The One With the Birthday

Officially I am now 38, in fantasy land I am 35 and to strangers who see me sans makeup and work clothes I am probably 12. Let’s just say that the closer I get to 40 the more delusional I seem to get because while I welcomed 30 with open arms and a countdown I am not feeling 40.

I got to say though, this past weekend was great. I highly recommend taking off the Friday and Monday around your birthday. I am still dragging a bit but I am going to blame the old age for that one.

Thursday night was spent on the road with the Queen barreling down 75 to Atlanta. Sister cracks me up. We went to Atlantic Station, a nice mix of food and shops where we met a fabulous girl working a boutique who is headed to NYC for her dream soon. So jealous of her moving to NYC as well as the fearless leap she is taking with this dream. We also hit up Strip–Steak & Sushi. Let’s just say that in my foodie little world, this was just to die for because everything I tasted was wonderful!

Friday was spent wandering around Atlanta while the Queen was at a luncheon. IKEA! was the first place I hit and again, it didn’t disappoint. I browsed around, picked up a few things, drooled over a few things and then hit the cafe. As I was getting a refill a cute boy with long hair (this would be my high school self drooling) smiles so I smile back. As I was leaving the cafe to get my cart and finish my whirlwind tour of IKEA! he says hi, asks what I am doing and what I am doing later. When I said I was heading back to Nashville he asked if I would sit and talk with him for a bit. Besides the fact I was beet red, shocked that he was flirting with me and of all places for this to happen, IKEA! I was more concerned with my shopping.

You heard that right, instead of sitting down for thirty minutes to chat with a cute boy I said I had to finish my shopping. This would be my version of “I carried a watermelon.” And again, people wonder why I am still single? Then I promptly updated my FB status with this little gem because I had to remember this for posterity’s sake.

After hitting up Atlantic Station one more time I finally made it back to where the Queen was to pick her up and then we were barreling back up 75 to Chattanooga to pick up my car. The drive to Nashville was quick until I hit traffic before Murfreesboro. One of the many wrecks in Nashville for the night. The boy and I had reservations at Miel for 7:15 and I still needed to slap some makeup on and change clothes. I did manage to make it to his place at 6:29, ran in and heard him mumbling something about you’re a girl when I said I would get ready quickly.

Dude, I got ready in no time flat and was still waiting on him to get changed. But let’s just say I enjoyed the whole cowboy boots that he was wearing. I couldn’t stop giggling and I think I finally stopped when he gave me the “it’s not that funny” look when I asked if I could call him cowboy. Maybe that is why he is listed in my phone as Sour Puss. . .

Miel was beyond ridiculously good. I finally understood how the rat felt in Ratatouille and yes, I just referenced a rodent in a cartoon.  Two nights, two great meals. I can feel the fat growing. . .

Saturday was a blur of exercising, meeting up with a very sweet friend, shopping with the boy, eating at another French restaurant and then to cap off a great day in the city I call home, dinner with four fab friends. And way too much food. But just for giggles I got sung to by the staff (while a napkin was over my head, I was red then too) while our chef was banging on a drum. Good times.

After spending a bit more time in Nashville on Sunday I reluctantly came back here and was lectured by a certain cat named Wookie. He is never happy when I am not in his presence.

Today I slept in and then heard my phone go off way too many times with notifications of birthday wishes on FB. After lunch with the parental unit, shoe shopping and getting my hair done, I am finishing up laundry and then will take these old bones to bed.

What a birthday weekend, so blessed, thankful and full of delusion because there is no way I am 38. That just seems. . . wrong.

Tuesday Randomness

Hello Tuesday, so nice to see you again, you are a bit kinder than Monday. . . Now if you would hook up with Friday I would be forever grateful. Seriously, I could use a shorter work week and a longer weekend.

  • I woke up this morning a new girl! My mouth, specifically my left cheek was not hurting. I am so happy I remembered to get that upper temp smoothed out.
  • Currently the bottom temp is staying put, please, please let it stay there until the first. Did I say please????
  • My fingernails are looking all kinds of sad at the moment. Not sure what the deal is but they are chipping, cracking and flaking. I am hoping this is just a short phase they are going through.
  • I admitted to the Queen last week that I actually enjoy watching Wipeout, I know, such a stupid show but for some reason watching grown men and women hurting themselves during an obstacle course makes me giggle.
  • Oh Miel, I cannot wait to try you out this weekend, I have waited way too long.
  • And look out Patterson House because I have heard all about you, cannot wait to see what all the fuss is about.
  • Had a blonde moment today, completely forgot the gym bag this morning so I got to run back to the apartment when I got off work, changed and then headed out.
  • A small irritation, when people vaguebook on Facebook it drives me batty. If you are sad, tell us why or just don’t post anything. Or maybe it is just me. . .
  • I work with a guy who’s ego barely fits through the door, the good news? He has heard me say this to him numerous times, the bad news? His ego just gets bigger. Good thing I find him funny from time to time.
  • I am cashing in my reward from the boy this weekend. Now what to get. . . Uggs, Kate Spade, Loft clothes or the much more practical and needed, undergarments? Decisions, decisions!
  • Celebrating with some great friends this weekend for my birthday. I am just going to stick to the third anniversary of 35. . .
  • Celebrated this past weekend with Bird, her card read “The birthday fairy comes around every year. . . ” on the front, on the inside. . . “Bitch” Yep, that sums it up.

And now I must go and get ready for bed. See, this whole getting old thing makes me want to turn in early. Just send me a walker, fiber and some depends, care of this blog. I am so not ready to turn 35 + 3. That is just so wrong. . .

The One Where I Keep Visiting the Dentist

I have horrible teeth. I would like to blame this on the four years of braces while a teenager but I have a feeling that genetics played a huge role in this as well. I also have a very real fear of the dentist. It doesn’t matter if it was Santa Claus cleaning my teeth and removing cavities, I don’t do well when it comes to any procedures (well, I can deal with the cleanings).

I have let two teeth abscess, the second one was the worst though. It was an upper, very back molar and while my dad said, “just let them pull it,” I knew that after four years of virtual hell that I was not going to jeopardize my somewhat straight teeth but taking one out. But I finally learned my lesson in terms of getting the root canal when they tell you to because I never want to live through that again.

In the past two years I have gotten two root canals and numerous fillings or replacing old fillings on top of the gift that keeps on giving. . . a chipped tooth from an incident involving my half sister, a phone and a chair. At some point I will need to get most of the bonding pulled off and either get a crown or a veneer but for now it is going to stay bonded.

After the two and a half hour visit last Monday I was quite sore (having multiple shots in your mouth can do that to you) and could tell that the temps they placed were rough. I knew that after a couple of days I could deal with it because my cheeks are scarred up from the braces. Unfortunately while eating lunch Thursday (real food, not soup!) my bottom temp decided to pop off.

Off to the dentist I go to get it placed again, this time they smoothed out the rough edges on that one. I didn’t think about asking them to do it to the top one though. I thank them as I am leaving and say I will see them on the first when I will get my nice, shiny crowns! Yeah!

Well Saturday comes around and after teasing Bird relentlessly about not driving in the rain, she heads down for a girls afternoon. After dinner I keep picking at both teeth because it felt like something wasn’t right. As we were walking into Kirklands my bottom temp pops off again. Seriously? At first I thought I would just forget about getting it back on then Bird mentions they sell a glue for temps and fillings over the counter. No problem! I can do that.

I tried it yesterday and well, it stayed for an hour and then decided to pop off. After living on ibuprofen for the past week, my gums around the top temp still trying to heal and chewing on that side doesn’t feel good I knew I would need to go back to the dentist’s office.I feel so bad for the whole office, every time they turn around I am in there and need them to re-glue this stupid temp. At least I remembered to request the smoothing of the top temp.

I am sure my coworkers think I am crazy because it is almost a daily occurrence now for me to go to the dentist. Pray that this sucker stays on this time. I really don’t want to go back until the permanent ones are ready. Plus I am going out of town this weekend and will be eating fabulous food, so having a bum tooth kind of gets in the way of that!

This weekend I did manage to get some exercise in, clean the kitchen, do tons of laundry, clean out my pantry and watch football. And while I was off in dreamland last night my neighbor came over during the storm (so didn’t even realize it was storming) wanting me to come over to sit with her. Her hubby was at work, her kids asleep and she had gotten sick and was contracting. When she knocked on my window for some reason I could have sworn it was some random kid asking me to come over. Then when she said she was contracting I woke up enough to jump up and run out to her. Oh man! I still feel so horrible for telling her to go home. Bad Amy!

Luckily we started talking, I got her to sit back and drink some water and her tummy meds kicked in so she could get some more sleep. Of course as we were texting this morning I was saying something about being sick and then feeling sore but my autocorrect decided to replace the s in sick with a d. Stupid autocorrect!

And this was just Monday, I am hoping the rest of the week picks up and there are no more storms. I forget that a lot people are on edge around here when it comes to storms. I am thankful that I have gotten to the point (after many years of no sleep while it was storming) that the storms no longer bother me.

Dream Big

This is a bit off the beaten path from my normal musings but it has been speaking to me for awhile. As you might have guessed, I love to read. Newspapers, magazines, books, journals and blogs. I think one of the best parts of reading other people’s blogs is you get a glimpse into their lives. Maybe they have similar tastes, live in the same area or have similar life experiences as you. Others you read because they might make you laugh or inspire you to try something.

I have stumbled upon all kinds of blogs and some make it to my bookmarks while others I happen to remember from time to time and check in on them. But there is one blog that I have been reading for awhile that I adore. I love the pictures, the crafts, the words, etc. but I also happen to know two people in my life that happen to share a common love that she has.

Kelle Hampton of Enjoying the Small Things shares with her readers her life and two way too cute daughters! Nella just happens to have Down Syndrome. My connection to DS comes from my parents. A few years ago they started spending time with a start up school for adults with DS. While I may have given my parents a very strong willed, not the friendliest grandcat, The Trousdale School gave them a whole gaggle of funny, kind and very bright grandchildren.

Oh the stories I have heard! And as soon as most of the students learned I was their daughter, I was welcomed in, hugged on and even had a couple of the young men flirting with me. Growing up in the 70s and 80s, I wasn’t privileged to share a classroom with anyone with a mental disability. Mainstreaming wasn’t done that often back then but I have learned from friends with kids and friends that are teachers, mainstreaming is the school’s priority. It also gives those that were lucky like me a chance to learn that sometimes looking different or needing help in some form isn’t a big deal.

The Trousdale School puts on a annual summer musical, I have attended two of those. I leave with my cheeks hurting from smiling and laughing so much. I also watched on with a bit of pride as my parents helped them with costume changes, directing them this way and that and every one of the students running up to hug one of them almost every five seconds.

While my mom has always been a bit on edge when it came to small children (I believe that would probably be my fault!) the love she has for the students and the patience is unending. My dad works with them in Bible class as well as trying to maintain some sort of composure when there is mischief to be made.

And as I believe they have both said to me, it is really hard to leave the school and not be in a good mood. Their joy, love and boundless energy seems to rub off on anyone around. They also happen to love to dance.

After saying to myself about a million times, I finally shared Kelle’s blog with them. I told them all about this little cutie named Nella, how it was a bit of a surprise to find out that she had DS and exactly how this life changing event spurred a wonderful fundraising event.

Last year Kelle and her family celebrated by having a Oneder fundraiser hoping to raise a bit of money for the DS foundation. It exceeded their small goal and grew and grew and grew! This year as they get ready to celebrate Nella’s second birthday, they are doing a 2 for 2.

There are a lot of charities around, good causes that should be supported but I ask each of you who happens to read here to click the link towards the beginning, read about Nella and if you have a couple of bucks to spare, donate to this cause. After following Kelle and her husband dream big as well as watching a wonderful school like Trousdale come to fruition just because one man dreamed big, I have to say, this is pretty cool.

And I hope neither Kelle nor the school mind me sharing about this. I have learned quite a bit over the past couple of years and appreciate that they have adopted my parents. It also helps that they happen to distract my parents from a certain grandcat that might have a few issues.

Tuesday Randomness

Welcome to another Tuesday full of dreary rain, fog and kind of cold weather. This has to be one of the oddest winters in recent history. Where is the cold? The snow? If I wanted tropical weather I would move to Florida. . .

  • I have a new injury to report! I know, everyone has been waiting to see just what I could do in terms of injuries. This time it all has to do with the elliptical machine and my death grip while on it. Turns out that muscle right around the shoulder blade doesn’t like how I cling to the bars as I sweat this fat right off my body.
  • Football, come on people, it seems that every team I cheer for decides not to show up for the game or leaves early. I am looking at you Steelers and LSU.
  • My reason for pulling for LSU last night? When I was a kid, I had an uncle (God rest his soul) that was a HUGE Bama fan. I’m talking Bear Bryant framed print in the den and anything else Bama you could throw in as decoration. The man was all about his Roll Tide. And apparently my ten year old self found this to be off putting. Yep. Just like that time I puked up some kind of fruit punch drink, just not going to go there again.
  • I can’t even talk about the Steelers, I am that sad.
  • I guess my next NFL cursed team will be the Giants. I am sorry Eli.
  • I borrowed on Kindle Diane Keaton’s book, lets just say I can’t get into it.
  • A book I am devouring though, Mindy Katling’s book. I feel like we could be friends. You know, in a non-creepy way.
  • Bird has decided that one of her girl’s has to be mine. Poor thing. I hope she learns from my mistakes!
  • I have taken to calling Bird the perfect daughter. . . my mom finally has one!
  • I don’t think I was ever in the running for that title, I will take the quirkiest daughter title though.
  • I have been in the midst of a design invitation mode for the Queen. I need to send her a thank you card for giving me an outlet for my creative juices.
  • I got my diary calendar from my former boss last week. To say we are still on the same page thought-wise is an understatement. I pulled it out of the envelope and immediately thought, “What an ugly cover!” and sure enough he had made a point that he didn’t like it either but they were going for a certain kind of feel.
  • This is also the same boss that pauses briefly when walking past the Office Depot to take in the smells when the doors open. We both love the smell of office supplies.
  • I also love the smell of Lowes.
  • Yes, I know I am really weird.

And with that I bid adieu and will be welcoming Wednesday with a big ole grin! The work week is almost halfway over. Besides working out this weekend, I do believe I am going to relax. Or at least be the pillow for the cat.

I Think I Can, I Think I Can

Well, I can! I hit a rough patch in the whole working out mess around the holidays. Too much to do, too much food around me and oh, those glorious naps! I kept on keeping on going to gym. If I had a bad day in terms of eating, I realized that the next day was a new one and I could start all over again. My struggle with drinking water has now turned into downing water like it is going out of style. My one major complaint though? I have to pee all the time! Like run to pee, sit back down to read or watch a program and five minutes later I have to pee again. Way too much water running through me.

I even have mom on board checking to see if I have been to the gym, reminding me to watch what I eat. . . while there have been times in the past I may have gotten a bit too skinny (think encroaching Olsen twin status) and mom would say I need to gain a bit of weight, I am glad I have someone else asking me if I have gone to the gym today.

The problem that I have is I love food. I pink puffy heart LOVE food. I love to cook, bake, eat, read menus and any kind of cookbook. So the reality is no one needs to tell me if I have gotten too skinny or I need to eat more because that is my gateway drug. No need to tell me twice! Throw me a shovel and I can throw the food back. I enjoy food. And apparently I have since I was little. I was a picky eater but as I have gotten older I am more willing to try things (except mayo, forget it, I won’t touch it).

I am also fortunate that I can make a meal and eat on it for days on end. I don’t get bored of it and it makes the whole work/gym/night routine a bit easier. Thank goodness for this and it also keeps me a bit more sane when I hit up Publix on the weekends.

Now while I still love my coffee and diet coke, I drink more milk and water now than those two combined. That is still shocking me. I woke up yesterday morning and realized I didn’t have any milk for breakfast. The horror! But once I got back from the store yesterday afternoon I guzzled a glass of skim milk like I hadn’t had anything to drink in ages.

To reward myself for good behavior I am heading up to Nashville in a couple of weeks to celebrate my birthday a couple of days early with friends. I can’t wait to see everyone and of course I have a certain lake I am going to be hitting up to walk. I cannot wait! Oh Radnor Lake how I miss you and your charm throughout the year. I took you for granted the whole time I lived there.

I will be heading home to visit that motley crew of friends I call family. I will also get to cash in my first reward from the boy. I am leaning towards a pair of Uggs because man, oh man, I would like some of those. But who knows. We will also be discussing in depth all the restaurants we want to try while in DC next month.

And see, there goes that food tangent! I am hoping to have some good results from the eating better and exercising by the time we hit DC so I can walk all over the place and not feel tired from the weight I carry. I also would like to be in decent shape so when I hit the zoo my favorite silver back ape will remember me. This will be my third visit to the zoo and I feel like I have a special connection with this particular ape. I know, it sounds crazy but it is true.

So me and my train are still climbing up that hill but it is all about knowing that I can do this and I will do this. I may be a sweaty, stinky mess that is sore from working out daily but I will be glad to rid myself of this belly and some of my thighs.

Until then I am still trying to figure out a way to hook the Dyson up to me and suck the fat out. A girl can dream!

Tuesday Randomness

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year! I was a bit stuffed from Christmas and the running I did so I took last week off to just veg. But here we are, a new year! One that I hope is full of lots of possibilities, fun, travel and some snow.

  • Santa (well, my parents but I still believe in the jolly ole elf) was quite good to me this year. I am always spoiled beyond belief, which can make a girl a bit overwhelmed.
  • Wook was spoiled as well, bless that little grey thing. He has overindulged in catnip and can food over the past couple of weeks. As well as a lot of quality time with me.
  • The weather around here is all over the place and from Facebook last night, apparently some friends got to see snow. I didn’t though, which can make for a sad girl. I love snow!
  • Going to the gym after the holidays is a challenge. Not for the reasons of not wanting to but more like the influx of members who have binged over the last month and make a resolution to get fit. I am happy for each one of them though. I just hope I don’t have to fight one for a machine!
  • New Year’s resolutions. . .hmm. Yeah, I don’t do them. I tend to make all these lofty goals and fall flat before the end of January, so nope, just going to do the best I can in my life and leave it at that.
  • The gym. . .there are still many days when it is a struggle to go, I know I can do it. I know that I feel better after but the whole process of going, changing and working out before getting to the apartment tends to challenge me.
  • I was a horrible eater the past few weeks but I think it has more to do with the time off work, the change in my routine that gets everything out of whack.
  • For my close friends who tease me endlessly about my cleaning abilities! I took the tree down Sunday evening, vacuumed and got my furniture arranged again.
  • I even cleaned my bathroom last night!
  • I must be coming down with something. . .
  • Once again I am dealing with ANOTHER Comcast/Xfinity issue. . .my cable boxes are now showing the time an hour ahead but the programming is correct. I called a bit ago to get this straightened out and all that did was we will send a tech out at some point on Saturday. Have I mentioned just how much I love having them as a cable carrier????
  • I even had to convince the customer service guy that I had not had any power outages and was completely sure that was the case.
  • I really need to go through my inbox for my email. I get so much junk email and it is starting to drive me batty trying to get through the 98% junk to the 2% of email that I care to read.
  • I also need to tackle my guest room which has turned into a junk room. A good portion could be given away or thrown out. Must start working on this. . . for now the door stays shut so I can pretend it doesn’t exist.
  • I also need to do my snow dance. . . I could use a foot of snow right about now!

Alrighty, I am going to empty the dishwasher and straighten the kitchen up. Seriously, I really must be coming down with something because this is not normal!