Tuesday Randomness

Ice Edition. . . .

It is no secret that I have a huge crush on cold weather and snow, I like to think of it as making up for my dad’s decidedly negativeness towards his hometown (Shoutout to the Bronx). I get giddy as the crisp fall days turn into those bone chilling days when all you want is a huge bowl of soup.

And all I really want is a couple of good snows each winter and my desire to pack it up and move north is tempered. This year is the first year that I have heard of that stupid hashtag #snowdome which apparently is very real in Nashville. The forecast looked promising, with accumulation ranging from 6-8″ of snow greeting us by Monday morning. But then a warm front had to join the cold front and the next thing I see is sleet. Lots of sleet. .. if I posted a picture of it, you would think it was snow. But it’s all ice, as far as the eye could see.

Like any wannabe northerner, I stocked up, prepared by charging all gadgets and carted my work laptop home. I was disappointed yesterday morning when i was greeted with just ice but at this point, I will take anything that the North Pole will give me. Of course there was a small panic when I realized that with this storm came no driving for me (my streets are still covered and my slightly inclined driveway is a skating rink) and a Chick Fil A addiction that cannot be sated. I believe this is the longest I have gone without that chicken goodness since I moved to my new neighborhood.

But this is what I did do. . . I went sledding. That skating rink of a driveway is perfect for sledding. I also ended up worrying a bit too much about the limbs of the surrounding trees falling and me being without power. I dealt with that during the Blizzard of ’93 and let me just say, hanging out with dad for a few days while mom was carted off to work still makes me twice.

Important items needed for Ice/Snow storms:

  1. Portable charging devices that will keep cell phone and iPad charged just in case
  2. Coffee
  3. Cozy blankets
  4. Diet Coke
  5. Chocolate
  6. Tagalongs
  7. Julia Child’s Beef Burgundy
  8. Chocolate
  9. Pantry staples
  10. Bacon
  11. More bacon
  12. Chips, crackers, cheese
  13. Milk
  14. Black yoga pants
  15. Sister Schubert Cinnamon Rolls and Sausage Rolls

They are calling for snow tonight and hopefully we will get some. While others may complain, I am loving the weather. I will be stir crazy by the time I make it out of the driveway, but that’s okay. I can still remember those 100* plus days chock full of humidity from last summer, so give my snow and cold weather and I will keep my trap shut when it summer hits.