretty things.

Of course the main reason for heading back home was not to window shop, although I guess at this point it would have been the better reason. . . nope, I headed home to go see Ole Miss play Vandy with the boy, one of his college buddies and his girlfriend. Sadly, I can say the only good thing about the game was the bourbon. Ole Miss played hard but couldn’t get it done or even halfway done. This isn’t the team I fell in love with a few years ago and it makes me sad that it was such a bad game. I will not admit defeat though because there is another week of play, so I will go into each game with the attitude of they will win and then hope for the best.

I did get to try out Ninki, a local Japanese restaurant in the Belle Meade area. Yum! Excellent sushi, fried rice to die for and the saki that I tried was good. When our little group wasn’t trying to keep the boy from jumping off the balcony after the loss we talked about food, food trucks, drinks and I think food. We also discussed my aversion to mayo.

This week is going to be full of pulling reports, working out, trying to clean my apartment, catch up on laundry and working out some more. I was scared to death to even look at the scale after my horrible eating habits from the weekend but luckily it wasn’t too bad. Now I just need to get back into my routine and hope that my hard work will start to show. I think that is my biggest challenge right now. I just want to see some results.

And I need to figure out how I can get a couple of pairs of those shoes I fell in love with along with a dress and purse. . . I wonder if Wook would be willing to get a job. . .

20 Years. . .

Next fall the Class of 92 will be gathering to celebrate their 20 year high school reunion. For those of us who graduated from Cleveland High many things have changed since we left campus. The junior high has been moved and is now classified as a middle school, My Alma Marta has built a science wing and upgraded the rooms, redecorated, instilled a dress code and  probably a whole list of things since we left.

Some classmates got married, had kids, stayed married, got divorced, found love after that, some came out of the closet, some have probably distanced themselves from their high school selves. The tie that bounds us all together is that we came from there. But other than that, I don’t think many of us would still think of ourselves as that same kid who walked in there as a freshman.

I have heard people make comments about not going to prom or not doing this or that. The reality is, it was just a dance. I somehow managed to go to four during my time in high school (well one was after I graduated but it was just the same). We get dressed up, go somewhere fancy to eat, we dance and then we go off on our separate ways to after parties and then home. I wasn’t in band, I wasn’t a cheerleader but I have somehow managed to deal with those.

I am of two minds when it comes to the reunion. I would like to go but I don’t have a fancy job, nor a fancy car and I don’t have a husband or kids to share with my classmates. But then I do have something that might be of interest. I am smart, funny and tend to just say what is on my mind, I learned that from a very sweet man in high school.

While this little old blog is just a way to get those writing urges out; I also know that there are others who read here and nod their head at the struggles of trying to find the right one. And if I find him, do I really want to settle down and get married. I am not knocking on my friends and their marriages. I am quite happy for them. But I also see the worries, struggles, the arguments that can happen. Maybe the right one hasn’t shown his face to me. Who knows.

When I look at the boy, sure I can find a lot of faults when it comes to his personality but those faults were what drew me to him in the first place. Not to change him but to learn together who to coexist. I walked because part of me thought he was just bidding his time and the other part was the simple sharing or doing something nice (like a card) were off his radar. He said a few months ago and I made him talk to me about it a bit more a couple of weeks ago. He said I was the one and that he loved me. He just needed time to get his head wrapped around it. While I don’t really get his reasoning for all of that I have to laugh now. The shoe is on the other foot and I don’t know if I really want to get married. I like being able to do what I want when I want and not having to consider anyone else in the equation. The freedom is what entices me to not worry so much about why I haven’t gotten married yet.

Do I want to get married? Jury is still out. I do still think about it, I think about that urge to build my own little family. To make my parents grandparents. To understand things my friends are talking about instead of being told, you wouldn’t get it, you don’t have kids. That kind of hurts, not going to lie.

But I do have so much to be thankful for and I take that with me. Will I be attending my 20 year high school reunion? I don’t know. If I am in my skinny jeans by then, the outlook looks better. I know that I am not a failure but there are times when I really do think I am. Good times.

So here’s to the Class of 92! I hope planning is getting underway. I am interested in seeing if we get more people out than last time.

Tuesday Randomness

Besides the fact that typing abilities seem to be on the blink right now, another Tuesday has arrived! Before I go ice myself down here is the randomness that is fit to publish.

  • I completely forgot how good it feels to sweat during a workout! While I would love to see results already, I am happy so far with the commitment I have made to myself.
  • A guy in the gym yesterday was either really trying to push himself on intervals on the elliptical or he was wanting to see if he could flip the machine over.
  • I am the youngest in my 5:30am water aerobics class. . .but hey, I like the class, it helps my joints and I am completely exhausted/exhilarated once I finish.
  • Yesterday was Monday and I was bouncing off the walls all day at work, why thank you water aerobics for this neat side effect!
  • No matter how many times I am shown how to use (and actually use them) those machines I manage to screw up adjusting them. Oh well, I will figure it out at some point.
  • I am still too chicken to go ahead and try the beginners spin class, I know, I know, just do it!
  • I drank 71 ozs of water yesterday, somewhere an angel got his wings because of this.
  • A neighbor must have a hummingbird feeder, I am now visited by them all the time!
  • Thank God the Steelers game was not shown here Sunday, I am still seething with the results of the game. A loss? To the Ravens? That is so wrong!
  • At least Ole Miss won, I won’t talk about Georgia, I have lost faith.
  • My dislike for Tennessee grows with each FB posting. . . let’s see the posts once they actually play an SEC team (to my LSU friends, Geux Tigers!)
  • Wookie has taken the art of napping to a new level, oh to have his life!
  • Heading to Nashville this weekend for the Ole Miss/Vandy game AND Nordstrom’s is opening. Must find time to visit!
  • While I am looking forward to the weight dropping off between the eating less and exercising, I am more excited about the prospect of my boobs getting smaller again. Let’s just say I don’t really like the small cleavage I have . . .
  • I have baby showers galore coming up, I need to stock up on diapers so I can make diaper cakes (I can be crafty and my friends get a useful gift!).
  • I need to remember to pack earlier on Thursday, last time I packed around midnight and when I got to Nashville realized that I had plenty of comfy clothes but nothing really appropriate for actually going out. . .
  • I finally got my letter for Pottermore, yes I am a dork, yes I am having trouble figuring the ins and outs of the site but I am in! If you are in, leave me your screen name there. . .
  • I just realized I am one step away from being that person talking about fan fiction. . .
  • Is it Friday yet?

9/11 A Remembrance

Words will never convey how this one day changed how I now view the world. I remember it all clearly, down to how blue the sky looked the night before in Nashville when I had dinner with Bubba or how beautiful it looked that morning. I have been to the site in NYC twice since that horrible day; my thoughts, prayers, love and respect to those we lost, their families and friends in New York, DC and Shanksville, PA. 


Happy Birthday Wookie!

I got my little man 12 years ago next month, adopted from the shelter in Cleveland. He was a tiny, little thing; all ears and he fit in the palm of my hand. A wild little man from the get go, my dad got teary eyed when he met him. We had lost Louis six months before and Wook was a spitting image of him. Dad quickly changed his mind of wanting him after a week of kitten sitting a few weeks after I had adopted him.

While Wookie is a spirited cat, he has brought me years of comfort, love, tons of cuddles and a few scars. After several moves, boyfriends, jobs and who knows what else, little man is still here, still shedding like crazy and still very mouthy.

Little man may have his issues but I am very proud to be his mama. A snuggle bug who requires human interaction daily, these past 12 years have been filled with creative disciplining, power cords chewed through, bathing suit straps and bras destroyed, hairballs, paws in my mouth and so much more.

One interesting fun fact, only pepper keeps him away from the Christmas tree, he actually likes Tabasco sauce. . .

Here are a few pictures of my little man and yes, I am quite crazy about him.

Wookie all snuggled in next to me napping
Studious Wook
Pick me up!
This is what my mom does to me each Christmas. . .
Ready for bed, come on!
Getting ready for the snow
Paw prints in the snow
Neener, neener
I could have sworn there was food in here!
Life is rough for a baby you know. . .

Hello Fall, It’s Like Christmas Came Early!

Being able to set on my deck outside while the weather is pleasant can be tricky around here. But for now I will thank the clouds, the rain we had and the cooler temps for this treat.

I love fall, watching the leaves turn, school supplies in the stores (oh yes, I love the smell of office supplies!) and then thinking which soups I want to make first. So many to choose from!

This is one of my favorite times of the year, a time to enjoy the weather without sweating to death. The chance to spend the whole day watching football and of course my body will not fight me for sleep when the sun goes down earlier.

I am plugging along on this little journey to get fit. I am eating better, making better choices and torturing my body with exercise. I can do this. I may fall flat on my face from time to time but I can do this. I have yet to get all eight eight ounce glasses of water in me, please say that comes with time?

My next project I need to do and fast is to find older pictures of Wook so I can do a big old post for his birthday. Little man will be 12 Sunday, when did that happen. He is still a mama’s boy, loving on me as soon as I walk into the door. Our little family of two will be celebrating this weekend snuggled on the couch and I am sure plenty of treats for him as well. I just might have to buy him a new toy as well.

So hello fall! Stick around for a few months and then I will gladly welcome winter with all of its glorious snow!