Tuesday Randomness

I am digging the cooler temps and relishing the leaves slowly turning colors! After a weekend full of cleaning (seriously I must be ill) and being all kinds of crafty, I am ready for some randomness tonight.

  • The Comcast issues are finally resolved but it took a few days and shock of all shock, apparently some of my neighbors were having issues too.
  • The tech called it a “signal leakage” and didn’t understand why it happened
  • I am over the replacement refs in the NFL–besides the bad calls, the issues of safety for the players; the bigger issue is pro football is VERY different than college
  • I had a hankering for meatloaf last week thanks to my BFF Stace. . . I use Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food recipe (search for the one with comfort in the title)
  • Growing up I did not like meatloaf but Martha’s version is to die for!
  • Besides vacuuming this weekend, I actually dusted. . . something is so wrong with me
  • I pulled out my fall decorations and started throwing them around the apartment
  • I also finished my crafty project that Son inspired me to do. . .
  • I have been looking for prints that showcase my love a NYC, while shopping with Son at the beginning of summer I found pre-cut wrapping paper that had a map of the city and a retro one with ads for various spots there
  • I have lugged those silly things around for over three months looking for a cheap framing option. . . with no luck
  • Since my friend happens to be a crafty person, she suggested using Mod Podge on stretched canvas
  • Stretched canvas, Mod Podge, a paint brush, some card stock and the wrapping paper equals nice big pieces of art hanging in my dining room
  • I think the total cost for the project was $30
  • After work today I hit Radnor Lake, I have been coming up with all kinds of excuses not to go but know that going daily is the best thing for me
  • I saw deer and wild turkeys while walking the lake trail
  • This morning while I was opening the blinds in the living room I noticed I had a guest on my deck. . .
  • The saddest, scrawniest kitty cat I have ever seen curled up on one of my deck chairs
  • Besides wanting to burst out in tears, I realized why Wook didn’t sleep with me most of the night
  • After taking out a bowl of food and water to put on my deck I got the stink eye from Wook. . . he doesn’t share well
  • I don’t think the poor little thing has come back, but I am hoping she does. While I can’t take her in, I can certainly feed her and make a nice home on my deck for her
  • My mother is crazy. . . she left me a voicemail on my phone meowing. . .she said it was Wook calling to complain about my compassion
  • Yes, my cat has serious issues but he is 13, a rescue and my baby

And here is a head scratcher. . . a couple of weeks ago I was at Green Hills Mall, known for being the mothership for the affluent. While drooling over pretty much everything in Williams Sonoma, a lady came racing in demanding the sales clerk call security. In her words, “some foreign looking men were taking pictures of the skylights just outside of the store.” After I picked up my mouth and attempted to process this woman’s logic, I felt bad for anyone who may not look “American” whatever that look is, by the way. I kind of shook my head in disbelief and walked out to hit the next store and there was that crazy woman, stopping others to tell them about what had transpired. The thing is, I would probably stop to take pictures at this one part of the mall if the lighting was just right because I have seen some lovely clouds, blue sky through those skylights.

I felt like Dorothy when she landed in Oz. I know horrible things happen, that there are people out there that hate Americans but this was just an early Friday evening, in an affluent mall. Have things gotten so bad in the world that taking a simple picture translates into possible terrorist activities?

Wow, that was a bit heavy for a Tuesday Randomness. I apologize, I just happened to remember that this afternoon and wanted to share it. Happy early hump day, I am going to go stretch my tired muscles out now.

Tuesday Randomness

Apparently I seriously need to relearn the days of the week. I realized this morning that it was Wednesday and that I completely forgot to write last night. Oh and um, the dog ate my homework. I also completely forgot to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas on Monday. This has been a scatter brain kind of week. Lucky for me I head is still attached to my body so at least I won’t lose that!

  • I love the rain, I really do but the past two mornings I have been driving in a torrential downpour that quits just as I am about to hit the garage at work. . .
  • I would have loved for it to lighten up just a bit while I am driving to work, not just when I arrive
  • I finally got around to painting my toe nails with OPI’s Muppet Collection, Divine Swine
  • I also took it up a notch and painted my finger nails
  • I am finding glitter everywhere from the polish. . .but I still love it!
  • I am ready for some snow! Lots and lots of snow!
  • While getting my crafting on this past weekend I managed to cut my pinky on the inside of the glass ornament. Yeah, I can harm myself on just about anything.
  • My upstairs neighbor must have a bowling alley in her apartment, as well as her extended family visiting for going on two months, I am grateful that at least the walls aren’t shaking every five minutes
  • Working out when it is really cold is kind of hard; I would much rather be snuggled up on the couch with the cat when it gets really cold
  • I finally designed my Christmas cards, I really need to work on getting them done earlier in the year
  • While I receive great cards from friends featuring their kids, they get one of my cat and on some of them, me! But Wook is a pretty cool furkid so I have to show him off!
  • I am just itching to make a quick trip to NYC; someday soon I am going back. I need some Lombardi’s pizza!

Now it is time for me to review the days of the week, take a quiz on it and hope that I can keep up next week with this! And this Friday join me when I share some holiday recipes when I link up to Kelly’s Korner for Show Us Your Life. For good measure I just might start working on that post now. . .