Tuesday Randomness

Thank goodness for taking an extra day off after vacation. . .the crud that decided to setup camp last week opted to hang with me through vacation and still refuses to leave. It’s back to work I go tomorrow and I hope that it goes fast.

  • I strongly advise to never go on vacation when you are sick. Sinus junk, sure but when you run a low grade fever the whole time, it makes running around a city a bit of a challenge.
  • My normal fast paced walk was nonexistent which irritated me to no end and having a very stuffy head made getting my bearings tough as well.
  • Thank goodness the boy drove the majority of the time there and back
  • I really should have invested in a nightly massage because my legs and feet were not happy campers
  • I highly recommend flying to DC and back instead of driving
  • In two and a half days I hit four museums and the zoo, not to mention eating my way through DC
  • I cannot say enough wonderful things about Jose Andres` and his restaurants, the food, decor and all the little things in two of the restaurants I visited were perfection
  • We lucked out and ended up going to Jaleo the last night it was open before it went under construction for a redesign; I even got a picture with Jose himself
  • His Jaleo Sangria is very yummy
  • At American Eats, everything on the menu was tied to originating in the States (drinks included) and right about now, I could go for the Hamburg sliders. They were created before butchers had the ability to grind the meat so it ends up being chopped up. So good, so juicy
  • I tried my first oyster Friday night and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be; my only complaint, I was still finding sand in my mouth later in the evening
  • I have now become a snot making machine, there really isn’t a great way to sugar coat that, sorry
  • Oh and that lovely fever that stuck with me all weekend? Any type of physical exertion caused me to sweat which isn’t a great look on me. . .
  • I can’t wait until I can get back into the gym and start working out again

And this post has officially taken forever to write, time to go to bed and hope that tomorrow I am not as stuffy and snotty.

The One Where I Have to Say Goodbye

I haven’t mentioned Chandler in quite some time. Partly because when a relationship ends you lose touch and partly because I didn’t want to share the details of our relationship ending. Maybe the easiest way to describe us and our relationship is this way, we went from zero to 100 and then forgot to stop for gas until it was too late.

Chandler passed away Saturday morning, leaving behind some incredible women and we can all agree he left too soon. His younger sister was beyond kind by reaching out to me to share the news instead of me reading about it on Facebook. Since I was in DC over the weekend, I learned of his passing as I was standing in American History Museum and was too shocked to take all the news in and really understand it.

That night he was all over my dreams and I could have sworn that it was all just a bad joke until I checked my email again for Bri’s two word message, call me. When the news finally sunk in, the tears started to flow. I was mess and all I could think about was his family, his wonderful cat and some of the most silly things we used to laugh about.

Chandler was the guy who would bug me to death if I hadn’t written in a couple of days. He would pester me until I sat down and wrote. He encouraged me. He would also call me a cry baby when I would get all girly about movies or commercials, so I know he his taunting me from Heaven right about now. Sorry buddy but this hurts.

We drifted apart after we split, which is normal but I always checked up on him either by stalking his or Bri’s Facebook or I would exchange messages with her. There were times I wanted to call him, just to hear his voice but then felt silly thinking that. And then a wave a guilt runs me down because he had mentioned to his sister that I hadn’t checked in while he was in ICU. She told him that I had checked in with her but still. I hope he knew that I still loved him, that I missed him and that I thought about him daily.

I don’t really know how I am going to say goodbye to him because I thought there was more time. I thought that I could come back from vacation this weekend and send him a message to let him know I was thinking about him. But at least I know he is up there, saying, oh, she is such a cry baby. . . with the inflection that he used for that. I will also hear him nagging me to go write. And about a million other things as well. It may have been a fast ride but we managed to pack a lot into that trip.

Tuesday Randomness

Why hello Tuesday before vacation! It is so nice to see you! And oh my do I have a ton of things to do before I hit the road but first, let me just share with you what always happens to me. . .

  • I somehow managed to get the crud late last week, including a nice fever. The weekend of cleaning, organizing and making my place look very neat (shocking I know) was tossed in the garbage.
  • I went with mom and dad last Wednesday for mom’s heart cath. All is good, which is wonderful news, it is just frustrating not knowing why she is tired all the time.
  • Best part of day? Walking in, mom in the bathroom and dad yammering about their tiff on ride in, then mom came out, dad went to the bathroom and I got her version of the story. Apparently mom now warrants other drivers to flip her the bird. Dad telling me all this and coming close to peeing my pants doesn’t even begin to tell you how this was all comical.
  • I somehow got sucked into a cheesy movie, My Baby’s Daddy, on TBS Sunday. Um, I so watched the whole thing while telling myself I needed to find something else to watch.
  • After hacking up part of a lung and having a friend basically threaten me within an inch of my life, I went to see the doctor today. Glad I did, I was heading down bronchitis road. Hello Z Pack!
  • The orange flavor Delsym cough syrup is NASTY! Thank goodness I noticed that there is a grape flavor.
  • In one of my “throw everything in the closet” modes I have misplaced two bags of Hello Kitty Jelly Belly jelly beans. . . they are for mom but for the love of St Pete! Where did they go????
  • I heard about this new place in Nashville called The Catbird Seat. It is a 32 seat restaurant where you sit around the kitchen and interact with the chef. Man, oh man, oh man! I want to go there so badly. Do you know how hard it is to get a reservation?
  • And to make matters more difficult, GQ named them in the top ten (number five baby!) for best new restaurant for 2011 AND they have been nominated for a James Beard award. Be still my chubby little heart!
  • I completely understand that sometimes moms have their moments and are stressed but this one took the cake today and I will blame my irritation all on feeling ill. . . newish mom leaves car door open in Target parking lot while fiddling with the stroller. After a couple of minutes she turns, sees me trying to park in the space but can’t because her car door is open, rolls her eyes and turns to fight with the stroller again. Seriously? Two seconds to shut the door, hell, I might have even stopped to help you with the stroller.
  • I cannot wait until vacation Friday, well, I can wait for the drive. Between museums and food, I am soo excited!
  • I just hope my tasters get back in working order by then.
  • I really need to vacuum, put clothes up, clean the bathrooms. . .
  • Who am I kidding, I will wait until I get off work Thursday, run around with my head cut off cleaning and ready to bite off the boy’s head when he arrives. All because I have to clean my apartment. . .
  • Mom, I promise, my friends really know how messy I am. . .I don’t think I can shock them anymore.

And now I am going to take my hacking, tired self and go to bed. It has taken me a couple of hours to write this, so that tells you how sick I am. When I can no longer focus on anything longer than two sentences, you know it is time to send me to the doctor.

Tuesday Randomness

The day when all things love is thrown in the face of every single, unattached person. . .perfect. Thankfully I have never really loved the holiday, wake me up when it is St. Patrick’s Day.

  • I would like to thank all the allergens that are out there right now cause this snotty nose thing is such a wonderful thing to deal with year round. I miss having seasonal allergies.
  • As a gift to myself, I purchased my first ever Groupon yesterday, a 90 minute massage for $39. I promptly used it tonight after I went to the gym.
  • This morning was one of those mornings that even getting out the door an extra 15 minutes early still only got me to the office five minutes early.
  • Dear Cupid, instead of love could you just hit all the bad drivers with some skills?
  • While I am sad to see the passing of Whitney Houston (I used to sing and dance to her music in the mirror) I had more of an emotional outburst when Tim Russert passed.
  • My friend Shy, used to say she hadn’t taken her happy, pretty me pills yet when I would stop by her cubicle to say good morning. I have taken to calling my meds just that.
  • Those happy pretty me pills also helped pack on the pounds over the past four and a half years, new doctor shared this with me. We have since decided on switching me to a different happy, pretty me pill that should help me with anxiety as well as possibly help me shed this weight.
  • My Facebook feed is stuffed to the gills with pictures of flowers, candy, sweet notes and even an engagement.
  • Wookie only sent me a card, silly cat, he should have sent some flowers too.
  • Purple Rain, a movie that I was forbidden to see when I was much, much younger was on VH1 Classic this weekend. Yep, I sat there and watched it. I forgot how much I liked all of his songs.
  • While some might think it is so lame to like someone as popular as Adele, I have to say, girlfriend has it going on, the voice, the music and those words. . . be still my heart. She can rip that bad boy a new one in no time flat, I applaud.
  • In just over a week’s time I will be heading up to DC and yes, the watching what I eat will have to be ignored because we have some fab restaurants lined up.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all! I am ready to kick back and cuddle with a cute little grey thing.

Tuesday Randomness

Apparently getting older means you completely forget you have a blog. Seriously, last week was a blur and then it was all about the Super Bowl, so let’s see if I can get this all back on track!

  • If you and your ten roommates had an apartment with no common room furniture, would you spend the money on some or get a puppy that you leave crated on the deck 80% of the time? If you chose option number two then we must be neighbors!
  • I realized tonight after hitting the gym that the only thing that stays committed to me is the fat on my body. Why can’t I have a guy like that?
  • You know you had a good workout when you get back to your apartment, unload you crap from the day and you are still sweating.
  • I am seriously considering moving to Canada. Why? That Income Property guy is hella cute!
  • I called the boy after the game Sunday, he sounded like he was asleep. Nope, he was just trying to catch his breath after the Giants won. Bless him, he takes football more seriously than I do.
  • Speaking of which, how long till the start of football?
  • I am going to have to see The Vow this weekend and fair warning, I will be crying through most of it.
  • Wookie has put a hit on that dog in the Doritos commercial from Sunday, I don’t blame him.
  • I may have offended some friends on Facebook Sunday when I called out Madonna for trying to cling to her 20s. Yes, I know she is in great shape and all but what is wrong with growing older gracefully?
  • At least the sound was decent this year. Most Super Bowl halftime shows leave me wondering if the hard of hearing is working the sound system.
  • I am so ready for my mini vacation. . .
  • Well, I am almost ready. I have some weight to drop in order to get the next reward. . .
  • I am going to the dentist tomorrow for my top crown to be put on; thank goodness because I am over going to the dentist all the time.
  • Kudos to me for finally creating a pretty decent batch of French Onion soup, yes I am obsessed. All it needed was a little port.
  • Most days I don’t mind being single, today is not one of them. I need a guy to come over and rub my feet till my eyes roll to the back of my head.

Now I am off to stretch to my little heart’s content. I really need to get my left leg loosened up because it is driving me crazy. I would ask Wook to help me out but he likes to show off just how flexible he is and that is just mean.