Sunday Musings

I still want to know how the weekend flies by so quickly. Maybe one day I will figure that out. For now I will be grateful for two days off, naps and dealing with a very grumpy cat.

I was supposed to head to the MTSU game yesterday but I messed up my shoulder Thursday and it was beyond painful Friday. I wussed out knowing that spending 12 hours tailgating and watching a football game was not the best idea. Instead I watched a lot of football, enjoyed the cooler weather and possibly growled while at Buffalo Wild Wings watching the State/Auburn game.

I am not a beer drinker, preferring Jack and Diet over most drinks but I do like cider, so I tried an Angry Orchard Cider. Very good. I still prefer Jack though.

This morning I got up early to meet up with Stace and check out The Shoppes at Target. It was kind of depressing, I think we found a handful of end caps with the items on it. I thought this was supposed to be a big deal?

I did get to visit with a little cutie after our shopping excursion. Little E was a bit stinky though, so perfect time for Aunt Amy to come visit. I only gagged once while changing his diaper. I also got some quality time with my Stinky Boyfriend, aka Shadow. Poor puppy dog, he is getting on up there in years.

While waiting for the Steelers game to start tonight I listened to Kelly Clarkson, yes, I listen to bubble gum pop. I LOVE her! And her songs. I danced around, sang off tune and Wook looked as if he wanted to run for the hills. But it reminded me how thankful I am to be home. It doesn’t matter that I am single or that I am not skinny. I have learned a whole bunch about me, my exes (and thank goodness they are my exes!) and finding happiness.

I confess, it would be icing on the cake to find the right one and get back into my skinny jeans but for right now I will be happy with the now.

And I have to say Happy Birthday (early) to the best thing since sliced bread, Wook. My little man has been with me for almost 13 years and I have dragged his grumpy little tush to East TN and back, but he is the most consistent man in my life (excluding daddy of course). I am not a crazy cat lady but I do love my little gray baby. You deserve all the expensive organic cat food you get!

And now I must concentrate on the game, my Steelers need to teach Peyton a lesson.


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