Tuesday Randomness

Up to my ears in lists, stuff and more stuff. I am excited about the move but man, as often as I have moved, you would think I had this down pat. Not. So here we go, next to last Tuesday Randomness here in Chattanooga.

  • My cubicle is packed, don’t ask me how I managed that. I also purged, so there you go!
  • I have been going through my stuff, dividing out what to take, what to toss and what to give away.
  • Biggest goal will be my clothes. what can’t be hung or fit into a drawer will need to find a small home to hang in for the duration of the move.
  • The kitchen will be dealt with Saturday with Bird. Pray for her, this could get ugly!
  • Things that keep popping in my head: Central Time! I have missed you so much, life is so much easier on Central Time. . .
  • Friends, oh my, I can’t wait to see all of you; never take for granted the love of your friendships.
  • The restaurants! The shopping! The wandering around in the city that I love, yes life is good.
  • But if anyone wants to be tortured, please feel free to stop by and help (especially if you have a truck). I am purging and need to get it all out of here before the movers arrive next Wednesday.

Holy crap! In one week, I will be a resident of Davidson county again! I am so thankful and can’t wait. Now back to packing and purging. . .


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