Tuesday Randomness

If you heard crying last night, it was probably coming from my direction. Funny how gaining weight isn’t painful but losing it is beyond painful. Another Tuesday and while I am wishing for a massage and someone to carry my stuff everywhere, I will work through the pain of typing because it is time for more randomness. . .

  • First personal training session done and let’s just say that while my trainer said I did a good job I feel like I failed all my tests yesterday.
  • I remember the Presidential Fitness test thing we had to do in school, I remember barely getting the minimum number of pull ups to past that portion. . .my upper body strength never improved since then. Let’s just say that by number 36 of my pushups I went face first into the mat. He gave me number 37.
  • I hate pushups, pullups and the rope climbing drill.
  • I may have a food baby (that is getting smaller by the week, THANK GOODNESS!) but I can do crunches all day long, do not ask my why I can manage that. . .
  • The air conditioner was not working at the Y yesterday which made for a really interesting workout
  • Have I ever mentioned how my face turns beet red when I do any type of physical activity? I was rocking the super red face with pink shirt yesterday. . .
  • Need to stick with grey shirts, pink and red do not work well together
  • Some girls may glisten but I all out sweat, pouring buckets, it really is a great look on me
  • I finished rereading The Hunger Games and now I am onto the second book, can’t wait to see the movie
  • Thanks to my mommy, I got an Amazon gift card last week. I love getting Amazon boxes on my doorstep. And it is all thanks to still believing in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Leprechaun and even the Daylight Savings Time Fairy! Dude, I will keep on believing just so I can get those little surprises, I have no shame.
  • My arms still feel like jello, I am hoping to have some stabilization by the weekend, who cares if I collapse on my face several times tomorrow during my next session?
  • I passed out last night at ten, woke up at some point really early this morning with a grey furball sprawled over me. I just rolled over and went back to sleep.
  • Speaking of the Wookster, I washed my sheets and comforter this past weekend. I am now the proud owner of ten fur kittens. He is a short haired, how is this possible?
  • Last week he was treated to deck time while I brushed him, I think I managed to get at least five fur kittens then.
  • After having Pollo Caprese at Macaroni Grill last week I made my own version of it Sunday. Let’s just say I rocked it out.
  • I was laughing with my twin today about the Great Surgery of 2009. Poor thing had to listen to me yap about food the whole time she was around. To be fair, I was going on day two of no food and dog food would have sounded good.
  • And yes, when I was little I told my mom I was so hungry that I would eat dog food. I did, well, I spit it out as quickly as I bit into it. I will never live that down.
  • I have this issue with the trucks that carry all the live chickens crammed on it. Chandler had the same issue. Last week I was rolling down the interstate, kept seeing white things float by and then realized it was a chicken truck producing the white things (um, feathers). I started laughing, looked up through my sunroof and said, “Thanks Chandler!!!”
  • And that is why I only by the organic, free range chicken now, it makes me sad to see the chicken truck.

Well, tomorrow is another training day for me, let’s hope I can raise my arms when my trainer is done with me. And if you happen to see a very red faced blonde, don’t panic, that part is normal. Just open the doors for her and offer to carry her crap to the car.

Books and Movies

I clearly have issues because I am from the school of thought that one should read the book before seeing the movie. It pains Bird when there is a movie getting ready to come out and I mention that I can’t see it until I read the book.

I remember having a discussion about this in one of my high school English classes. I have always been the book nerd, my nose is always stuck in a book, I can’t help it. I have had a love for books since I was little, reading Dr Seuss and Sweet Pickles (Google it, those are great books, out of print though but I still have mine!) always transported me to a land of imagination.

But back to the discussion from years ago. . . we had read a book and then watched the movie. I can’t remember for the life of me which book/movie it was but it happened to be the one time I liked the movie over the book. I believe my issue was with all the GDs in it or some sort of cussing. And yes, I cuss like a sailor but I DO NOT say GD, that is just wrong in my book.

I remember being so let down that I liked the movie over the book. A nerd that dissed the book because of the language and I was so put out over the whole situation. I also remember my teacher smiling kindly at me and telling me it was okay to like the movie better and that it does happen from time to time. Me? I believe I am still distraught over the whole thing.

But today I was reassured that the book nerd within me is still strong. I had put off watching Something Borrowed for quite some time because I just had this horrible feeling that it would be such a letdown. While I enjoyed it for the most part, I have to say, the book is so much better.

My major takeaway from the movie? Kate Hudson has not aged gracefully or whoever did her makeup did a horrible job. Her character is not all that endearing in the book but by the second book you start to understand her and the disgust you feel towards Darcy ebbs away. In the movie? I just thought she was a hag who needed to be slapped a few thousand times. And they did a horrible job with the character of Marcus, note to producers and screen writers, keep the basics of the story from the book in the movie. The movie Marcus was just a one note pain in the ass (see, I do say bad words) who needed to be in line with Darcy getting slapped.

And while I adore John Krasinski in about anything, the character of Ethan is not hanging out with them in NYC, he is in London already. Come on screenwriters, there is a reason why JK Rowling made sure she had script approval when doing the Harry Potter films. I know that logistically, not everything in a book can translate to the movie but still, sometimes cutting things out, changing things altogether messes it up more than it helps. And yes, I am looking at you JK Rowling, there were a few things that did not flow through the franchise well because of cut from the book.

On that note, I now I have to reread (again) the book so I can cleanse my palate from watching the movie. Sometimes I think that my imagination when reading a book is much better than spending the money to go see a movie. Maybe that is why box office sales are down. But I guess Hollywood is too busy remaking every decent movie from 20 years back to actually discover this, own it and actually come up with some well thought out, well made movies.