Tuesday Randomness

Oh sweet holiday week, how I love your shortened workweek. Must make a mental note to save some vacation days next year to take the whole week off though. Brain started the week off sluggish and just slumped in the corner most of the workday. But it is Tuesday evening and that must mean that it is time for me to be random.

  • The crafty side of me is working on ornaments for friends, family and most likely some random strangers on the street. Glitter, paint and goodness knows what else will be decorating my apartment for the next six months or so (please, do you really think I am going to be that diligent with the vacuuming?)
  • I need to pack. . . why is it no matter how excited I am to get out of town the thought of packing tires me out?
  • I am going to blame part of it on the weather. One minute it is freezing and the next it is a blustery spring day. Mother Nature, we have had this talk before, pick one and stick with it. This isn’t difficult.
  • A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving will be on Thanksgiving night and yes, I will be camped out in front of the television watching it. Of course I will also be in a turkey coma but isn’t that what the day is for?
  • Oh Black Friday, I love the people watching and good deals but can’t you wait until 5am? As a former retail worker, earning a few extra dollars for the company doesn’t make up for all the time you are stuck working extended hours away from friends and family, oh yeah and school.
  • Ford now has a car that parks itself, can my car drive itself to Nashville tomorrow? I mean I could do it with my eyes closed considering I have driven that interstate for over 15 years but seriously, I could use the time to just relax.
  • I am on a mission to find some of the OPI Muppets collection and it is beginning to look like it will be a challenge. I am hoping that getting to the “big city” will remedy this problem.
  • Speaking of the Muppets. . . oh Kermy, I can’t wait to see you on the big screen again. I just have to remember not to explain the adult humor to Bird’s girls.
  • If any of my friends happen to go to Kohl’s for Black Friday, I guess I will see you around Christmas time since that will be about when you will finally pay for your BF items.

With that, happy early Thanksgiving, I am off to bed to dream about a suitcase getting packed.

SATC: Butterflies

The last in a series of six quotes that I happen to love from the series. While I am sure I have bored some with my thoughts, it was nice to relive some of the times that I had in my younger days. This happens to be my most favorite quote, at one point it was tacked up on my bulletin board in my apartment.

When it comes to relationships, maybe we’re all in glass houses, and shouldn’t throw stones. Because you can never really know; some people are settling down, some are settling and some people refuse to settle for anything less than butterflies..

Sometimes it is really difficult to articulate to others why I am still single. I am that girl that does dream of her wedding day and making a life with that special someone. Subconsciously I didn’t want to marry too young. I felt like I really needed to get to know myself before adding anyone else to the mix on such a permanent basis.

As I grew and learned more about myself I also allowed Bubba into my life and while there were some good times, there were quite a few bad times. Eleanor Roosevelt said it best, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” And it is so true. I allowed things that in my right mind I would be irate if others were treated that way but I was “in love” and willing to suck it up instead of standing up for myself.

It took quite a few years to get to that point and even with Jorge I managed to get it wrong quite often. The best learning experience that I had was hitting a dry spell in the dating realm. I got to know me again and look at my past and determine what I was doing wrong. I also started talking to Bubba again and began to let go of the unhappiness that I had had with him. With that friendship blooming and finally becoming more normal I realized that I had repeated some mistakes.

I also had to accept that maybe, just maybe that special someone might not be out there. That feeling comes and goes. For me, it is more important that I accept what is going on in my life right now instead of dreaming of what could be. While the boy and I are working on a friendship I did realize that I had stood up for things that in the past I would have kept my mouth shut about.

I am sure each of us can look at our friends’ relationships and point out flaws; but that is not what they are there for. You might not agree with what Jane does or Joe doesn’t do but the reality is that the relationship you see is not 100% transparent to you. Small acts of kindness maybe hidden behind the door of their relationship.

I have a friend that is struggling right now with her relationship. I believe her fear of being alone negates the red flags that are flying all around her. I get that because I have been there, done that and have a t-shirt for the disaster as well. Is it fun being alone on a Friday night? Nope but then again I wouldn’t trade my lonely Friday nights for settling with a warm body who may or may not respect my wants and needs.

I do understand that the butterflies tend to be less and less often as a relationship matures but having them is nice. What I want may not exist and if that is the case, I am okay with that. It is scary at times to know that there is no significant other on the horizon but I don’t want to settle. I want someone who gets me and doesn’t feel the need to stifle my dreams.


Tuesday Randomness

It’s raining and the humidity is starting to make my hair look like Monica’s on Friends so let’s kick this week’s randomness off with this little tidbit. . .

  • The calendar says it is November but the weather seems more spring like than late fall, bring on the cold front people. I am ready for it.
  • There are many reasons why I love Snoopy and the gang but today I felt more like Charlie Brown dealing with Lucy in yet another attempt to kick that stupid football. Come on Lucy, you have to let me kick it at least once.
  • OPI, my favorite nail polish brand has come out with a line of colors in honor of the newest Muppet movie that is coming out next week. . . I really, really need this collection. Seriously.
  • I am finally back to wearing heels at work but between working out and having not worn heels in over a year, let’s just say it isn’t pretty at the moment.
  • My to do list for this year’s Nashville Thanksgiving is starting to add up, I can’t wait! Of course because I am such a dork and love to grocery shop, I am going to help out my Queen by hitting the grocery store and the liquor store.
  • For my contribution to our feast next week I am going to attempt to make homemade Parker House Rolls, thank you Martha for including that in your magazine.
  • My mom treated me to some killer argyle tights that I am itching to rock at work, I can’t wait to wear them, of course the heels are going to kill me but you suffer for fashion right?
  • In a promise to my BFF Stace, I only drool at all the cute outfits in the store for her little guy. And the toys. And the books.
  • My current Christmas tree is a few years old and a prelit number that now has way too many strands of lights that I have had to put on it. The temptation to find a new one next week is strong.
  • Stalking the black Friday ads is starting to hinder my thoughts of the few presents I will be buying for others. The thoughts of a 42″ flat screen for $200 is dancing through my head as well as upgrading my two older iPods. . . or the Kindle Fire. . .
  • I have to stop looking at all of this stuff
  • I do need to pick up a knee brace, new tennis shoes and maybe some extra, extra padded bike shorts. . .
  • Why doesn’t money grow on trees?
  • Society rant for just a moment. . . you all know I LOVE me some football but this whole Penn State thing? I am disgusted by what has possibly happened. I felt like I needed another shower last night after watching Bob Costas (love him) interview Sandusky. And then? This morning an interview with his smarmy lawyer. One piece of advice and I am not a lawyer. . . shut up, don’t give interviews and answer everything the authorities ask you.

And with that I am going to go back to stalking the ads. Window shopping is enough for me, thank goodness. But if Santa happens to be listening. . . pretty please send me the OPI Muppet Collection. I have been a good girl this year.

SATC: The Single Life

An ongoing series based off the quotes from Sex and the City, this one is one of the funnier ones because there are moments when I do feel like this. But it is normally a fleeting moment that passes quickly and is soon forgotten…until the next shower invitation arrives in my mailbox.

Think about it. If you are single, after graduation there isn’t one occasion where people celebrate you …Hallmark doesn’t make a “congratulations, you didn’t marry the wrong guy” card. And where’s the flatware for going on vacation alone?

This quote also happens to be built around the stolen Manolos that Carrie wears to a baby shower. At the door she is asked to remove her shoes but when she is leaving realizes that her shoes left without her. When the hostess offers and then retracts her offer to replace the shoes, Carrie laments that when you are single, no one celebrates the fact that you are indeed single.

I received the crown of last of the single girls within my group of friends a few years ago. They are very gracious to include the third wheel or have a girls night, to which I am very grateful. Now they are starting to multiple! But I have to admit those little munchkins are quite cute! But throughout the years I have gone to showers, weddings, bachelorette parties, couples showers and wedding receptions excited and ready to celebrate. My checking account sometimes sighs, cries or flat out tells me exactly what I can get off of the registry and sometimes that doesn’t match what I want to give them that I had in mind.

While I have never minded celebrating the couple, the person or the baby, sometimes I do have to wonder what will happen if I simply don’t get married. Can I have a party to celebrate that after years of making the wrong choice in terms of men I finally figured it out and will stay on my own? That would be tacky yet I think that not adding to the divorce rate should be celebrated. Several of my friends have gone through divorce and I understand that people normally don’t go into marriage thinking, well if it sucks I can get a divorce. Hell, my parents were married before they got married and had me, so I do understand that sometimes you cannot avoid it.

While it would be dreamy to have a registry full of Manolos, Kate Spade, Coach and Tiffany, I would be quite happy to just have a night out with the girls celebrating all of my mistakes, making fun of some of the situations I have gotten myself into at an amazing restaurant.

And should the impossible happen and I do end up getting married? I apologize to each and everyone of my friends. I have been single way too long, have most of the stuff I need so if you don’t mind, just buy me a plate from the china I have dreamed about since I was a little girl. Sure it might get a little boring when opening the gifts but just think of the parties I can throw with that china.

And now I am going to peruse all the high end websites to dream, drool and possibly pin on Pinterest. Please, someone make me stay away from the site. I am having too much fun there.

Tuesday Randomness

Another Tuesday has come and gone. This one has brought about an unplanned travel to Nashville. While I love pretty much any excuse to travel home and visit with friends; this time is not for fun. I will be paying my last respects to one of the sweetest and funniest people I have known who passed away suddenly this past weekend.

  • I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Radnor Lake. A quick walk around the lake this evening brightened my mood. The trees were all turning, the sun setting set the colors off and as I was walking to my car, the moon welcomed me home.
  • I finally tried out Zumba this past weekend. Let’s just say the dream of becoming a professional ballroom dancer has died. This girl has no rhythm.
  • My calves are just now starting to feel normal again, which means that should I go all out and try the class again this weekend I will be back in this pain soon.
  • I miss Central Standard Time, when your shows are on an hour earlier, life is pretty good. Not to mention my poor DVR wouldn’t be overworked.
  • I had a field mouse trying to bunk up with me, Wook is not a mouser but the trap got him.
  • I felt bad about the demise about the mouse but even I know that having a mouse in the house is not a good thing.
  • Friday is the big day for me, Harry Potter will be out so that means besides a weekend marathon on ABC Family, I will be watching the last movie on DVD.
  • This time change has really gotten to me, I really think we need to institute a shortened workweek following the time change.

With that I am off to sleep. And hopes that the really embarrassing dream about me in Zumba will not reoccur.

SATC: Older Men

Men in their forties are like the New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle: tricky, complicated, and you’re never really sure you got the right answer.

Most of the men I have dated have either been my age or younger. It may have to do with my immature personality at times that draws me to younger men. The few dates I have had with older men have been awkward to say the least. Going to the symphony, drinking wine and other such grownup things make me feel silly. And I love going to the symphony so I must just like to see how quickly I can mess things up.

As 40 draws closer I have pondered the whole dating an older man thing. I don’t have daddy issues so I certainly don’t need a man to tell me how to do things. I have also been on my own long enough to figure out how to do most things so having a man to take care of me kind of grates on my nerves. Again, people wonder why I am still single?

The closest grownup relationship I have been a part of left me giggling most of the time after each date. Dining at top notch establishments that had multi course meals, cocktails to kick off the meal and a bottle of wine during said meal while really nice also made me feel like a kid playing dress-up. The weird part is I have had these meals with friends while on vacation but for whatever reason when I was on an actual date with the guy I felt like I was a poser.

Overall, the older I get, dating gets more complicated. It is no longer a wait and see because the time for playing around is over. At least in my mind. What I want out of a relationship is for it to be simple, to know where I stand and to let the guy know where he stands. It needs to be Candyland for adults instead of the New York Times Sunday puzzle.

And studies show that women mature faster than men? I still laugh at poop jokes.

Show Us Your Life: Non Mommy Bloggers

I am linking up to Kelly’s Korner (www.kellyskornerblog.com) this week for Show Us Your Life: Non Mommy Bloggers. Thanks Kelly for turning the spotlight on the bloggers with no kiddos!

I started blogging a few years ago as a way to get that unpublished writer angst out of my system. Having gone through two prior blogs that have since died away, I was certain that this latest effort would go the way of the 8-Track, cassette tape and albums. But somehow I have managed to keep this one going, finding a groove, a muse and having no shame whatsoever when it comes to making a fool out of myself. I have also dealt with my parents finding the blog, a guy that I was dating always read it and I recently let the boy have the address so he could see just how much of a goober I am.

The blog is basically about me stumbling through life. I am a klutz and looking back on choices I have made for my career as well as my love life, it seems to be true that I am stumbling around there as well. I tend to use humor as my defense mechanism, I am sarcastic and have a not so healthy love affair with food.

I try to blog two to three times a week, one is always on Tuesdays and is titled Tuesday Randomness. I had hit a slump in writing and was a bit lazy at the beginning of summer. I thought bullet points about a bunch of different things would be good blog fodder and the next thing I know, I have made it into a weekly feature. It really is random and comes down to me talking about random tidbits, complaints about silly things and an update on my exercise program.

I don’t talk about my job because I don’t want to be Dooced for writing about it, sorry! I do write about my love life, well it is nonexistent at the moment but the guys have been given nicknames. I do this with some of my friends as well. While I have no problem making fun of myself and talking about the latest that I have gotten into, my friends and even sometimes a love interest did not sign on for this little ride. So to protect their identity, they get names. Bubba actually likes his, the boy hates his and Chandler was cool with his. My friends sometimes have a say in their blog names but for the most part it is normally a descriptor for their real name or a part of their personality.

I have a cat named Wookie who is an absolute mess and spoiled beyond belief. He is 12 and was a rescue. He loves everyone with the exception of my parents (I am not sure why, but they just don’t care for each other) and small kids (a toddler stepped on him when he was a kitten, he remembers this). He also thinks he is part dog and part billy goat. My baby loves to play fetch, cuddle up with me and chew on cords. Although I think he has finally gotten tired of chewing on cords. At least I hope so.

I love to read, watch movies and cook. After hitting rock bottom in August in terms of eating and my weight, I am working out daily (somewhat inspirational emails and pep talks from the boy but mostly it is the shopping trip in December that I am working towards), watch what I eat and am focused on getting the fat off.

Maybe someday this blog can turn into a mommy blog but for now, it is all about me, how I see the world and the random bodily injuries that I seem to collect (threw my back out last summer hula hooping, torn calf muscle when walking across a street, butter dish to the thumb incident while in high school). Sometimes being single is tough but I have to say I wouldn’t trade my life for anyone else’s. Well, maybe trade my shoes for SJP shoes or something similar.

Have a look around, leave a comment, laugh.

Tuesday Randomness

The countdown to Christmas has begun, I cannot wait until ABC Family starts the 25 Days of Christmas. Yes, I am 37 years old and still love watching kiddie movies. After a day of being a card from Alice in Wonderland I have another year to ponder what to wear for Halloween.

  • Did you know that it is really difficult to workout when you are feeling kind of puny? Yep, the crude must be going around. I am tired, achy, sore throat and a snot machine as of late. Sexy huh?
  • I loved the red tights I got for my costume but I don’t think I am a bold enough fashionista to pull them off on a regular day. Maybe when it gets closer to Christmas?
  • Thanksgiving plans are set, menu is in the works, look out Nashville, I am heading your way in just a few short weeks!
  • Kim Kardashian really chaps my hide. How can you have irreconcilable differences after 72 days of marriage???? Honey, marriage is something you do not take lightly. I think you wanted a wedding and not a marriage. Congrats on making a mockery out of the institution.
  • I hope the judge throws the book at Lindsay Lohan tomorrow. My butt would have been in jail a whole lot quicker for just a fraction of what you have done.
  • Have I mentioned I get a bit cranky when I don’t feel good?

Well, I think it is that time to put the computer down, grab the cat and snuggle in with the hope that I feel better tomorrow. Or warn everyone within a three county area that I might bite their heads off for no reason at all.