Let’s Talk About Money. . .

And cringe when we do so. . . I suck at money management. If I wasn’t such a control freak, I would hand it off to my mom to deal with but I am a control freak. While I have¬† some money hanging around (that would be a big ole thanks to the attempted charge on my card last week).¬† I want to get to the point where I have money sitting in a savings account, hanging out so when say, a cool trip comes up, I could just say book it! Or those too good to be shoes that I adore but never will buy until I have all kinds of money sitting around that allows me not to think about this bill, or the car or the rent or whatever else.

But such is life. I go back and forth on the second job thing, I also go without a lot of wants. See, at least I got that part figured out! That purse I saw at Kate Spades? That is clearly a WANT. I know that one day the student loans will be gone, the car payment gone but until then, all of these cute little wants that I have are a pipedream. I am completely okay with that though.

My life could be much worse off, so I will shut up now and love the fact that I have a car, a roof over my head and the cat has foot because food for the cat is much more important than my wants. Trust me, he has a voice that has yet to quiet down.

What is the one thing you would love to buy (that is on your list of WANTS?) but you can’t justify it right now. My list is embarrassing and long, so I will just say this, between the books, movies, shoes and clothes I am embarrassed by how much stuff I really want. I don’t need any of it though. So I look at it online or in the store, sigh and move on.

Come on, share please! I promise I won’t tell anyone!