The One Where I Get Cooties

Ever since I could remember, I have been allergic to most everything. Dirt, grass, cats, makeup, you name it and I had some kind of reaction to it. I would get that look from my mom after playing outside, snot running down my face and saying I had not been playing in the dirt. Besides the dirt under my nails, I think the snot running down my face pretty much gave it away.

I have grown out of some of my allergies and others like to hang in there just for the fun of it. Several years ago I had many small bites on the tops of my feet. I thought they were bug bites or chiggers but after a week they spread all the way up my body. Several months later I finally learned that it was poison ivy and it took forever to get rid of, since then I am usually cautious about my interactions with the outdoors.

A month or so ago I noticed that I kept breaking out at my hairline, small clusters of bumps that itched. I kept thinking it was all the sweating from working out clogging my pours. I tried my old standby from Clinique to rid myself of the acne. It wouldn’t go away. So then I tried Benedryl Gel for Kids (don’t get the one for adults, it does nothing!) thinking that would clear it up. Still nothing.

Then it decided to spread around my scalp, behind my ears and at the nape of my neck. And I was itchy! And when my glasses would hit the section behind my ears that would hurt. After finally admitting that nothing was helping and quite frankly I was over the itchy thing weeks ago I went to see my doctor. Bless her, it seems like I am always in there for random things instead of the normal things.

A foam and a strong antihistamine later, I am less itchy but this stuff has yet to disappear. Although it really helps the naps happen more often and longer. That stuff always makes me sleepy.

Bird is convinced I have cooties. And I have to laugh because this was the biggest insult one to give to you in grade school. My cooties are apparently caused by some allergen in the air mixed with the massive amounts of sweat. I also have a nice patch on my wrist. I will say this though, this is much better than the excema I dealt with a few years ago. This is somewhat hidden. Then? I looked like a poster child for when bad skin happens to good people.

I could go the route of seeing an allergist and getting the skin testing done but really, I just don’t see the point. I know my skin is sensitive and has many issues. I would prefer not to have to add more medications to my routine, more lotions or potions and then still have to worry about getting into something that might break me out.

Instead I will look for a bubble that I can crawl into and go about life that way. Sure, it will be hard to get into my car and drive, snuggling with the cat will be difficult and of course, should something shocking happen I go on a date? How embarrassing would that be for a first date? So sorry Joe! I really am not this robust but this bubble really helps with the cooties!

On second thought, I am thinking the cooties would scare the guy off as well! Another reason to put on the list of why I am still single! And I doubt my trainer would be forgiving if I said I couldn’t do a particular exercise due to the bubble. He’s kind of sneaky that way, if you say something is easy or you don’t particularly like something, he makes you do it ten fold! And I pay for this? Oy Vey! The things I will do to get healthy!

Oh and just for a little “go me” I have to brag. My madras dress that I got a billion years ago at Target and wore out on the infamous 21st birthday outing for my friend’s sister? Where I looked completely out of sync with the hipster kids? I can get that bad boy down over my hips again! I still need to lose quite a bit more before I wear it as a dress again (instead of as a long shirt) but dude! I can get it over my hips!

The One Where I Try to Flash People

Training day today and let’s just say that my sweet, kindhearted trainer was brutal this afternoon. I started with a five minute brisk walk on the treadmill instead of the elliptical. My very special made of unicorn hair tennis shoes decided to let my feet feel the pain. Please say that it was a fluke because I don’t want to pay for new kicks right about now.

Then we are off to work on my legs. . .apparently I was rocking the 110 pounds of weight doing leg presses so the next round he opted to take it to 200 pounds. Kids, do not try this at home. On and on we went through the paces until we landed on the mat to do running bridges (at least I think that is what it is called). Basically I am kind of in a pushup stance but I have my butt sticking up in the air a bit more and then I alternate legs jumping up and down.

That is when my shirt opted to work it’s way up my body. Now it would have been fine if it was just my back showing, I mean a little back fat doesn’t hurt anyone. . . but the shirt was flying up in front as well. My poor gut was showing and I was praying that my trainer would hurry up and yell stop AND that no one noticed the food gut that was bouncing around like a bowl full of jelly.

And to make matters worse, after tucking the shirt in the back of my pants, there was still an attempt to show some skin! Oh the humanity! I apologize to everyone that might have witnessed this at the Y because ghostly white skin and fat isn’t a good look.

And bless him, he is still trying to work on my coordination and grace. I think I would rather do the crunches/plank combo 100 times than trying to improve my coordination.

I am happy to report that despite the scale not really moving at the moment, I am changing shape. Oh happy day! And I can even ask guys if they would like to go see the gun show, my arms are getting so toned! HA!

Tuesday Randomness

Welcome to blackberry winter! While I do love me some cold weather, I would prefer for things to stay about the same. . .trying to figure out what to wear to work each day is tough! But it is Tuesday and that means just a few more days until the weekend!

  • How to make sure your Monday starts off with a bang? Have a panic attack in the middle of the night! It has been quite some time since I had a middle of the night panic attack, good times.
  • Par for the course, I haven’t a clue what triggered the silly thing.
  • I managed to talk myself down from the panic without the use of my safety meds or running to the ER. I have made strides since that first major one in 2007.
  • I also got to enjoy a nice headache courtesy of the pollen yesterday afternoon, a dose of Advil and I was headache free by the time I hit the gym.
  • My trainer is still trying to work on my coordination skills, I have to make sure he understands that my clumsiness actually works for blog fodder.
  • I did step on the scale yesterday morning, more out of curiosity than anything else. . .no change in weight but. . .
  • I did manage to get into one of my favorite pairs of khakis today that are a size 12! I may not be losing a ton of weight right now but my fat is turning into a solid mass of muscle.
  • If you are in the market for a 5’1″ bodyguard, I am your girl!
  • I should not watch Love It or List It on HGTV, besides the fact that the realtor can’t pick houses to save his life that are actually a good match with the family, the lady that offers of renovations hasn’t a clue what it takes for an actual reno. There are always surprises and over the top promises that cannot be delivered.
  • My BFF Stace and her hubby have been talking about adding on for years and with all of this HGTV watching I am itching to rip some walls down and some floors up!
  • I am really good with a hammer and a reciprocating saw!
  • After eating breakfast with Sonia and family the other weekend I cannot get enough eggs. This always happens when I visit with her and have breakfast.
  • The best part? Son reminding me to make sure the scrambled eggs are well done. Apparently no longer living nearby makes her forget that I used to cook them to her specs for ages.
  • She still loves my spaghetti prepared via the microwave. This was a college staple for us and apparently I was really good at getting enough salt in the water.
  • I no longer cook it in the microwave, it pays to have an apartment with a kitchen!
  • My delusions of dancing with Maks on Dancing with the Stars is back and in full force. This means it must be time for me to try Zumba again so I can remind myself that I am not that person!

I guess I need to get ready for bed so I can snuggle up to the Wook and watch some tv. I am a bit tired and today seemed to drag on forever. And I have a training session tomorrow evening which means there will be more crying from me. It hurts but I have to say it is worth it. And I just might get to earn some extra money as a bodyguard in the future.


Disclaimer:This post is for some of my Nashville ladies, this is no way implies that these ladies are better than my other Nashville ladies though. I love you all, I just happened to warn these special friends that the pictures I took would end up here. . .

I read Bloom by Kelle Hampton earlier this month, between the tears, laughter and sweetness of Hampton’s words and pictures; I finally figured out how to describe those precious friends I have in Nashville.

So, to borrow from Hampton, these people, these wonderful friends are a part of my net. The net that catches me when I fall or have a bad day. They make me laugh uncontrollably and accept that I am quite silly. With a simple, one sentence email from any of them, I know I need to rally the troops, tell them I love them and offer up virtual hugs until we can get in the same zip code. And then? Amid the talk, laughter and my silliness, ample hugs and I love yous.

They were there for me when I was dealing with female problems and had to have Charlie and Dexter (the only two things to come out of my uterus and yes, I named them) removed. I always joke about their mother hen tendencies but even now, having not seen them daily for two years, having them all cluck around me makes me quite happy.

Lady, Tuby Ruesday, Debbie Do, Cherry, Shy & The Queen

We talk about our lives, our jobs, family and normally the stories of how I consistently pick the wrong man. I take Chandler out of this list because I am still quite protective of him. What happened between us could not be helped. As much as I like to fix things and make them all better.

We also talked about dreams, possibilities as well as a very wild trip that Cherry and her family took the other month. These ladies have been my net for a good portion of my life in Nashville. I have a motley crew of friends and each one means so much to me. Who can say that their BFF opted out of a quiet evening reading Harry Potter in order to sit in the ER while I was freaking out. Or the moment Jorge dumped me without me seeing it coming, two sweet friends came running with food, wine and hugs.

I have been very lucky and blessed to have so many friends that have always willing to catch me as I was falling. What ever happens in the future, what zip codes we life in, you will all mean so terrible much to me. I will be there for hugs, love and food.

I love each of you and my Queen, my life would be princess less had you not adopted me into your royal court. I owe so much to you. My only suggest is when we go traipsing out is to maybe cut the conversation for a bit until we make the right turns. And mom, I know my way around Nashville, it is just kind of difficult when you get the Queen and I together.

To my ladies, I love you each. You may tease me all you like because if you didn’t it would mean you no longer cared.

Tuesday Randomness

Oh dear, a weekend running around Nashville with friends equals a tired Amy. I got lots of quality time with The Queen, Stace, Son, Cherry, Shy, Ruby Tuesday, Lady and DebDo. I also got some snuggles, a bite or two and giggles out of the two little Es.

  • In typical fashion, I was under dressed for Highballs and Hydrangeas but I rocked my pink Coach wedge hills. The band was really good, playing all those favorite dance songs from the 60s. It was quite a workout.
  • And I counted it as one of my workouts for the weekend because let’s face it, dancing in three inch wedges and sweating for over an hour and a half is a workout.
  • I believe the sound of the whole evening was laughter. We laughed at old stories, new stories and rehashed some of my um, bad choices. I think it was more about laughing about me and the situations I manage to get myself into.
  • A sad moment, I was in Green Hills, at Crows Nest but never managed to stop over at the mall. It is a sad day when I can’t make it over to the mall. I may need to see a shrink about that.
  • I had a wonderful Sunday with Aulisio, meeting up for brunch. This is something that doesn’t really happen in Chattanooga. I miss it.
  • And then back to the Queen’s to wrap up a couple of projects as well as visit some more.
  • Working out last night was interesting. . . we really stepped it up but wow, my legs are not happy with me right now.
  • Wookie has made it clear that I am on the naughty list. Some can food and snuggles later and he kind of got over my traveling. Kind of, sort of. .  .

I am a bit tired and I have a cute post that I would like to work on but that will have to wait until tomorrow. The sleep is winning out.

Tuesday Randomness

Pardon me while I whine a bit, but this Tuesday was a bit painful and I blame it on my trainer. Kicking it up a notch on a Monday is just evil. So ignore the old man smells (IcyHot) and the groans, here is the mess known as Tuesday Randomness.

  • Holy hell, my trainer was not kidding about taking it up a notch. If someone wanted any kind of information from me last night, all they had to do was threaten me with some of those new exercises.
  • Not only does my trainer kick my tush, he has kindly offered to help with my coordination.
  • Let’s work on the fat first and then maybe we can consider working on that. I kind of like my inability to be graceful anyway. It’s part of my charm. . .
  • As is the inability to stick my tush out, I was laughing so hard yesterday trying to tell him I have tried to hide my butt and now he wants me to stick it out while doing certain exercises.
  • The Easter Bunny got lost and didn’t visit me this year. . . thank goodness he found me yesterday!
  • And yes, I still keep up the rouse of believing in the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and any other holiday character. One of the few perks of still being single at 38.
  • Speaking of 38, the class of ’92 is regrouping and planning our reunion.
  • If I am going to be single for this little function, please at least let me be somewhat skinny!
  • I have also threatened Bird within an inch of her life that she has to be my date as well. . .
  • I went to see American Reunion Friday afternoon, I really liked it. Sure it was typical but it was nice seeing the old gang up on the screen.
  • A couple brought their dog with them to see the movie. . . it wasn’t a service dog either
  • I love Wook but that would be the last thing I would do. The man also texted throughout the movie.
  • Note to the wise, unless you are a surgeon or the President of the United States, you are not that important to justify texting the whole time. Why even bother paying to see a movie?
  • According to my trainer, a girl cooking is a “lost art” bless him. He did say his girlfriend was getting better at cooking!
  • Why yes, I talk about food throughout my training session, is that wrong?
  • I am also about to have a fit to get back to DC to eat at a couple of Jose Andres’ restaurants
  • I am digging this cooler weather, please stay around for a few weeks
  • A small irritation, after blogging about my weight loss and revealing my weight, a not so ethical blogger posted a similar titled, thought processed post. I was sick for about a week after noticing it. I doubt she got the idea from me (I am not that deluded) but still it did bother me.
  • I love getting the spam comments! They crack me up! I should do a collection of them sometime as well as some of the spam emails I get.
  • Short week again this week! Yeah me! Look out Nashville, I have a few places that I have to hit in my quick trip up there!

Now I am off to finish reading a book and get ready for bed. I have another training session tomorrow and will need all the shut eye tonight to make it through it. But if you happen to see a very awkward short blonde girl trying to get her legs and arms to do total opposite motions, please walk on. It isn’t a pretty sight, trust me.

Don’t Hate Me Because I Am Beautiful

Sometimes a post can just write itself, which in my book, is a good day. From the ever esteemed newspaper across the pond, The Daily Mail, a poor, put upon beauty named Samantha Brick wrote a piece the other day about how hard it is to be oh so beautiful. Apparently she is gifted all kinds of things from men whom she doesn’t know and women are completely jealous of her.

Oy Vey! Seriously? This has to be a horribly timed April Fools post because I don’t think I have ever read such drivel in my life. Well, maybe if I looked at a teen girl’s journal, I might see something just as bad. . . but probably not. The cherry on top was her rebuttle article after she recieved many not so nice comments on the article as well as Facebook. Brick even tried to explain that Londoners just don’t get it but having lived in Hollywood for a time, they do.

Now let me back up, I have never thought of myself as beautiful. Cute, sure. Dorky, oh hell yeah. And there are the times when I put forth a huge effort and have been complimented. Which I appreciate and the blush like there is no tomorrow. I am who I am and worrying about it seems silly. And I don’t think there was a time ever when I thought of myself as sexy. That has to do with looking like a kid, acting like an adolescent boy and tripping over my own two feet.

I also think beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Thank goodness that it seems the whole of London has the same damn pair of eyes since men send alcohol to her table at restaurants. Sam, can I call you Sam? Good. Sam, even with my average looks, when I used to go out, there were times when someone sent me a drink. Big freakin deal. Just a few short years ago I had a cute whipper snapper, eight years younger than moi, canoodle with me for a few months. But do I chalk that up to I must be just oh my goodness, sooooo beautiful!

And about that Hollywood thing. Sweetie, you do realize that is the land of make believe, right? Charlie Sheen went off the deep end last year and ran around LA shouting WINNING and drinking Tiger Blood. D-Listed reguarly features some woman they call Chicken Cutlets (aka Pheobie Price) and she claims to be some super dooper model. Hell, there are still a few paps around that will take Paris Hilton’s picture. So I wouldn’t be bragging about how comfortable people are with your beauty. People are paid in LA to tell someone just how wonderful they are, how the world would end without them and they say yes to every request or thought. Why? Because it’s a paycheck baby! And let’s not forget that it is also the land of the crazies, drug addicted, alcohol addicted, sex addicted, let’s go to rehab type of place.

No my dear Sam, people aren’t jealous of you. More than likely your winnning personality sets their teeth on edge and they are glaring at you because you are just that obnoxious. It is fine to have self esteem but you my sweet little flower, are no super model. Nor are you someone that I would immediately think, gee! I wish I looked like her!

Oh and a little tip for you. One of the pictures in your article shows a noticible pooch; get some Spanx and that should smooth it out. Just saying, from one normal looking girl to someone who is just so “beautiful.”

Tuesday Randomness

Oh how I love short weeks at work! I am lucky that while Good Friday is not considered a paid holiday, the powers that be have opted to close early Friday. This makes Tuesday even sweeter and even my training sessions this week will be seen in a better light! Now on to the randomness that is me!

  • I really like my trainer but that kid is part evil! Due to some scheduling conflicts yesterday my trainer texted me asking if we could move it to 7pm.
  • Apparently he doesn’t realize I am a stick in the mud and once I am in the apartment I don’t like to leave! But after thinking about the change, I opted to go with it since I didn’t want to miss a session nor did I want back to back sessions this week.
  • I decided to warm up with some cardio before he got there but that wasn’t enough for him, no, mean trainer killed my legs last night with sprints up a hill outside. He also added another core exercise into the mix. Once he finished torturing me I looked as if I had taken a shower. I was soaked!
  • I spoke to my twin briefly today; she is calling up our favorite person for lunch next week. OMG! I cannot wait!
  • I was a bit stiff today, so like most days, I take to stretching at my desk. Thank goodness I am in a cubicle where no one can see me!
  • Apparently working out is hard on my feet. A giant blister that was healing (I guess) but in it’s place was a huge section of skin falling off. Gross I know! But after being so nice to the Queen and not sending her any scary pictures, I had to snap this one and send it. The caption? “Think it’s time for a pedi?”
  • The Queen called later, laughing and telling me to do something with those stubs I call feet. I will admit, they are sad looking at the moment. Poor Flintstone feet, they are just so misunderstood!
  • I have to say, after having the upstairs neighbors from hell, I finally have a good one! He says hello, asks how my day was AND is always checking with me to make sure his music isn’t too loud. Got to love neighbors that remember others live there too!
  • I also had to have my baby fix today, so I went to visit my sweet neighbor, the girls and the newest addition, sweet baby J! Oh man, I could just snuggle with him all night. But I have a feeling they might miss him after a bit, plus I think Wook would have a huge issue with something else occupying his momma.
  • I had horrible flashbacks today after watching the footage from Dallas. Let’s just say that when one hit a generator and there was an explosion it took me right back to ’98 when the tornado hit downtown Nashville.
  • I could go for some rain though. . .
  • With the amount of chicken and turkey I am eating, I expect to be moulting soon.
  • I had two people comment on my weight loss today, that makes me smile. Now if it would go faster I would be thrilled but at least this way it won’t double and come back to bite me in the tush.

Oh look at the time! I still need to shower, stretch, pack my lunch and my workout bag for tomorrow. Good times, seems like my world lately revolves around work, food, gym and sleep. I need a vacation!