Tuesday Randomness

To kick the week off perfectly, I ended up with a migraine very late last night. early morning. After sleeping most of the day and evening I can at least say my head only aches a little now. . . this could be a short list of randomness today. . .

  • I hate migraines and I was really doing so well not having them. Sure, horrible headaches, especially when a front would come in but it has been awhile since I had one knock me on my tush.
  • Apparently, the Wook knew I was not feeling well, he spent all night curled up in the crook of my arm.
  • Saturday night I got a nice wake up call, the fire alarm had been pulled at my building. Besides the fact that that sucker is loud, 1am is not a good time for me.
  • A neighbor and I think that the “awesome” kids on the third floor pulled it. All I have to say is they are quite lucky it wasn’t during the work week.
  • I am dreading tomorrow, my trainer will be back from vacay and will want to make up for lost time.
  • How is it possible to sleep all day and still be very sleepy?

Sorry for such a short post, my head still hurts and I am back to yawning. I am grateful that I can at least read now, earlier it hurt to move my eyes even a millimeter.


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