Tuesday Randomness

Wow! Where does the time go? I am still trying to get into a good routine now that I am back home but apparently it is going to take a bit longer than I anticipated.

  • I caught part of Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason last night, I really need to dig my books back out and read them again, I love that character
  • I spoke with Bubba this morning and am still laughing at the conversation. Apparently I am strange for getting all excited over the British invasion during the Olympic Closing Ceremony.
  • I still have the yearning to move across the pond and find a nice British gent to settle down with
  • It has to be the whole accent thing
  • I picked up mini Jack Daniel bottles for the Queen tonight and didn’t get carded, HUMPH!
  • As I get settled back into Nashville, my allergies have picked up along with a lovely headache that doesn’t want to leave me alone.
  • I really miss going to the YMCA, hopefully I can rejoin once I am back from training
  • I am still looking for the rest of my nails so I can finish hanging my pictures. . .
  • It might be simpler to buy a new pack
  • I survived watching my friends’ four kids last Friday, it was way too much fun!
  • The oldest read a book to me and I was thrilled by how grown up he is
  • I realized today that I would love to have a Pensieve, like in the Harry Potter books; it might help me organize my thoughts and remember tons more
  • Yes, I am a dork

And now I am off to crash and dream of a headache free day tomorrow. A girl can dream!


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