Tuesday Randomness

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and forgot where you were? Um, yeah, moving and then taking a trip kind of makes you loopy. But here we go, another Tuesday and all kinds of randomness.

  • I love to fly, not so much the turbulence
  • Sitting in O’Hare I could smell the pizza but couldn’t find even a crumb of authentic Chicago pie
  • Beef tenderloin rocks my world
  • It’s amazing how competitive adults can be when answering product questions, all in the name of getting a free koozie or water bottle
  • I got both. . .
  • Yes, I am a nerd
  • I miss my cat
  • He is probably madder than a wet hen
  • After sleeping in a huge king sized bed this week, I really wish I had gotten one when I replaced my very sad queen size mattress
  • I am currently reading Nora Ephron’s I Hate My Neck, I am loving the quirky, fast paced humor that she presented in movies and her writing is equally enjoyable
  • I am having a girls night Saturday and can’t wait to get my pulled pork on, girls, be ready to eat!
  • I am digging having my apartment a hop, skip and a jump from the pool
  • I just need a pool boy now to fetch my snacks and diet sodas
  • I have football on the brain and cannot wait for the season to kick into gear

Now I am going to have to find my way out of a corn field. . .


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