Tuesday Randomness

I am in the process of building a boat and wishing I had bought those red Hunter Wellies but I am sure the opportunity will come again, for now, give me the smell of fall. I am so ready for the cooler weather.

  • I have an illness, it makes me actually put my laundry up when dried; picking up messes around my apartment and vacuuming on a regular basis.
  • I even managed to hang curtains that mom sent me this past weekend.
  • Let me explain–I don’t do curtains. They collect cat hair, take time to hang and just seem like an extra step when I already have blinds for each room.
  • The only reason I currently have them hanging in my bedroom is because a lamp by the pool makes it seem like daylight in the middle of the night.
  • Apparently having curtains makes one a grown up. Sure it does. . .
  • I went to my first ever Scentsy party on Saturday. I finally met Kim, whom I have “known” for what seems like forever thanks to all the stories from Rach. Her kids are even cuter in person and I got to sample her famous muffins. I can’t wait to get my stuff from the party! This could be another area where money just flies out of my pockets.
  • Minor complaint, when will all the sports commentators stop making it sound like Peyton Manning walks on water. Second week in a row where I got to listen to how wonderful he is and somehow he must be the only player on the field because they can’t talk about anyone else.
  • Thank you Atlanta Falcons for playing as well as you did; I was a bit fearful that if you listened to the pregame talk that you would not realize that you were actually playing as well.
  • I am sure he is a fine football player but I don’t like him or how he acts when a play goes wrong. Same with Jay Cutler. It takes more than one player to play the game.
  • Major complaint–Comcast/Xfinity whatever they are wanting to brand themselves has pushed me to the edge. I am pretty darn close to calling DirectTV up and starting a relationship with them.
  • I came home to learn that the cable and internet was out. No one else’s service was down, just mine. I called and they couldn’t understand it either.
  • They want to send a tech out, great. . . just great; because the last time a tech came out here he took his sweet time setting everything up and then I spent my time calling and correcting everything. In fact, I get to pay Comcast/Xfinity to follow-up with them to make sure they did what they are supposed to do. I get to waste my gas and time away from work for another tech to come out and see what the problem is, all on top of their awesome tech fees for an appointment.
  • Why yes Comcast/Xfinity, how about I just give you money and you make sure I don’t have service. I pink puffy heart that!
  • And make sure you train all the reps to say they are so sorry without any care, concern or feeling.
  • Excuse me, I am just a very unhappy camper right about now. . .
  • On to better things. . .
  • The temps are supposed to be falling a bit, let’s just hope they stay there instead of getting hot again. I prefer cooler weather.
  • I am ready to see the leaves turn colors!
  • It goes well with football and making soups
  • Dare I say I am actually thinking about trying eHarmony or Match again. Seriously, I hate the whole first date thing but I would like to actually have a date, with a boy, dinner and a movie. Possibly even a kiss.
  • Don’t worry, I already know how this ends. I am pretty hopeless when it comes to guys. I seem to attract the most selfish, shallow turds in all of the world.

And with that last laugh you all got, I will be heading out in search of WiFi and tweeting about my displeasure with Comcast/Xfinity. Good times. . .

Tuesday Randomness

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year! I was a bit stuffed from Christmas and the running I did so I took last week off to just veg. But here we are, a new year! One that I hope is full of lots of possibilities, fun, travel and some snow.

  • Santa (well, my parents but I still believe in the jolly ole elf) was quite good to me this year. I am always spoiled beyond belief, which can make a girl a bit overwhelmed.
  • Wook was spoiled as well, bless that little grey thing. He has overindulged in catnip and can food over the past couple of weeks. As well as a lot of quality time with me.
  • The weather around here is all over the place and from Facebook last night, apparently some friends got to see snow. I didn’t though, which can make for a sad girl. I love snow!
  • Going to the gym after the holidays is a challenge. Not for the reasons of not wanting to but more like the influx of members who have binged over the last month and make a resolution to get fit. I am happy for each one of them though. I just hope I don’t have to fight one for a machine!
  • New Year’s resolutions. . .hmm. Yeah, I don’t do them. I tend to make all these lofty goals and fall flat before the end of January, so nope, just going to do the best I can in my life and leave it at that.
  • The gym. . .there are still many days when it is a struggle to go, I know I can do it. I know that I feel better after but the whole process of going, changing and working out before getting to the apartment tends to challenge me.
  • I was a horrible eater the past few weeks but I think it has more to do with the time off work, the change in my routine that gets everything out of whack.
  • For my close friends who tease me endlessly about my cleaning abilities! I took the tree down Sunday evening, vacuumed and got my furniture arranged again.
  • I even cleaned my bathroom last night!
  • I must be coming down with something. . .
  • Once again I am dealing with ANOTHER Comcast/Xfinity issue. . .my cable boxes are now showing the time an hour ahead but the programming is correct. I called a bit ago to get this straightened out and all that did was we will send a tech out at some point on Saturday. Have I mentioned just how much I love having them as a cable carrier????
  • I even had to convince the customer service guy that I had not had any power outages and was completely sure that was the case.
  • I really need to go through my inbox for my email. I get so much junk email and it is starting to drive me batty trying to get through the 98% junk to the 2% of email that I care to read.
  • I also need to tackle my guest room which has turned into a junk room. A good portion could be given away or thrown out. Must start working on this. . . for now the door stays shut so I can pretend it doesn’t exist.
  • I also need to do my snow dance. . . I could use a foot of snow right about now!

Alrighty, I am going to empty the dishwasher and straighten the kitchen up. Seriously, I really must be coming down with something because this is not normal!