The One With Red Hair

While mom still rolls her eyes and gets a bit huffy about my little change, I have to say. . . it kicks ass. I have always wanted to try being a red head but money, fear and trusting that one person who could make it look either really great or bless your heart good. So last week I walked into William Edge, sat down and looked up at Niffer. I said, well, I kind of want to go red.

After googling (people, please use the correct search words, I was schooled) I settle on a shade pointing to it with a smile on my face. I trust Niffer, she rocks and seeing as she is also a friend, if this wasn’t going to look good, she would have said no.

I am loving it, a bit of a shock from time to time. I also have to adjust my clothing to go with the tone but overall, I love it. It’s sassy. And I will always be a blonde, I just wanted a change.

And with this hair color change has come a few more items i want to do. . . I need to touch up my ZTA tattoo on my ankle, there is a small heart i want on the inside of my wrist, on my rib cage I want two things. . . one “tell me a story” so that Chandler is always with me but the other one is my Popa’s initials, he wrote on everything. So on the other side I want LEK in his handwriting. I think I will be cool after i add these tattoos. . .lol

The week is flying by (thank goodness) and my girls are coming over for dinner tomorrow night, fair warning to my neighbors. And Bird is coming up for a girls weekend. I can’t wait to hand out with her minus her girls. They don’t find the stores we like to look at as interesting. Hopefully some thumb print cookies will be making there was up here as well.

And with that, i am going to bed. . . ugh.

Tuesday Randomness

Well looky here…it’s Tuesday and I am digging up an old habit of mine…let’s tell a story of random stuff that really doesn’t belong anywhere else.

  • It’s been a million of Tuesdays since I’ve done this…actually it’s been awhile but I highly doubt a million
  • My bathroom looks like an Aveda store yet my hair looked all kinds of wrong today…sorry Niffer
  • I’m slowly starting to learn my way around lower middle TN and northern AL due to my job, for this alone I don’t ever want to give my territory up
  • Yesterday’s hail storm proved that the trauma from some very bad storms are still there
  • I, umm, well, I was at a stop light while it was hailing and covered my ears and tearing up at the terror of the last drive in a hail storm
  • Umm, yeah four years ago I thought I could out drive a storm, a tornado passed behind me and that was the first recorded death
  • oh, didI re anyone happen to see the Ole Miss AL game? HOTTY TODDY YALL!
  • My sales rep noticed my tag today…he wanted to rip it off my car. He’s a Bama fan…
  • First thought when I talked to my dad after the game? Oh man, Uncle Don would be screaming and turning red right about now. He was a Bama fan.
  • The Steelers won Sunday, it was a good day.
  • I really need to find a date for the Steelers Titans game
  • I’m currently stalking DHL & USPS for my viviofit, Hooch hooked me up…now I’m just waiting
  • I think it stopped in Memphis for ribs
  • My coworker Syd and I are adolescent boys at heart, it makes the day go faster
  • She also tore her ACL and got pink eye
  • She loves hand sanitizer…I’m not a fan. Now who got pink eye? LOL
  • I love my germophobic friends
  • As long as they don’t give me their cooties
  • I believe my leaf blower is one of the best things my parents ever got me
  • But I have asked for a torch, just for the kitchen though. No need for a flamethrower
  • I’ve lived at the new place since Memorial Day but still need to hang pictures and unpack a few boxes
  • I’ll do it this weekend unless I get distracted by football and naps
  • I did actually vacuum this past weekend

To sum it up it, football, HOTTY TODDY, rain, storms, anxiety, football, I could use a date and my domestic skills still suck…yeah, I think I remember this whole Tuesday randomness thing. Hump day tomorrow and the hope that I can get caught up and way ahead at work. Or as Wook calls it, the day during the week that that blonde person stays home and feeds me all day.

The One With the Not So Wounded Woman

So, as I had mentioned in a previous post, Stace tried to set me up but that went over like a lead ballon. I was open to it and with some encouragement from friends even reached out to start the ball rolling. This is huge for me because well, my track record with men sucks.

As as I was laughing about it earlier this week (thank God I have a sense of humor) Stace relayed that more than likely it was because I wasn’t “wounded” enough. It appears that the good on paper would be setup likes to be the knight on the white horse. He likes his women to be damsels in distress.

To say I dodged a bullet is an understatement and the fact that he needs this in order to feel loved is kind of sad. I’ve spent years trying to build up the fragile egos of the men I’ve dated, tried being meek and the beyond supportive girlfriend and with each relationship, it’s fallen apart.

A relationship needs to be about partnership, supportive yes, but as equals. If I have heard it once, I’ve heard it a million times from my dad…you can only count on yourself, be financially independent…the list is long on what makes a relationship succeed. Also, you partner should accept you for you. Not a thinner version or a more demure or, insert whatever trait you feel important.

I’ve been accused of being too picky, of settling or having a type I need to stear away from since those didn’t work out. Or worse…those that are married telling me I’m not missing much. I get it, it’s your way of trying to make me feel better about the fact that I’m single. But seriously, none of it makes me feel better. I always thought I would be married with a couple of kids by 40 and that isn’t my reality.

Most days I don’t dwell on it but there are moments when I am sad, frustrated and convinced that I must have done something to deserve this, right or wrong it’s how I feel. So getting this tidbit that I’m just not wounded enough is comical yet it pisses me off. But at least I know that even with all the challenges, broken heart and dreams I’m not all that broken.

But if there are any single women out there that need a knight in shining armor to rescue them, I know of a cute guy that wants just that. And if there are any guys out there that don’t have an issue with a strong, independent woman, let me know…I may not be a size two but I can cook, I’m funny and I love football.