Tuesday Randomness


I have shared random moments on a Tuesday 52 times. . .and some of you are still here reading this! I ended up taking a small vacation from writing last week, some days you just don’t feel like writing. Plus, I was up to my eyeballs in cleaning supplies trying to prepare my place for Hooch’s visit. But here we are, Tuesday again and in a week’s time I will be rocking it out in Nashville at the Def Leppard concert.

  • Hooch and I may be a tad older now and she may have a husband and a kid but the two of us together is just like old times
  • I finally cleaned Wookie’s bathroom, not his litter box (that is done often) but the actual bathroom, I don’t use the toilet in there, so it gets icky by not getting used, who knew?
  • Her son, Puppy, lent us his stuffed penguin, Pengy for the weekend; that Pengy, he was all over the place with us
  • Pengy can now cross off “catch the garter” at a wedding from his bucket list
  • As the bride to be was getting ready to walk down the aisle, the song At Last, by Etta James started, we all laughed because that is so her
  • Dinner with the parental unit and a drive through town so the Hooch could see all the changes since she moved
  • I finally found a place for brunch and the best part? $3 mimosas or $15 for a pitcher, yes please
  • It was such a ball running around with Hooch again but we must let it happen sooner because eight years is way too long
  • Plus, going to bed in the wee hours of the morning is not as easy as it used to be
  • I need to win the lottery so I can travel just to see my friends, we seem to be spreading out more and more
  • Amazon MP3 albums has the Mirror Ball Live and More on sale for $2.99 and the history in photos for Kindle is also the same price
  • Yes, I have a small Def Leppard obsession
  • No, I will not wear big hair next week
  • The more I think about it, the more I want to relocate to the Baltimore area or the Kansas City area. . .
  • I will be heading to see The Trousdale School’s musical this Saturday, I am quite excited!
  • I am hoping that Bird and I will get to see Magic Mike Friday, I like me some eye candy!

And since I still feel like I am running on fumes, it is time to say night night! It looks like I have another busy weekend ahead of me, which means there will be little to no chance of napping.

Tuesday Randomness

Well, it seems like my weeks are a blur, a little Saturday, a little Sunday, a case of the Mondays with a side of torture at the gym followed by a quick respite on Tuesday, torture again at the gym Wednesday with a never ending Thursday and Friday. . .yep, welcome to the randomness.

  • I knew that Monday was going to be dreadful when I realized late Sunday evening that I had a leak in my ceiling
  • My neighbor’s dishwasher was secretly leaking under his floor and caused me to move my furniture out of the way
  • This was after 11PM, apparently I didn’t need any sleep Sunday night, boo hiss
  • I enjoyed the rain yesterday minus the headache that didn’t go away until late last night
  • Is it Friday yet?
  • Speaking of Friday, got myself a hot date night with ME! Yes, I am a goober. . . but I am going to go see Rock of Ages and maybe dinner out
  • No popcorn though, ugh, I feel so icky after eating it
  • I got a sample of beer shampoo the other week while I was in Nashville, I have to say, I really like how my hair felt after using it. .  .just might have to buy a bottle
  • I was on a mission this past weekend, wanting to hit up a really good Farmers Market, that didn’t work out too well
  • I ended up at Whole Foods and picked up an eggplant so I could make eggplant parm
  • I may need to relearn how to zip the ziplock bag when shaking the breadcrumbs onto the eggplant
  • It is always fun to have to hit the pause button while cooking to clean up the breadcrumbs all over your floor
  • A week and half from now Cleveland and Chattanooga will be on warning, the Hooch is coming in from KC with Pengy they wonder penguin
  • And then I can start the countdown to heading to Nashville to see Def Leppard

And on a final note, send up some prayers and good thoughts for my friend Son’s little Snug. Sweet little thing has not been able to get rid of a fever for a couple of weeks now and has been admitted to Vandy Children’s. In true Snug fashion though, she is dancing it out! Get better Snug and soon!

I Have Become THAT Person. . .

I have always been open to listening to new music and there is very little that I don’t care for at all. But after a fun filled dinner with Son, Clarey and the whole crew last weekend, I finally had to accept that I was indeed an old fart. I liked the songs they were playing but I couldn’t name the bands performing them.

I am not sure if getting older gets in the way of looking out for new music or life just gets into the way but I am really no in the loop anymore. If you want to learn about some of the hair bands from the eighties, I can lay it all down for you.

I mentioned my desire to go see Def Leppard, again. And if I can pull it off I will be hitting the shows in Nashville and Atlanta because I can. I just need to find one poor soul to go with me for the Atlanta show.

My love of the 80s hair bands goes back to my my life as a junior high student. The videos and the music just took me somewhere that is hard to explain. Growing up in a small town that didn’t happen to offer much when it came to life choices and careers, daydreaming became king. The words, music and then their videos made to see that there happened to be a much bigger world out there.

I find myself listening to my generations’ music more often than not; in the car, in the office and even documentaries discussing the rise and fall of the bands that I love so much. And a big thank you to the Pandora app on my iPhone, you sweet little station puts a smile on my face and probably scared a few passerbys while zooming down the interstate.

So I will welcome and enjoy the new music coming to the forefront but no longer feeling proud of discovering some random group who really spoke to me. But my heart lies with my 80s hairbands, strong women stepping up to lay guitar and sing with such strong conviction.

My hair was never big back then but my love to my music is still strong. And now I feel like an old fart. . . I need to design an old fart flag to wave proudly.

Oh Boo Hoo!

Bless John Mayer’s little heart, his feelings are hurt, over a song, written by Taylor Swift, that was released two years ago. Seriously? This is the guy who blasted his indiscretions with other women via Twitter, TMZ and celeb interviews. So Mr. Mayer, completely okay for you to diss Jennifer Aniston who happens to dislike the livestreaming of her life via such public outlets? Or how about describing Jessica Simpson and sex to drugs?

The best part I have read though has to be your dislike of Taylor’s songwriting. Apparently, you can write songs about your life experiences but Taylor Swift cheapens the craft of songwriting doing the same thing. Maybe I just don’t have the skills to understand your line of thought.

Here’s the thing, us creative people happen to be inspired by what goes on in our lives. I have post after post on this very blog discussing the perils of dating, the silly people I come across daily as well as my thoughts on current events. This is life, I don’t write fairy tales but I also have the luxury of providing aliases for the majority of them. Sure, some of my close friends know who is who but I don’t broadcast it. And quite frankly, if someone were to turn the tables on me I wouldn’t be pissed.

So bless your pee pickin heart, let me dig up some of that southeast TN girl and provide you with my opinion. . .after dating my fair share of assholes, I can pick them out really well. Dear sir, you are an asshole. A self centered, takes yourself way to seriously variety, I dated this variety before and let’s just say, it aint’ all about you sweetie.

And after dating this kind of guy, for let’s face it, the majority of my adult life, I can proudly say, I would rather sit at home, watching paint dry. It is guys like you that make women like me see that being single and alone can’t be all that bad. I could be stuck with some version of you and spend all of my time listening to all of your problems while mine are deemed unimportant. And really, I would love to have a conversation with the opposite sex that was actually 50/50, give and take. I hope you understand, because right now, I just don’t give a hoot about your wittle feelings being hurt.

Tuesday Randomness

Apparently WordPress is having issues today. . . or maybe it is just me. After several attempts to get this post started, I am finally able to type, type away. Until the next glitch comes into play! Some days, it just doesn’t pay to be me. But onto the randomness!

  • After what seems like way too many years of waiting, I got an iPhone Friday. Loyalty to a carrier does pay off though, thank you Sprint!
  • I am in love with Siri! I asked her if I would ever get married and after a really long pause she told me maybe someday. . .
  • When I asked her who was the fairest of them all, she said I was!
  • And yes, I get easily amused. Between her and Son’s little E, let’s just say it was a fun weekend.
  • I am currently dog sitting a friend’s little one, Elly. I have kept her before and if I could just keep her outright I would but somehow I don’t think her daddy would like that to much.
  • Elly is a doggie with issues just like my little man is a cat with issues, it is fun to watch them circle each other.
  • On a much sadder note, my favorite person, Mr G passed away Sunday. This was the man who introduced me to all of the best meat and threes in Nashville. I always loved Tuesdays and Thursdays at the office when I was in Nashville because I always got my hugs, kisses and some really good jokes from him. I love you Mr. G, I hope you knew how special you were to me.
  • And may this be the last bit of bad news for quite some time, I have found it gets old quickly when you have to say goodbye to the ones you care about.