Tuesday Randomness

Apparently WordPress is having issues today. . . or maybe it is just me. After several attempts to get this post started, I am finally able to type, type away. Until the next glitch comes into play! Some days, it just doesn’t pay to be me. But onto the randomness!

  • After what seems like way too many years of waiting, I got an iPhone Friday. Loyalty to a carrier does pay off though, thank you Sprint!
  • I am in love with Siri! I asked her if I would ever get married and after a really long pause she told me maybe someday. . .
  • When I asked her who was the fairest of them all, she said I was!
  • And yes, I get easily amused. Between her and Son’s little E, let’s just say it was a fun weekend.
  • I am currently dog sitting a friend’s little one, Elly. I have kept her before and if I could just keep her outright I would but somehow I don’t think her daddy would like that to much.
  • Elly is a doggie with issues just like my little man is a cat with issues, it is fun to watch them circle each other.
  • On a much sadder note, my favorite person, Mr G passed away Sunday. This was the man who introduced me to all of the best meat and threes in Nashville. I always loved Tuesdays and Thursdays at the office when I was in Nashville because I always got my hugs, kisses and some really good jokes from him. I love you Mr. G, I hope you knew how special you were to me.
  • And may this be the last bit of bad news for quite some time, I have found it gets old quickly when you have to say goodbye to the ones you care about.



What you see is what you get; I am a Nashville girl who is single, again. I use the blog to get my inner, tortured, wanna be writer angst out. One day I just may write a book. I have been stumbling through life for 43 years now, I love to cook, read and figure out more embarrassing ways I can either harm myself (thank you hula hoop of 2010 and the case of the thrown back) or just prove how inept I am at household chores and dieting. The people you read about on here are real but most have had their names changed to protect the innocent and not so innocent. And I really should make a list of them so I can remember! Enjoy, read, mock, laugh and comment, it really isn't difficult. Plus, I would prefer reading comments from real people as opposed to the weird spam comments I keep getting. Plus, I will always find the hardest path to follow and take that one, why would anyone want to take the easy way?!

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