Tuesday Randomness

I think I have finally caught up on my sleep, well, I am getting close to it. I was afraid that with all the delays on Friday I might not make it back home until sometime this week. . . But I am not bitter. . .

  • I don’t think I will be flying United for a while, I was delayed two hours out of Des Moines which turned into watching my flight to Nashville take off while we were waiting for a gate in Chicago
  • Someone needs to explain to me why they used the big planes for my outbound flights on Sunday but chose to use smaller planes coming back on Friday
  • It was a Friday afternoon, when everyone and their brother are flying and they chose the smaller planes
  • I have never come across a more disgruntled group of employees than those of United
  • My cat has now taken up residence on me, bless that little gray guy, he missed me terribly
  • I managed to have a pretty good French meal in Des Moines, huh? It is nice to see the unexpected
  • My apartment is still clean, no comments from the peanut gallery
  • I am getting back into my cooking groove
  • Working out, not so much, I know, I know
  • I am still loving America’s Got Talent
  • I think I shamed one of my guy friends into getting a pedi
  • We went for said pedis this past Saturday, I am still laughing
  • Football, football, football, I can’t wait, I can smell it in the air

Now I am going to look at my draft list, I need to figure out my fantasy football draft, dear me, I hope I do better this year.

Tuesday Randomness

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and forgot where you were? Um, yeah, moving and then taking a trip kind of makes you loopy. But here we go, another Tuesday and all kinds of randomness.

  • I love to fly, not so much the¬†turbulence
  • Sitting in O’Hare I could smell the pizza but couldn’t find even a crumb of authentic Chicago pie
  • Beef tenderloin rocks my world
  • It’s amazing how¬†competitive adults can be when answering product questions, all in the name of getting a free koozie or water bottle
  • I got both. . .
  • Yes, I am a nerd
  • I miss my cat
  • He is probably madder than a wet hen
  • After sleeping in a huge king sized bed this week, I really wish I had gotten one when I replaced my very sad queen size mattress
  • I am currently reading Nora Ephron’s I Hate My Neck, I am loving the quirky, fast paced humor that she presented in movies and her writing is equally enjoyable
  • I am having a girls night Saturday and can’t wait to get my pulled pork on, girls, be ready to eat!
  • I am digging having my apartment a hop, skip and a jump from the pool
  • I just need a pool boy now to fetch my snacks and diet sodas
  • I have football on the brain and cannot wait for the season to kick into gear

Now I am going to have to find my way out of a corn field. . .

Pinching Myself

I am still pinching myself and the good fortune of getting to move back home. There is a part of me that feels like I have never been away and then the other part that remembers how homesick I felt for two and a half years. I keep waiting to wake up in my old apartment but thankfully I wake up each morning, on Central time, in Nashville and to everything that made my daily routine just so good. I took it for granted back then and now I just smile and realize that even if I do have a bad day, I am where I want to be.

This past week has been a blur, a lot of learning new things as well as spending time with old friends. I was notorious for invoking the no going out on a school night for many years. In fact, Bear, called me out on this a couple of months before I moved to Chattanooga. He called it via text, exactly what I was doing, so I knew that when I moved back home I had to change this.

I don’t want to go out every night, but it does help you realize that you have friends and they do care about you. So I spent some time with the Queen on Tuesday evening and as I was driving back home I was pinching myself because, hey! I am driving back to my apartment in a city that I adore and I don’t have to rush back to Chattanooga.

Thursday evening rolls around and I had a hankering for wings, so I changed from my work clothes to some jeans and a t-shirt and headed back out. Once I got to BW3 and placed my order I texted Bear. When he got there he asked what I was doing in town and I laughed and said, well I moved back. Apparently I am not in his news feed for FB. We laughed, made fun of each other and talked about football, because really, that is one of the things we have always talked about.

He then mentioned a bar that he sometimes goes to and said, come on, are you going home or do you want to go there. The old me would have said I was going home and I would have been a good girl. In an effort to force myself out a bit more I said sure. And off we went.

We watched some of the Little League World series (Go Goodlettsville!) and I shared just how stupid I am when it comes to baseball. We talked football, best places to watch the games and his fantasy NASCAR teams. Um, yeah, I mocked him for that. Then the bartender comes up giggling and asks if I watched Sex and the City. Turns out the owner is friends with John Corbett who played Aidan.

Tangent: People, I spent six years, every Sunday night with a group of my girlfriends eating, drinking and watching this show. To say I am a fan is a slight understatement. We even gathered a group of girls together to see the first movie in the theater and smuggled in cheap champagne in cans to celebrate.

Okay, now where was I? Oh yes, so he may or may not come by. Bear keeps asking who this guy is and I go through a list of what I can remember him from and he still doesn’t know who he is but like I care. This is about me! Mr. Corbett comes in and since the bar has maybe seven people total there, it isn’t really hard to look across and see him.

Oh! One more tangent: There is an unspoken code in Nashville, we don’t bother the stars that we bump into, it is probably more about we all have lives and really, you see Tim McGraw once, you have seen him a hundred times. No biggie. But to the dismay of my dad, I don’t bother them when they are out, I don’t take pictures or anything else. The other part is I am oblivious most of the time until I have left and then I smack my forehead and say, oh wow, that was such and such.

But Thursday night I broke the code. Minus the two bartenders that night, I was the only female so Mr. Corbett is having a nice evening just hanging out chatting with his friends. As we are getting ready to leave, Bear runs to the restroom and I do the complete dork/goober thing by stopping to ask for a picture. I felt awful about bothering him but there was a small part of me that just wanted to have one picture with him.

You guys, he was so nice. We took several pictures because the one thing the iPhone is crappy about is the camera when it comes to strange lighting. Besides the fact that he was freakishly tall, I was impressed in how kind and willing he was to stop, chat and take time out of his downtime for a complete stranger.

And Bear now has a picture with him and still couldn’t tell you who he is, which is about par for the course. We left, he mocked me and then we agreed that football is going to be a priority for this fall.

Yesterday he made the fatal mistake of mentioning that he was cooking jambalaya. I quickly responded with a “do you deliver?” With the promise of a decent sized tv and the Titans on I got a dinner prepped in my kitchen by Bear. Dude, thanks, it was so good but you really need to become more open to shrimp because the whole shrimp and grits thing is to die for, I promise.

And I didn’t go to sleep until way past midnight; this girl doesn’t stay up late often anymore and the bad part has to be that I still wake up fairly early. After errands, a power nap and trying to get things together for a business trip, I hit the pool. I also got to hang with Bear and his very cute and sassy daughter. Lord help him when she is a teenager, she is going to put him through the paces. I will be there to laugh at him.

But even without a decent nap, I am reminded just how lucky I am. I have a group of friends that are like family to me, a crazy and sometimes very needy cat and a job that I enjoy. Not bad for a girl who broke down earlier this summer, crying about being homesick. And even if I do lose some sleep from time to time, spending time with my friends on a school night is worth it.

So I will continue to pinch myself and smile at lucky I am. I will also know that when the Steelers play the Titans I have one more person I can harass with glee. That might be a fair warning for Nashville, things could get ugly this fall because you have two football junkies that happen to enjoy spending large amounts of Sunday sitting on a bar stool to take advantage of Sunday Ticket.

Tuesday Randomness

Wow! Where does the time go? I am still trying to get into a good routine now that I am back home but apparently it is going to take a bit longer than I anticipated.

  • I caught part of Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason last night, I really need to dig my books back out and read them again, I love that character
  • I spoke with Bubba this morning and am still laughing at the conversation. Apparently I am strange for getting all excited over the British invasion during the Olympic Closing Ceremony.
  • I still have the yearning to move across the pond and find a nice British gent to settle down with
  • It has to be the whole accent thing
  • I picked up mini Jack Daniel bottles for the Queen tonight and didn’t get carded, HUMPH!
  • As I get settled back into Nashville, my allergies have picked up along with a lovely headache that doesn’t want to leave me alone.
  • I really miss going to the YMCA, hopefully I can rejoin once I am back from training
  • I am still looking for the rest of my nails so I can finish hanging my pictures. . .
  • It might be simpler to buy a new pack
  • I survived watching my friends’ four kids last Friday, it was way too much fun!
  • The oldest read a book to me and I was thrilled by how grown up he is
  • I realized today that I would love to have a Pensieve, like in the Harry Potter books; it might help me organize my thoughts and remember tons more
  • Yes, I am a dork

And now I am off to crash and dream of a headache free day tomorrow. A girl can dream!

Tuesday Randomness

Another Tuesday, another list of random thoughts. Let’s just hope that none of these can be used against me in a court of law. . .

  • After falling off the workout wagon thanks to the super quick move to Nashville, I finally got back to it last night
  • If my trainer had been with me last night, he would have laughed at my less than stellar session
  • While I may not have pushed myself, I did okay. It’s a bit more difficult to do circuit training in a small apartment complex fitness center.
  • Tomorrow I am hitting Radnor after work, it is on my way home from work after all and probably one of my most favorite places in Nashville
  • I had really hoped that I would be closer to my goal by now but it took time to get this weight on, so slow and steady is my motto
  • Wookie has finally forgiven me for moving him, yet again. . .snuggles in bed have been missed
  • I have officially overdosed on the Olympics
  • Is it football season yet?
  • I now am the proud owner of a Crackberry, to go along with my iPhone
  • I keep taping on the screen of the Crackberry forgetting that it isn’t a touchscreen
  • Why yes, I am a natural blonde
  • I am still trying to get reservations at The Catbird Seat, please oh please, the waiting is killing me
  • While I have many issues with Xfinity/Comcast, I have to say I am thankful that at least they now show on the guide the actual programing for VH1 Classic
  • Last night I was reminded why I loved INXS so much, thank you Behind the Music for the reminder
  • I have to have the most eclectic mix of songs ever, my love of rap, metal, hair bands, punk, 80s, disco, alternative and anything else under the sun would confuse most people

And with that, I am going to attempt to read my book on Queen Elizabeth, this one is taking a bit longer than I had anticipated. It is a great read, it is just really long. Happy Tuesday people!