Tuesday Randomness

I’m a slacker, what can I say? But it’s Tuesday and I probably have a ton of randomness sitting in my head, so here it goes. . .

  • I am so over 80* weather around here, it’s late October, I want fall, pretty leaves, layers and not having to dress like it is still summer
  • I have kind of gotten back on the wagon in terms of weight loss and I am still considering using my Dyson for liposuction
  • I hit Radnor Lake Sunday morning, I think it took longer to find a place to park than it did to walk
  • I was focused on the walk, my iPod kicking out Def Leppard tunes and finished the almost three miles in 50 minutes
  • Considering how horrible I have been in terms of watching what I eat and exercising, I will take that time. . . for now
  • There are moments in my life when I think I have been kicked back into a high school drama
  • All I have to say is, when you hit your 30s it is time to grow up
  • Just like Charlie Brown, I will, someday, some how, kick that $u&*ing football, watch out Lucy
  • There is only one downfall to my job, the paper that I use to print everything out on. . . I have a small forest in my office
  • A Christmas miracle happened, I got reservations at Catbird Seat
  • I CANNOT wait to go, the Queen will be my date for the evening!
  • I got my Scentsy stuff this past weekend, it smells so yummy!
  • I voted today, I have done my civic duty. . .
  • And it makes me even more official as a Davidson County resident

Well, apparently I had a brain fart and can’t remember the rest! That kind of figures but I guess sometimes you just need a break when it comes to writing. Now let’s hope that I can get back into the grove. Until then, Go Steelers!

Tuesday Randomness

I am in the process of building a boat and wishing I had bought those red Hunter Wellies but I am sure the opportunity will come again, for now, give me the smell of fall. I am so ready for the cooler weather.

  • I have an illness, it makes me actually put my laundry up when dried; picking up messes around my apartment and vacuuming on a regular basis.
  • I even managed to hang curtains that mom sent me this past weekend.
  • Let me explain–I don’t do curtains. They collect cat hair, take time to hang and just seem like an extra step when I already have blinds for each room.
  • The only reason I currently have them hanging in my bedroom is because a lamp by the pool makes it seem like daylight in the middle of the night.
  • Apparently having curtains makes one a grown up. Sure it does. . .
  • I went to my first ever Scentsy party on Saturday. I finally met Kim, whom I have “known” for what seems like forever thanks to all the stories from Rach. Her kids are even cuter in person and I got to sample her famous muffins. I can’t wait to get my stuff from the party! This could be another area where money just flies out of my pockets.
  • Minor complaint, when will all the sports commentators stop making it sound like Peyton Manning walks on water. Second week in a row where I got to listen to how wonderful he is and somehow he must be the only player on the field because they can’t talk about anyone else.
  • Thank you Atlanta Falcons for playing as well as you did; I was a bit fearful that if you listened to the pregame talk that you would not realize that you were actually playing as well.
  • I am sure he is a fine football player but I don’t like him or how he acts when a play goes wrong. Same with Jay Cutler. It takes more than one player to play the game.
  • Major complaint–Comcast/Xfinity whatever they are wanting to brand themselves has pushed me to the edge. I am pretty darn close to calling DirectTV up and starting a relationship with them.
  • I came home to learn that the cable and internet was out. No one else’s service was down, just mine. I called and they couldn’t understand it either.
  • They want to send a tech out, great. . . just great; because the last time a tech came out here he took his sweet time setting everything up and then I spent my time calling and correcting everything. In fact, I get to pay Comcast/Xfinity to follow-up with them to make sure they did what they are supposed to do. I get to waste my gas and time away from work for another tech to come out and see what the problem is, all on top of their awesome tech fees for an appointment.
  • Why yes Comcast/Xfinity, how about I just give you money and you make sure I don’t have service. I pink puffy heart that!
  • And make sure you train all the reps to say they are so sorry without any care, concern or feeling.
  • Excuse me, I am just a very unhappy camper right about now. . .
  • On to better things. . .
  • The temps are supposed to be falling a bit, let’s just hope they stay there instead of getting hot again. I prefer cooler weather.
  • I am ready to see the leaves turn colors!
  • It goes well with football and making soups
  • Dare I say I am actually thinking about trying eHarmony or Match again. Seriously, I hate the whole first date thing but I would like to actually have a date, with a boy, dinner and a movie. Possibly even a kiss.
  • Don’t worry, I already know how this ends. I am pretty hopeless when it comes to guys. I seem to attract the most selfish, shallow turds in all of the world.

And with that last laugh you all got, I will be heading out in search of WiFi and tweeting about my displeasure with Comcast/Xfinity. Good times. . .

Hello Fall, It’s Like Christmas Came Early!

Being able to set on my deck outside while the weather is pleasant can be tricky around here. But for now I will thank the clouds, the rain we had and the cooler temps for this treat.

I love fall, watching the leaves turn, school supplies in the stores (oh yes, I love the smell of office supplies!) and then thinking which soups I want to make first. So many to choose from!

This is one of my favorite times of the year, a time to enjoy the weather without sweating to death. The chance to spend the whole day watching football and of course my body will not fight me for sleep when the sun goes down earlier.

I am plugging along on this little journey to get fit. I am eating better, making better choices and torturing my body with exercise. I can do this. I may fall flat on my face from time to time but I can do this. I have yet to get all eight eight ounce glasses of water in me, please say that comes with time?

My next project I need to do and fast is to find older pictures of Wook so I can do a big old post for his birthday. Little man will be 12 Sunday, when did that happen. He is still a mama’s boy, loving on me as soon as I walk into the door. Our little family of two will be celebrating this weekend snuggled on the couch and I am sure plenty of treats for him as well. I just might have to buy him a new toy as well.

So hello fall! Stick around for a few months and then I will gladly welcome winter with all of its glorious snow!