Tuesday Randomness

Oh sweet Tuesday, sometimes you take forever to get here. This post is brought to you by novicane, temps and multiple dental visits.

  • I feel like my life revolves around going to the dentist. What was supposed to be my last visit for a nice long time last month ended up being rescheduled. . . then I forgot about that appointment. Life happened and I finally got back there today only to learn that the lab still messed up my crown. Seriously?
  • I have a brand new temp on the tooth and if the stars align, I hop on one leg while curling my tongue, I just might get the permanent one next week.
  • For good measure, the dentist opted to numb me up to deal with this troublesome tooth. .  .back on the soup diet again.
  • Chattanooga is in love with the roundabout even though most people don’t understand them. I had the pleasure of driving through one that is still an all sides stop last night. Apparently dude in Camry didn’t think he should have to stop, neither did the two cars before him. He didn’t like me laying on the horn but I am a bit like a New York taxi driver, you cut me off, almost hit me or anything that might seem unpleasent to me and I will lay on it until you turn red.
  • We may have found the answer to mom’s health issues and it all has to do with how she sleeps. She took her first sleep study last night and they said it was terrible. I think I shall start calling her Darth Vadar. . .
  • It is great to know that it isn’t her heart but it is scary to think that in just a few short months she went from doing most of the yard work to walking across the house or running errands caused her to feel really out of breath and tired. That is not my mother. In fact, had she been feeling better a few weeks ago I could only imagine how clean she would have gotten my place to look.
  • Changing my meds seems to be working in terms of weight. Currently I have dropped 23 lbs only, umm, let’s see, 50 to 60 more to go. Why can’t my Dyson help me out with this issue. I am also going to through some money at the isse and take on a personal trainer at the Y. I need someone pushing me, yelling at me. I want to be in my little clothes this summer. I have some things to prove to myself.
  • I haven’t been eating a ton due to being sick and that horrible dark hole that is trying to get me to crawl into it. I don’t want to go there but I see myself retreating. Friends, don’t worry, I will get out of the funk, you just have to let me feel it, work through it and accept it.
  • I found the cutest Lilly Pullitzer patchwork dress on ebay that I most have. . . This is going to be the year of cute clothes, no back fat, more writing, visiting Sonia in Baltimire as well as a visit to Chicgao to visit Candy, I may not make a ton of money but I want to get out there, walk around, emerse myself and write. Oh and hit a few restaurants that make me giddy.
  • After we get mom’s breathing/sleeping situation handled, we will then be planning our girls trip down to St Pete. This isn’t my kind of trip, but mommy loves it, Robin loves it and somewhere in the mix of things I am allowed to drink at night.
  • Some mornings I wake up thinking it was all a bad dream and then I remember it wasn’t. I have good days and bad days. It is more about understanding that those feelings buried deep last summer never went away. I miss him. I should have done better than I did.
  • Each day will get a bit better and my pain is so silly compared to his mom and sisters as well as the kids. I pray for them daily,.
  • I talked to Bubba tonight, what a mess he is. Love him but we both joke how we both dodged that bulliet. He’s happy and doing well. I am so proud of him. Of course he lectured me about choices, I highly believe Bubba and Chandler would have had quite a few laughs at my expense.
  • The crude that I have had for over two weeks now, still here, Maybe it could take me to dinner and a movie, send me tullips at work. A girl can dream.

And now I am off to slumber land. Wook deserves and early bedtime and that means Snuggles!

The One Where I Keep Visiting the Dentist

I have horrible teeth. I would like to blame this on the four years of braces while a teenager but I have a feeling that genetics played a huge role in this as well. I also have a very real fear of the dentist. It doesn’t matter if it was Santa Claus cleaning my teeth and removing cavities, I don’t do well when it comes to any procedures (well, I can deal with the cleanings).

I have let two teeth abscess, the second one was the worst though. It was an upper, very back molar and while my dad said, “just let them pull it,” I knew that after four years of virtual hell that I was not going to jeopardize my somewhat straight teeth but taking one out. But I finally learned my lesson in terms of getting the root canal when they tell you to because I never want to live through that again.

In the past two years I have gotten two root canals and numerous fillings or replacing old fillings on top of the gift that keeps on giving. . . a chipped tooth from an incident involving my half sister, a phone and a chair. At some point I will need to get most of the bonding pulled off and either get a crown or a veneer but for now it is going to stay bonded.

After the two and a half hour visit last Monday I was quite sore (having multiple shots in your mouth can do that to you) and could tell that the temps they placed were rough. I knew that after a couple of days I could deal with it because my cheeks are scarred up from the braces. Unfortunately while eating lunch Thursday (real food, not soup!) my bottom temp decided to pop off.

Off to the dentist I go to get it placed again, this time they smoothed out the rough edges on that one. I didn’t think about asking them to do it to the top one though. I thank them as I am leaving and say I will see them on the first when I will get my nice, shiny crowns! Yeah!

Well Saturday comes around and after teasing Bird relentlessly about not driving in the rain, she heads down for a girls afternoon. After dinner I keep picking at both teeth because it felt like something wasn’t right. As we were walking into Kirklands my bottom temp pops off again. Seriously? At first I thought I would just forget about getting it back on then Bird mentions they sell a glue for temps and fillings over the counter. No problem! I can do that.

I tried it yesterday and well, it stayed for an hour and then decided to pop off. After living on ibuprofen for the past week, my gums around the top temp still trying to heal and chewing on that side doesn’t feel good I knew I would need to go back to the dentist’s office.I feel so bad for the whole office, every time they turn around I am in there and need them to re-glue this stupid temp. At least I remembered to request the smoothing of the top temp.

I am sure my coworkers think I am crazy because it is almost a daily occurrence now for me to go to the dentist. Pray that this sucker stays on this time. I really don’t want to go back until the permanent ones are ready. Plus I am going out of town this weekend and will be eating fabulous food, so having a bum tooth kind of gets in the way of that!

This weekend I did manage to get some exercise in, clean the kitchen, do tons of laundry, clean out my pantry and watch football. And while I was off in dreamland last night my neighbor came over during the storm (so didn’t even realize it was storming) wanting me to come over to sit with her. Her hubby was at work, her kids asleep and she had gotten sick and was contracting. When she knocked on my window for some reason I could have sworn it was some random kid asking me to come over. Then when she said she was contracting I woke up enough to jump up and run out to her. Oh man! I still feel so horrible for telling her to go home. Bad Amy!

Luckily we started talking, I got her to sit back and drink some water and her tummy meds kicked in so she could get some more sleep. Of course as we were texting this morning I was saying something about being sick and then feeling sore but my autocorrect decided to replace the s in sick with a d. Stupid autocorrect!

And this was just Monday, I am hoping the rest of the week picks up and there are no more storms. I forget that a lot people are on edge around here when it comes to storms. I am thankful that I have gotten to the point (after many years of no sleep while it was storming) that the storms no longer bother me.