Tuesday Randomness

I know that if I had Mondays off every week I would begin to dread Tuesday but since that isn’t the case, I have to say I really like the shortened work week. I also must put a Snoopy dance in here because I am taking Friday off to head to Nashville. I would love three day work weeks all the time!

  • My holiday weekend was spent hanging with Bird, her girls and my mom. There was a lot of shopping to be done.
  • Bird’s girls make me sad. . .they hate shopping! They definitely didn’t get that from their momma.
  • Sadly, I got the shopping gene from my momma and my granny. . .the good news is I don’t have nearly the number of shoes and purses they each had years ago.
  • I went to sit by the pool and read yesterday; apparently the UVA rays were on high intensity.
  • My thighs are now a nice rock lobster red and hurt like the dickens.
  • I also made my BBQ rub, prepped my ribs and steamed them forever as well.
  • Sonia, I hope they make it to Nashville Friday, I had a little taste test sans the sauce. Oh my, so good.
  • I also need to get my oil changed before I head out.
  • Two things that I really hate to do (besides clean) are getting gas and getting the oil changed.
  • Why can’t I teach my cat to handle that mess?
  • While I am not a beer drinker, I am going to ask for beer recommendations that would compliment my BBQ–what are your favorites?
  • I am looking forward to this weekend, cooler temps, visit with friends, lots of good food and hopefully a trip to Radnor Lake or the Farmers Market.

And now I am going to watch a storm blow in and enjoy the cool breeze!

Tuesday Randomness

I had to take a boat back to the apartment this afternoon, seems all the rain wanted to come at once and the ground wasn’t prepared. I love the rain, maybe I should really look into moving across the pond to London. . . I could get all the gray weather plus listen to all those British men with their yummy accents! But it is Tuesday and I guess I need to get on with it.

  • As much as I love Excel and geek out when I figure out something else to do with it, yesterday was one of those days where I really wanted to take that stupid program and fling it across the room.
  • Chanting I love my job when you are knee deep in some problem doesn’t make the frustration any less, in fact, I get a little crankier.
  • I read the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy last month, it was the first time I read something like that and I actually liked it. The best part? Stumbling on different videos of stars reading excerpts from them. Seriously, I would pay good money to listen to a variety of stars doing this.
  • I am very thankful that I read them on my Kindle, I would be 50 shades of red if I read the paperbacks at lunch.
  • I just watched the best act ever on America’s Got Talent, it was a father/son duo who trained RESCUE dogs to do tricks. They were doing flips, walking on their hind legs and doing little dances, cutest thing ever!
  • I turned to Wook and asked him what he could do, he promptly sighed and went back to sleep.
  • I am the first to admit, I am a label loving fool but hand me a rescue animal and it is all over with, some of the best love, cuddles and companionship ever.
  • For those out there that still think AGT made a mistake by hiring Howard Stern, did you not see the heartbreaking moment with him and the seven year old rapper??? Oh my, he really is a nice guy who has made a living being a, um, I guess you could say perv. But that is his schtick.
  • After an in-depth discussion with Son last week, it was decided that she doesn’t want to share my ribs and bbq with everyone. So as an early birthday treat, we are having a small dinner next Friday.
  • How hard is this going to be to transport the ribs, bbq sauce and rub to Nashville? I have to steam them here and let them settle before they touch the grill.
  • It was a very bad week for disco last week, of course my heart is still broken that Andy Gibb died about 100 years ago.
  • I really want to see Rock of Ages when it comes out next month but I really don’t care for Tom Cruise. I don’t know if I can get over him being in the film.

And with that, I must go so I can pay attention to the finale of Dancing with the Stars. Please let William Levy and Cheryl Burke win! Pretty please?