Tuesday Randomness


I have shared random moments on a Tuesday 52 times. . .and some of you are still here reading this! I ended up taking a small vacation from writing last week, some days you just don’t feel like writing. Plus, I was up to my eyeballs in cleaning supplies trying to prepare my place for Hooch’s visit. But here we are, Tuesday again and in a week’s time I will be rocking it out in Nashville at the Def Leppard concert.

  • Hooch and I may be a tad older now and she may have a husband and a kid but the two of us together is just like old times
  • I finally cleaned Wookie’s bathroom, not his litter box (that is done often) but the actual bathroom, I don’t use the toilet in there, so it gets icky by not getting used, who knew?
  • Her son, Puppy, lent us his stuffed penguin, Pengy for the weekend; that Pengy, he was all over the place with us
  • Pengy can now cross off “catch the garter” at a wedding from his bucket list
  • As the bride to be was getting ready to walk down the aisle, the song At Last, by Etta James started, we all laughed because that is so her
  • Dinner with the parental unit and a drive through town so the Hooch could see all the changes since she moved
  • I finally found a place for brunch and the best part? $3 mimosas or $15 for a pitcher, yes please
  • It was such a ball running around with Hooch again but we must let it happen sooner because eight years is way too long
  • Plus, going to bed in the wee hours of the morning is not as easy as it used to be
  • I need to win the lottery so I can travel just to see my friends, we seem to be spreading out more and more
  • Amazon MP3 albums has the Mirror Ball Live and More on sale for $2.99 and the history in photos for Kindle is also the same price
  • Yes, I have a small Def Leppard obsession
  • No, I will not wear big hair next week
  • The more I think about it, the more I want to relocate to the Baltimore area or the Kansas City area. . .
  • I will be heading to see The Trousdale School’s musical this Saturday, I am quite excited!
  • I am hoping that Bird and I will get to see Magic Mike Friday, I like me some eye candy!

And since I still feel like I am running on fumes, it is time to say night night! It looks like I have another busy weekend ahead of me, which means there will be little to no chance of napping.


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